How to use Quarrel in a sentence as a noun

How to use quarrel as a noun.

Try to end a quarrel. حاول ان تبعد عنك النكد والمنازعات

How to use Quarrel in a sentence as a verb

As expected Camus got into a small quarrel with ren in the drama part ;3

- What ended the quarrel with your wife? - She crawled on her knees! - What did she say? - Get out from under the bed, I calmed down!

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XIloverains_ will he join us in the main team?:p -kokai

Quarrel definitions


an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges


an angry dispute

See also: dustup row run-in words wrangle


have a disagreement over something

See also: altercate argufy dispute scrap