How to use Occurrence in a sentence as a noun

Use occurrence in a sentence.

Pizza day went on with minor occurrences, thanks to all the volunteers, inbox me if you wish to added to our volunteer list for pizza day

Upon the occurrence of blatant mistreatment- This is what should happen!

Look at the reaction of the people! This is a common occurrence there. We are the shocked ones.

Quote Examples using Occurrence

The nice thing about living in Fortuna is that there are City Ordinances about dogs barking after hours. I called the cops once when the neighbors dog continued to bark for hours. Found out the neighbors we gone but left the dog outside. The cops took care of the problem. Now I prepare for bed while staying at a friend's place in Redway and this dog won't shut up. I'm told this is a nightly occurrence. Do people not have any respect for their neighbors to let their dog bark all night. Wow, pretty disrespectful if you ask me.


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This is so scary & sad plez share

While media continue to scratch their collective butts and ignore chemical geosciencees.. here in fact is what is happening....When plates deep within the earth move and rub together,, the quartz and silica crystals rub together.. the escaping ions react with the magnetosphere, creating lights.. this is a precursor to a huge one!!! Makes one wonder just what the weathermen learned in meteorology and weather school besides which make up to use and how to use a green screen.

Occurrence definitions


an event that happens

See also: happening occurrent


an instance of something occurring