How to use Rub in a sentence as a noun

Sentences with rub.

Oaps love them ,,,she said do whont it in the slot r is it one u just rub to get 1 off. Pmsl

Love is evrywhere, Jus u hv 2 rub ur eyes twice, so dat u may hv ur clr vision..

Right chinese water dragon check list Plastic liner Substrate trees/leaves/vines Litter tray/rub/fishtank Ropes/ladder And prob load of other things ive missed x

Ce soir blues party longside little dany au havre et dimanche au rub a dub sunday a paris come in .....

Ensayando un rato mientras los padres preparan el asado en la pile para pasar una linda tarde en laborde junto a juanete mumi juli marcos facu eze nica susi tomi y rubén!

I don't know if this is correct, but that pos who thought of that gang style dancing from south korea is suppose to have a commercial at the super bowl. The fact that he sung about killing Americans, even though there would not be a south korea without American blood, gets to have a commercial at the super bowl to rub it in that we have no morals or values. The president sent the standard by having him at the white house....i won't watch the game if this is true

I'm sleepy now. -rub my eyes- goodnight honey!!! -kiss ur lips- <3 sleep well. and goodnight everyone too !!!

Mogao bih zaustaviti vrijeme i stati na rub svemira... Mogao bih pomicati mora i planine.... Sve bih mogao učiniti ali jedno nemogu i nikada to prežaliti neću ...

We've got lots of big announcements for next week! Keep those ears wax-free and rub the sleep out of those eyes!

Hot sun beaming down burning my feet just walking around Hot sun making me sweet gators getting close hasn't got me yet I can't dance I can't talk the only thing about me is where I was I can't dance I can't sing I'm just standing here selling every thing Blue jeans sit on the beach her dog is talking to me but she's out of reach She's got a body uder that shirt but all she wants to rub my face in the dirt

Soooo I'm watchin toy story 3 and it just occurred to me. Andy is 17 now. Lol ill bet it was pretty awkward for woody and buzz to have to watch Andy rub one off during his post puberty years.

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it's wide use three fingers, make sure it's wet and rub up and down. Yep that's how you wash a cup.

Picture this, my tongue is on your clitoris\ dicks rock hard and you beg for every inch of it/ ill take you to the shower where you know that youll get devoured/ eat her pussy so good it astounds her/ then ill wash your body, next ima rub your back/ carry you to the sack, cuddle with you and relax/ both of us fall asleep an i wake up at night phienin/ heavy moan,hard breathin, i swear that im still dreamin/heat of the moment and nothin could intervene/ best part is im with the woman of my dreams/ we have the most passionate sex, she says i wax it the best/ im not her last man who always had her upset/i show her respect, love and dedication/ the most devastatin thing between us is separation/ i love how she loves me, kisses me and hugs me/ she loves that im handsome, talented and funny/she says her last man wasnt #!$% and hes worthless/ me on the other hand, she says im perfect/ then she tells me to wake up, i ask her what she mean/ then i wake up alone in bed and it was all just a dream

Damn I need a good rub down after work omg I guess it's a good bubble bath

Hey my cuz find some one to rub my ginnie because i need to make wishes come true lol

My back is killing me has for the past couple of days. I could use a good back rub.

Today is gonna be one them days, its tearing me down, putting me in a bad mood, and making it very dangerous for anyone to rub me the wrong way today / just might blow up, only to regret it later! #onedge#

If I rub sand in my pubes, will it make the crabs feel like they're at home??

Gonna try a new cure for this bug!!! Told to rub vick's vapor rub on the bottom of my feet. Didn't want to try and get the smell off before work!!! I will keep you posted on if it works

Flop around in bed until Justin subconsciously wakes up to rub my back.... #winning

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it’s wide use three fingers, make sure it’s wet and rub up and down. ... Yep that’s how you wash a cup.

Hey fb so Drea is startn to feel better i took a hole thing of vix vapor rub dat u put on da chest n boiled it on high n i let ha slp n da liven room so she could smell it now she is gettin betta she is ^ wonting to play dis morning so i must b doing sumtin right

Well, lesson not rub raw nose with a shirt that u wiped jalapeno juice on and then do not add lotion it makes the hurt spread...Oh my God I am on fire!

He may make u feel unwanted, unloved, misrible, & alwys makes u cry bt ur family alwys rub u whr it hurts da most, mkes u smill, luvs u & alwys wth u thru it all...........

How come when your wife is pregnant, people rub her tummy and say "congratulations" but no one rubs your balls and says, "good job"?

One contagious disease I wouldn't mind taking on is motivation, it can rub off on me anytime...exposing myself!!!!!

Wouldn't it suck knowing he's got another but u lie to yourself even if he's doing the life with u! Boy oh boy I'd hate it but oh well that's not my side lmfao had to rub it in

How to use Rub in a sentence as a verb

Ce vende carabina 22 largo excelente estado rubí extra d cerrojo $2000

Jado ishq sikar te charda a, rub we una nl chalda a, bus bnda usdi rehmat nu yaad rakhe usda ishq chardi kala rehanda a...... I love my life,.... Waheguru waheguru.... 100-D

Ellie goulding has the hottest legs, just wanna rub my face all over them!!x

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it’s wide use three fingers, make sure it’s wet and rub up and down. Yep that’s how you wash a cup.

Im a man i do manly things like rub my girlfriends feet and bake her things she loves and listen to all her problems <3

#!$% it everyone else is havin a tattoo i'm gonna get one.... Does anyone know where i can get one of those rub on ones 4 10p from???

Folk Remedy 2 - The next time you feel tension creeping up your neck and lodging in your head, try this headache remedy- mix peppermint oil,eucalyptus oil and rubbing alcohol in a small bowl. gently rub the mixture over your forehead and temples, avoiding the eyes. You should fell better in no time.

Really liking this weather oh yeah just need to find me a special women to share my love got a special someone on the mind maybe dinner and a movie then home for me to rub her feet Ummmmm yeah I think so if she quits playing hard to get I want give up I will get what I want

Thank God for my Momma-she rubbed my back down with vick's vapor rub.

Well my mom lives in Sarasota Fl and she is coming home to have a operation here next week, duh best part she is bringing gracie home!!!! Gracie is my best friend she loves me!! And she loves me to rub her belly and give her treats

Seriously, I need some food. At work can't leave anyone plz... I had a good book and a good back rub so therefore I was late this morning.

Happy Friday!! A little excerpt from "Smile" by the Jayhawks to finish your week: Wake up, put your shoes on Take a breath of the northern air And rub those eyes Genuflect beneath the starry skies Before you climb the mountain First the foothills must appear Step high and light And take up your staff and shining armor The stars on the horizon Stretch as far as the eyes can see They represent the souls of those like you and me

Time to get off here an bath Summer, she has decided to rub her waffle syrup through her hair, lovely!

Cure Your Toothache ******************** Just rub ice on the back of your hand, on the V-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger. A Canadian study found that this technique reduces toothache pain by as much as 50 percent compared with using no ice. The nerve pathways at the base of that V stimulate an area of the brain that blocks pain signals from the face and hands.

Hey my name is james I like long walks on the beach animals and sunsets if you choose me ill promise lots of cuddling hugs and love and ill promise to always rub baby oil on ur titty meat to make them glossy

Today fellas we should tell our women that today is your day. if you need your back rub or a walk in the park or dinner and a movie or massage etc. Every now and then we need to give them Queendom treatment. God bless!

Pisses me off to read how a mother would rub herion on her 2 year old baby gums because she was teething and thats all she had ..what a sick person if you have enough money to get herion your telling me you cant buy teething medicine or something . Gets me so mad

*To minimize breakage, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Use no more than a quarter-size dollop, and rub the shampoo between your palms first. Lather for no more than 30 seconds.

Is your New Years resolution going to the gym more? Then you had better check out our gym foot gel and our strong muscle rub gel!

Is tired, sore, and in need of a full body rub. Not looking forward to another workout this morning. Carol Slattery, I am not liking you right now.

Thank you so much for your help! I have found enough testers for the kids vapo rub, but will be looking for testers for an adult version in the coming weeks.

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it's wide use three fingers, make sure it's wet and rub up and down. Yep that's how you wash a cup. Lolzzzz

Having to pat your eyebrows when they itch so they don't rub off. First world problems.

Uccha chubara kita rub da nara ta ne ho janda dosta,bus chuk jan valiya rooha he ishq hakeeki da mizaz rukhdiya na by jot aujla

1/11 and it 70 degrees today. I use to get excited and tell everyone back home about it rub it in their faces. But honestly its alarming.....Signs of the Time

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC wrote: Back on Monday he marched into the club, Oh, Deano, Straight into training not even time for a rub. Oh-oh-oh Dean-o Tonight he takes charge of Wolves for the first time, And so he is named by the man with the rhyme. There’ll be cheering him on in the crowd this night, Players training hard and ready for the fight. Plenty of inspiration, he’s giving his all, He used to love t...

Women are like IPhones, you have to touch them all over before they respond. Men are like Blackberrys, rub one ball and everything moves!

Quote Examples using Rub

There was a small church in Texas that had a very big-busted organist. Her breasts were so huge that they inadvertently bounced and jiggled the entire time she played the organ. Unfortunately, she distracted most of the congregation considerably, both male and female. The very proper church ladies were appalled. They said something had to be done about this or they would have to get another organist. So, one of the ladies approached her, very discreetly, and told her to mash up some green persimmons and rub them on the nipples of her breasts and maybe they would shrink in size, but warned her to not eat any of the green persimmons, 'because they are so sour they will make your mouth pucker up and you won't be able to talk properly for a week! The perky organist agreed to try rubbing the persimmons on her nipples. The following Sunday morning the minister got up in the pulpit and said... 'Dew to thircumsthanthis bewond my contwol, we will not haff a thermon tewday.


Anyone see's my sister in St. Stephen today... Please take the time to say happy birthday... And really rub it in.... Ha ha ha ha


Scooby Doobie Boobies! A flat-chested young lady goes to Dr. Smith for advice about breast enlargements. He tells her, "Every day when you get out of the shower, rub the top of your breasts and say, '"Scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies.'" She did this every day faithfully and after several months, it worked! She grew great boobs! One morning she was running late and she was on the bus when she realized she had forgotten her morning ritual. At this point she loved her new boobs and didn't want to lose them, so she got up right in the middle of the bus and said, "Scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies!" A guy sitting nearby asked her, "Do you go to Dr. Smith by any chance?" "Why, yes, I do. How did you know?" "Hickory dickory dock"!


Ki russ k milna yaara ,ek din sab ne tur jana hi. Has khaad le 4din,kuo ki bs aa hi yaad tanu aana hi. Naa kissa da dil thoor aave ,har ek dil vich rub vasda. Na aave kissa nu dokha de yaara,ki tera naal jana hi. jagdeep te socda yaara aave kamliya gala. Jis din jagdeep ni es duniya tho,russna naa kissa naa manana hi. ki russ k milna yaara ek din sab ne tur jana hi.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


</3 Nemoj pisati na zadnji list knjige, nemoj stavljati monogram, ne žigoši bijeli papir, ostavi neka prazan potseća na dušu... Ti si znao moju dušu... Molila te, čuvaj mi nju... Jedino što osta bijleina i čistoća u meni... Je duša moja... Sve sam poklonila, sve sam dala, dušu nisam prodala, dala na čuvanje... Molim te ne zatvaraj, ne presavijaj list... Osjetiću svaki zgužvani rub... Boljeće me... Jako će boljeti gužvanje duše u ruci koja me čuva.. Pazi mi na dušu....</3


You know kitteh misses you when she purrs as you walk into the room. You know she trusts you when she turns belly-up for a rub. You know she loves you when she uses her paws'n'claws to keep you close. You know you love it when she does those things! I do. <3 Salem!!!!


FQ: I have a baby care question... My baby boy is six weeks old and breastfed only. Yesterday around 1pm he started crying and wanting to eat constantly, and hasn't really stopped. He was awake all day yesterday, so I know he is exhausted. He cries harder when I lay him down on his back or if I cradle hold him so that he's on his back. If I prop him up on pillows or hold him on my shoulder he calms down a little, but he's still wanting to constantly eat. I thought maybe he was just going through his second growth spurt, but his cries are painful cries mixed with the nudging, rooting, and eating his hands. Could it be a belly ache? And if it is, how do I soothe him? reposted by: jasa


Few things are more infectious than a godly lifestyle. The people you rub shoulders with everyday need that kind of challenge. Not prudish. Not preachy. Just cracker jack clean living. Just honest to goodness, bone - deep, non-hypocritical integrity. -Chuck Swindoll


Piensa en esto: cuando te regalan un reloj te regalan un pequeño infierno florido, una cadena de rosas, un calabozo de aire. No te dan solamente el reloj, que los cumplas muy felices y esperamos que te dure porque es de buena marca, suizo con áncora de rubíes; no te regalan solamente ese menudo picapedrero que te atarás a la muñeca y pasearás contigo. Te regalan —no lo saben, lo terrible es que no lo saben—, te regalan un nuevo pedazo frágil y precario de ti mismo, algo que es tuyo pero no es tu cuerpo, que hay que atar a tu cuerpo con su correa como un bracito desesperado colgándose de tu muñeca. Te regalan la necesidad de darle cuerda todos los días, la obligación de darle cuerda para que siga siendo un reloj; te regalan la obsesión de atender a la hora exacta en las vitrinas de las joyerías, en el anuncio por la radio, en el servicio telefónico. Te regalan el miedo de perderlo, de que te lo roben, de que se te caiga al suelo y se rompa. Te regalan su marca, y la seguridad de que es una marca mejor que las otras, te regalan la tendencia de comparar tu reloj con los demás relojes. No te regalan un reloj, tú eres el regalado, a ti te ofrecen para el cumpleaños del reloj. J. Cortázar, Historias de cronopios y de famas.


She be like daddy its cold, I be saying #!$%@ if you don't go get u a blanket and cover up and shut the #!$% up. She say stunna_bby?? I say what damn im sleep. She say you kno you want it. I reply hoe if I want it my long stick would be knocking ur monkey asz sideways, #!$%@ lay ur bucket head asz down and go to bed. So she rub my dick saying shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy. So I turn over like look hear u long weave no neck get u a damn make-over hoe aint no laffy taffy getting shake tonight my dick was like #!$% im hard as a door knob #!$%@ u better let me take a bath tonight in that pussy im like aint nobody talking to u Mr nasty get back soft and curl the #!$% up now back to you, I got some hotdogs in the icebox go warm u some up wrap it in the rubber and #!$% urself. She say u stupid if u leave me wet. I say #!$%@ I left ur momma, ur sister, ur aunt, all them wet u aint #!$% now go to bed talking bout some damn wet wet hoe u crazy its 8pm u go learn today you not #!$%@& me


Vamo que vamos amigo pedrinho eo jairton treinamos muitas vezes juntos eu jogava no juniores e v/c no juvenil olha amigo isso foi em 1981 o meu treinador foi nilson borje s o bocão tempos bons vai ai nomes roberto cavalo. pit. jeferson. paulão. rubão. batata. paulocezar. eo teu amigo de meio campo o chico. se alguem compartilhar passa mesagem para o pedrinho pedro muito susseço espero te ver treinando times profionais com grandes tilos abraço aguardo resposta estou marando em criciuma s/c


Rained like hell really early this morning, thought the day was shot when I woke & heard it. Now the day looks good, except that the ground is sopping wet. No wind to mention, maybe a light poof of breeze no and then but otherwise looks like a good day to put on the plastic. Hell the rain washed everything down, so with a rub down with a clean rag and everthing is ready to go.... Wish me luck..... I am going out to put the plastic onto The GreenHouse.......


As I set in my tub with my most beautiful wife... I set and ponder of what could be going through her brain.. the way she is looking at me I feel its somthing nasty... I catch here eyes all over my body like she is starving and I am the piece of meat.... I dont know if this animalistic behavior is common... the feeling of being lost in the open woods and have eyes all over your body is the felling I am getting from her... I ask myself if I make one wro g move it could be over... she Is stalking me and I am scared and do t know what I am goi g to do... I know I should have never taking my clothes off because this always happens... so to try and ba k her off I pass a little gas but this did not work.. for the reason we are in are whirlpool tup with the jets on and what's a few more bubbles. .. so I am at the breaking point knowing my women always has her way with me... do I give in and let her punish my pancreus... or do I run.. now my women is a very strong lady and I fell if I was to run she would catch me in a aggressive behavior that could make things worse. ... so to all off my friends out there... plz help me find away out of this... I feel she is going to rock my world and I dont know if I can haddle her wild and sex frustrated self... do all wemon act like this... I have always had this problem out of her... is it I am just to sexy and should never undress in front of her.. I need to know some answers fast... she has me wore down and wont stop with the mating calls... I guess I will give into her for the second time already this morning. .. if I dont make it out tonight it will be because I need time for rest, heal, and dehydrate. .. plz know one tell her I told you guys this.. I will be beaten and die a slow painful death if she was to ever find out... I guess I must go... I love you all and wont you just to know hahabaha. Lmao daddy is about to give her a spanked ass and will be a rockstar by midnight..... its friday baby.... drink one for the rockstar tonight guys hope to see ya out.. as 2pac said if you dont get out picture daddy rolling loveing my life..... hope you life at my dumb ass...


There are steps you can take in your daily life to help protect you from getting the flu. •Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. •Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs spread this way. •Try to avoid close contact with sick people. •Practice good health habits. Get plenty of sleep and exercise, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat healthy food. •Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. •If you are sick with flu-like illness, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine.


I always feel so sorry for Jesse when he trudges off to work. He goes so far and deals with so much #!$% when he finally arrives at work... I don't blame him for wanting to just break and go psycho. I love him dearly and I want to remind him that what he does, I appreciate it and realize it is not easy to get up at 6 in the morning and travel forever to a highly stressful job. He's stayed strong for a long time and I am deeply appreciative of it. Tonight, back rub for him, sleep, and if he wakes up in time, I'm going to take him to the Jacuzzi to relax further. Hopefully tonight isn't windy. Going to clean the house today and apply to more jobs, so that he has a comfortable place to come back to today, and I feel productive once more. Love ya, Jessepoo. And you are appreciated. And you are an outstanding person.


Sometimes i wonder why would someone want to be so selfish & act horribly when they are with someone so loving, sweet & so giving? I thought that the negativity in them would rub off around people who has so much posity vibe? Yet they stay that way & actually try to bring others down with them... These are people not worth our time, effort & frenship... I will stay away from them... I cant be close or help someone who only appear to be a wonderful person but actually is the total opposite... Somethings are just beyond our understanding...


Ki russ k milna yaara ,ek din sab ne tur jana hi. Has khaad le 4din,kuo ki bs aa hi yaad tanu aana hi. Naa kissa da dil thoor aave ,har ek dil vich rub vasda. Na aave kissa nu dokha de yaara,ki tera naal jana hi. jagdeep te socda yaara aave kamliya gala. Jis din jagdeep ni es duniya tho,russna naa kissa naa manana hi. ki russ k milna yaara ek din sab ne tur jana hi.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I do believe I need a make over a haircut and a frost. Some new nails and a pedicure. and a back rub . Now if I could find the money to do this laugh out loud. Oh I forgot I need to lay in the sunbed too.


A flat-chested young lady goes to Dr. Smith for advice about breast enlargements. He tells her, "Every day when you get out of the shower, rub the top of your breasts and say, '"Scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies.'" She did this every day faithfully and after several months, it worked! She grew great boobs! One morning she was running late and she was on the bus when she realized she had forgotten her morning ritual. At this point she loved her new boobs and didn't want to lose them, so she got up right in the middle of the bus and said, "Scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies!" A guy sitting nearby asked her, "Do you go to Dr. Smith by any chance?" "Why, yes, I do. How did you know?" "Hickory dickory dock"! xoxoNV


Today is gonna be a #!$% day. i can feel it. its only 9 am and my knee hurts my thumb that i cut last week is slightly infected. my neck hurts. today is gonna be #!$%.


A husband is visiting his wife in hospital where she has been in a coma for several years. On this visit he decides to rub her left breast instead of just talking to her. While doing so, the wife lets out a sigh. Pleasantly surprised, the husband runs out and tells the doctor. "That is a good sign," suggests the doctor,"Why don't you try rubbing her right breast to see if there is any reaction." The husband returns to his wife's bedside and rubs her right breast which brings a moan from his wife. He rushes out again and tells the doctor. The doctor thinks this is amazing and could perhaps be a real break through. The doctor then suggests the man return to her bedside and perform oral sex. More than happy to accommodate, the husband returns to his wife's bedside to do his deed. Some five minutes later, the husband comes running from his wife's bedside screaming for the doctor. "What's going on?" asks the doctor. The husband yells, "My wife stopped breathing!" "What happened?" asks the doctor."Everything seemed to be looking good a fewminutes ago." The husband replies, "She choked."


Pple wld do anythng and say anythng 2 c a gud man dwn and low on da dirt ol inda name of victory and hvn da world thnk they r beta than u bt a man who goes thru the most trials, suffers and gets the most hate witout gvn up will sit on the throne wit victors break bread and rub sholders wit kings. . . . .so i say 2 yall kp bringn yo hate end game u'l mk me beta and bigger than the man i was meant 2 b. . .check yo hstry books 4 proof evn da bible


"Bile jednom dvije žabe koje su upale u posudu s vrhnjem. Odmah su shvatile da tonu: bilo je nemoguće dugo plivati i plutati u smjesi gustoj popput živoga blata. U početku su žabe lamatale nogama u vrhnju kako bi dosegnule rub posude. Ali bilo je uzalud; samo su se praćakale na istome mjestu i tonule. Osjećale su da je sve teže izaći na površinu i disati. Jedna od njih glasno je rekla:"Ne mogu više. Nemoguće je izići odavde. U ovome se ne može plivati. Budući da ću umrijeti, ne vidim razloga da produljujem ovu patnju. Ne razumijem kakva smisla ima umrijeti od iscrpljenosti zbog uzaludnog napora." Rekavši to, prestane lupati nogama i brzo potone, doslovno ju je progutala bijela gusta tekućina. Druga žaba, ona upornija i možda tvrdoglavija, rekla je samoj sebi: "Ne postoji način! Ništa se ne može učiniti da isplivam iz ovoga. Ipak, makar se smrt približila, radije ću se boriti do posjednjeg daha. Ne želim umrijeti ni sekundu prije no što kucne moj čas." Nastavila je lupati nogama ii praćakati se satima stalno na istome mjestu, a da se nije pomaknula ni centimetra. Iznenada, od tolika batrganja i lupanja batacma, udaranja i batrganja, vrhnje se pretvorilo u maslac. Iznenađena, žaba skoči i kližući dođe do ruba posude. Odande se mogla vratiti kući sretno krekećući."


Proper Noun Examples for Rub

Uno de los principales propósitos de año nuevo es el hacer ejercicio, y Rubén dos da recomendaciones para bajar los kilitos que tenemos de más.

Amar, amar, amar, amar siempre, con todo el ser y con la tierra y con el cielo, con lo claro del sol y lo oscuro del lodo: Amar por toda ciencia y amar por todo anhelo. Rubén Darío, “Amo, amas...”

Rub ne je chaieya asi fair milage jeoundya de sda ni vichode rehn ge

Rub man janda yaar nu manuna ahukha hai

En Argentina el saqueo se acentuó a partir de 1993 con la modificación de la Ley de inversiones mineras que le abrió las puertas a las corporaciones para saquear nuestros minerales. Hay mucha resistencia por parte de los Pueblos organizados en asambleas en las regiones afectadas pero es vergonzoso el desprecio que tienen los gobiernos provinciales y nacional a las asambleas y asambleista que defienden el territorio y los bienes comunes. La entrega está camuflada y apoyada por nuestros "representantes". Si el gobierno de Argentina cambiara esa postura y algunas otras que no comparto y que hacen al bien común de los argentinos, tendían todo mi apoyo porque coincido con el discurso pero no con los hechos. Lo digo yo que lo vivo en carne propia en mi Región. Rubén.

Kisi ke sath na aysa haadsa ho yah Rub ..,, kisi k pyaar ko kisi se pyaar ho jaye ..,, pursoz

Rubén Pérez: "Cuando se consiga la permanencia, podremos mirar a Europa"

Rabb to main ik dua mangi ,Dua wich apni maut mangi ,Rub ne kehya we bande maut te tenu de deva, Magar ae das onhu ki kehwa jine teri lambi umar di dua mangi,

Feel like #!$%.... Kidney infection, back in agony and now I have to have chest X-rays for my lung functions to be checked... Rub me out an draw me again!!!!

Penal a favor de Jaguares, desplazan a David Andrade en el área y el árbitro Rubén Ríos decreta la falta al minuto 22.

Hoy me levanté con una noticia muy triste, un Amigo, gran ser humano, ha partido con el Señor. Rubén, hoy Dios te recibe junto a tus padres que tanto amabas. Descansa en Paz querido amigo...

¿Eres parte de la generación 4x4? Escucha y descarga la prédica del domingo 6 de enero con nuestro pastor Rubén Reyes, ingresa en este link

Adding this to my arsenal of healthy cures. Also, don't forget to glob Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet, then cover with socks.

Rub your eyes and look again at Love with Love. ~Rumi ♥

Toda la mañana invertida en hacerme una cosilla para la boda de Rubén, me falta el final, que veremos cómo queda. Dice mi amiga que no diga que lo he hecho yo, ni los .. euros que me ha costado, porque parece que no veas; pero yo sé que una que entienda de coser, verá los defectillos. Pues no las dejare que se acerquen y ya está.

Suno bai mitro sade asool . Aap peeni nhi kise nu peiaouni nhi. . Dish chaldi nhi cable luvouni nhi. . . Rub nal rusna nhi duniya manouni nhi. . Koi yaar shadna nhi saheli banouni nhi. .jahaj milna nhi car chalouni nhi. .Appa bhjaa k leohni nhi unj kise ne sade nal viohni nhi. .sohni fasdi nhi...,...........?sukh

Rub karka sab di lahori badiya-2 langa gud night punjabieo...

Natural exfoliant – Exfoliating the skin regularly is essential in order to keep the skin free from dead skin cells. Mix baking soda in lukewarm water. Wash face with water and start scrubbing with the mixture. Rub for ten minutes before washing off with cold water. Baking soda not only removes dead skin cells, it also kills bacteria on skin surface.

Margarita está linda la mar, y el viento lleva esencia sutil de azahar; yo siento en el alma una alondra cantar; tu acento: Margarita, te voy a contar un cuento: Rubén Dario.

Put two fingers in. If it's big, put three. Rub it up and down. Don't worry, it's normal for it to be wet. Yeah. That's how you wash a cup. ;D

This could be the next Bub Rub! Be sure to wait for the jam to start....ain't nobody got time for that!

"Rub your eyes and look again at Love with Love." ~Rumi

Rub your eyes and look again at Love with Love.. ~Rumi

Habrás conocido a muchos héroes o superhéroes en tu vida pero no has conocido a El Héroe. Reseña de la última obra de David Rubín al completo.

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Working with my feet propped up with my my babys head poking me in my ribs is not an easy task. But you got to work you got to work.

About to max wit my mom luv u mom

Good morning everyone... I guess its time for me to find my car under the snow and head to work... Have great day and stay warm

- I really want to play golf today.

Confession: I like to eat those cherry cough drops like they're candy. Whether I have a cough or not...

Feel soo ill today my bk is killin me my own fault for doin to much with a bad bk

I think Scottsdale, AZ is going to be a nice place to visit next week!

Well have not smoked all day so thats good for me hope i can keep it up ....

The temperature is great for this time of year but, I sure would love some sunshine!! Have a good one!!

Ehhhhhh tired getting to old to party ....miss my bed ...even if it is just me getting in it :/

Haish dont ask many personal about me ..i hate it ! -.-''

Also, my cat has a foot fetish, and it's starting to give me the creeps.

#!$% stuck on i5 kuz ppl can't drive .they would crash before the bridge

Fingering a girl last night. She said oo I can feel your ring. I said that's not my ring babe it's my watch..

Okhe weley ik ik kr k sab turge, palla tu v chdalea ta koi gal ni. Asi rehge dunia ch mjak ban ke, thoda tu v udalea ta koi gal ni.

Well on leave till the 24th cuz my foot

Thank you to the sweet guy across the street for digging out my car and shoveling all my walkways. #nowifeellikeineedtopayitforward

I think today I'm going to go finally sit by the pool an maybe catch some rays!! Ahh Florida I love you!

It's so cold in my beanie on my bald head ... Put a beanie on!!!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get Tubby to stop doing his business in the house? No matter how long you keep him outside, he won't go, then goes when he gets back inside.

What is a really good cough med for jaden that will help fast? His chest and ribs hurt from coughing! Sounds like a big dog barking lol! Any ideas?

35 in North Phoenix, so thankful for heated seats.

Well, the carpet has dried and I can still see blood spots. Any suggestions on how to get them out?

Not fair my sister is graduating this year hopefully i graduate next year >_< <3

Surprise Morning Sex is the best way to wake up, Unless your in prision......

Who has been on a cruise and what cruise line did you use and where did you go? And did you like it? Help a girl out?

School's closed on the *forecast* of snow and the *forecast* of -30 wind chills? What is this, Tennessee? Back in my day, we needed inches on the ground and a -50 wind chill to cancel school! If anyone needs supplies, LMK -- I'll send Mia and Ezra to the store for them. On foot.

Why is it more and more people get the flu shot this year, yet more people have the flu?

Feeling relaxed and well, I was going to say chilled but roasted is probably a better word. Just off now for a night cap with management - what it is to known in the right circles HaHa!!!

Quick! Who knows how to get permanent marker out of my white couch???? J*

I'm in the middle of two oversized men and I can barely fit my arms in between my legs. This will be a long flight. They should sell oversized seating for those who need it.

“I want to be a #!$%@&! feminist and wear a #!$%@&! Peter Pan collar,” Deschanel told Glamour this month. “So #!$%@&! what?"

Every player had one fab year in his career. Was 2012 Virat Kohli dream year or there is more to come?

Well since people seem to be ranting.... u what to know what grinds my f'in gears...waking up know that your husband is going to be making status about u just because I didn't feel good enough to get u know what I say to that f off

It's freakin crazy it's only 25 degrees outside..

Wknd here i #!$ gat leka hardware toe yeah my burgular bars up gtn pipes m0re realy excitd yeah cnt w8

"Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena" ♥

Well it happened, I woke up with a chest cold, O can not get sick, surgery in 4days, I have got t get rid of this any ideas, for some one with no $?

It's Gona be like spring today... I got therapy this morning then the rest of the day is a freebie.

Tohanu zee tv te most irritating character kehda lgda ____? I hate charru 4m the serial sapne suhane ladakpan ke lol Stylo kaur

S'ka bu'e khalugud ko khalugud ko subra subra s'kay segay nu mata ko oh phaph'tayan ko,,,,hahaha tama ba??

It's very icy out there this morning... gice yourselves a little extra time and drive safe my Friends! Happy Friday!!!

Lord I can eat again and then lost my mind ham omelette bacon and potatoes I can hardly breathe lord take the wheel in my Raquel Thomas voice

Def need to take two headache tablets and once I get home off for a nice long walk with wee man!

Thank #!$% it Friday,I've been waiting for this for days now hahaha Has everyone got that feeling ..

Nothing like taking a shower and finding saw dust in my hair...really need to stop doing a man's job

January thaw, just a tease of coming spring,still sunahine and warm weather make a body come alive...gobble it up ...peace

Hem...hem temanq mn!tumben ae g muncul,jngn2 tdr za,good night

My new citrus love is the clementine, aka cuties! Not quite as good as Satsumas but darn close, and they save me a very expensive trip to Louisiana.

Getting posting any questions you have in 5 mins. The team will be online for an hour to answer any questions you have

Saw a BFM window sticker on a minivan this morning... Gonna be a good day!

Good morning everyone! enjoying breakfast wit some homemade tortillas gotta love it!

Getting oc sprayed today :/ hopefully the last time for a long time

Bueno amigos volvi de una vacaciones! a empesar el dia con un video para recordar tiempos BY: Crissk8

*knock on wood* but i think all the fresh fruit/veggie smoothie twice daily is keeping me healthy! Im surrounded by sick ppl at the clinic and I havent gotten sick! Flu season is on blast right now!! Plz santize your hands!! Hehe.

My lips are so dry!! Can anyone recommend a good lip treatment maybe one of the so-called overnight treatments that's supposed to help?

Every morning Cayden & I can sit by the toilet waiting for him to go and he won't. By the time we get to school, his pull up is full and we're in a rush to change. Momma can do everything else, but by god...potty training? Lol

... my productivity at work is being directly influenced by how often I stop to play with the office puppy.

62 degrees already this morning in the middle of January? Weird..

Rub definitions


the act of rubbing or wiping

See also: wipe


an unforeseen obstacle

See also: hang-up hitch snag


move over something with pressure


cause friction

See also: chafe fray fret scratch


scrape or rub as if to relieve itching

See also: itch scratch