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Love is a rare occurrence in this world....but its sad how people can take it for granted when u gat lots for them. I'm jus sayin

When your dog is in pain, you want to help him feel better — fast. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to relieve the aches that are an everyday occurrence for dogs with arthritis: Take your dog in for regular checkups so that your …

That's the first time in ages I have left Tribe sober to the sound of birdsong and daylight appearing. Used to be a normal occurrence. Miss the good old days!

It is a fact that most women experience spontaneous orgasms during certain activities like travelling in a train and on a motor-bike. This occurrence is elaborated properly in twofold—increased blood flow to the genitals and vibration of or contact with the clitoris. So what should our women do to alleviate the issue of unsatisying partners? .........#measking

Prayers to a dear family member in the hospital tonight. Tomorrow we celebrate Gorgeous baby Lolo's 1st birthday. There has been a strange pattern going on the past few months where something big and exciting takes place along with a difficult occurrence. Any one feel me?

My nose started bleeding randomly today. It was an odd occurrence because my nose isn't dry and I didn't accidently punch myself in the face either...

Rough day. Wasn't the nicest person today. So, to whom it may concern, I apologize for being short. It is a rare occurrence and does not reflect my true self.

My sympathy to all who have had this tragic occurrence.

Jus had an occurrence with local law enforcement, gratitude to you officer, indeed I was on a loud bike much smaller than the one was jus stolen, granted I was over speed, but I had all the answers you were looking for and you were cool with me as I was with you... My faith is restored, and again I say thank you

Well grandma had a scare today she was slurring her words, high heart rate, loopy, stumbling all over, confused where she thought sh was in Peoria and etc. But she is doing better at Genesis East overnight to make sure she doesn't have a repeat occurrence. Hope nothing serious is wrong but as if now it might if been the new meds.

No one likes the cute couples or the couples who say "We never argue." Personal opinion, if you don't argue then there is something wrong with your relationship. No two people are 100% compatible. Arguing is a normal occurrence which helps strengthen the relationship. If you spend all of your time going with what your partner says for the sake of not arguing then its all one sided and the relationship will fail.

Does anyone know of any natural ways to stop anxiety attacks quickly other than deep breaths and meditation? These chest pains are becoming an everyday occurrence and it's extremely annoying and very tiring!

The winner is Ronalea M with "You know you're a mom when sniffing someone's bum to find the poop culprit is a normal everyday occurrence". Send us a message for details on how to claim your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated and voted! Stay tuned for details on our newest contest happening next month!

Moment of silence for the Hillsborough 96 tragedy. God bless. Such an avoidable occurrence.

Sitting on the deck getting ready make a hospital run and watching a helocopter circle getting ready to land at the hospital. Seems to me this is an everyday occurrence anymore.

I thought it was a strange enough occurrence two months ago when a deer ran into my parked car in the driveway and made a huge dent. Tonight, my seven year old ran into my parked car in the driveway. No dent. Broken nose.

So EMTs as well as firemen in SI can now give Narcan to oxy/heroin overdoses. SI has a 200% greater occurrence than anywhere in the country. Food for thought.

Always have a plan B when plan A falls through, which is a regular occurrence in today's world it seems...#overit #shade

A Saturday night with no work and the kids are with their Dad - a rare occurrence! Only one thing for it...a night on the tiles with my boo!! 😘

The sky in Seattle has this blue color today and it's very bright. Surely an unnatural occurrence.

Back in my day 300's and 800s were an accomplishment not an everyday occurrence

French people make me miss Lebanon. No concerts here though, which makes accidentally saying 'What's wrong? Her milk?' in a foreign language to a room full of strangers a far less likely occurrence.

It's a rare occurrence- Zach and Mackenzie are asleep, so I get to cuddle on the couch with my Nate, watching Iron Man! ❤️❤️❤️

As i pan through memories of times past i see the relevance of every occurrence How everything that has happened has lead me to the person iam today My spiritual evolution has been in the works from birth and from what im told even that was just short of a miracle so why shouldn't my exsistence be one Ive learned an immense amount of things the past year or so my mind has been blown wode open as well as my third eye for now i can truly see even whats beyond me i look at things from a higher perspective than im givin credit for Im often labled as stupid by those who are still blind, i just laugh cause i know who iam and they never will because i have nothing to prove Those perceptions of me are theirs and they can keep them along with their narrow vision Those who truly know me know there is more beneath the surface , even my posts are just small snippets of my thoughts We as a race need to stop acting like we know everything because we know nothing.

Sooooo im staying in...this could become a regular occurrence

I'm so missing talking to my friend Barbara Hohl-Dees, It was almost a daily occurrence. Please get better!

It's 1 on Saturday and I am in my very heavenly tempurpedic watching a movie- by myself! What?!? Tristan's engrossed in his hank the cowdog book and Luca is napping- this is a miraculous occurrence for a 7mth prego tired mama!

Its so beautiful today..and on a rare occurrence I have my kids and all my neices and nephews and I cannot be happier ♡♥♡ #thankfulforthisday #FOE

Daily occurrence with Quintos. sometimes more than once a day.

Date night out! That rare occurrence that happens perhaps once or twice a year. Hurrah x

Watford let me in last kick of the game for 250 Hahahahahhaha just a regular occurrence isn't it, #!$% me what do I have to do, just went absolutely besurk

A rare occurrence the house to myself even it's only for an hour and a half

Am like a mirror... I reflect object that are within occurrence... Which means, I see those who sees me Only!

At Murphy Park... ConEd started letting off excessive steam out of nowhere, lived here over 14 years - but never heard this...deafening sound. Is this a regular occurrence?

To the small percentage of those with whom I text frequently: Between my unreliable iPhone and the spotty coverage of Verizon, it has become a common occurrence for me not to receive texts. So if you have been wondering why I am ignoring your messages, it's not because I hate you. It's because Verizon and Apple are lame.

I never ran from a fight, never hesitated when it was crunch tyme.. Always on the front line ready and willing 5 any drama occurrence..

This is a rare occurrence for all three to get up in the bed at the same time... Someone is always cranky to another so since they were being good I had to snap a picture!

Very rare occurrence on a Saturday morning. All the monitors are green! You know that means that all the translators have to be off the air.

Screw the chain message part, but can anyone confirm the facts about this occurrence?

Funny, sometimes we pray for signs that the track we are on is the correct path and sometimes we get those signs whether it be through a small little happenstance or a great big huge billboard of an occurrence, or sometimes you question the sign given and the big man says, "you're not gonna take that one? Well here's five more in your face!" I'm not sure where goals stop and dreams begin but this guys going to find out. Have a good day everybody!

Life z so full f surprises,one moment u decide t change ur life thn just a silly occurrence u ar back to square 1.......!!!agh!i nid to go to an asylum!!!

When you love someone there is of course physical attraction involved which is v common. But a mental connection is a rare occurrence. Sayeda Zehra Hussein

It's a pretty rare occurrence, but I think I wish I hadn't eaten before starting this movie.

#peace is an occurrence of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility and retribution, peace also suggests sincere attempts at reconciliation, the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all.

Vegemite scroll's and Ice coffee are becoming a regular occurrence in my daily routine. 🙈 love love love!!! ❤️

How am I oh-so eloquently spoken, despite being so intoxicated. Perhaps I'm fooling myself. It's a common occurrence after all.

Question for the polite: How do I respond when someone says "Your cat is so pretty?" This is a daily occurrence and when I respond thank you I feel like the awkward penguin.

Guess where the biggest occurrence of teen pregnancy happens.

Love it when people don't show up for work. This is a weekly occurrence at Maverik.

A very unusual occurrence at Evangeline Downs tonight: A triple dead heat in the 5th race. If ya'll can't see the photo, let me know and I'll see if one is posted publicly by tomorrow.

Haha this is a normal occurrence in my house..he didn't know i was recording him lmao

I have attempted to "de-scale" this Keurig numerous times, to no victorious avail. I am deeply saddened in said occurrence as the monstrosity of consequences hath been ever so present. My eyes droop in their weariness, as ones would be after having been robbed from such indulgence on their personal favorite coffees. 'Tis sad...

Some of the interesting things we see aren't everyday occurrences! Today our Dr's treated this sweet little guy for sarcoptic mange which is rare in guinea pigs.

The people in east DR Congo have lived in the grip of an emergency for twenty years. Rape, violence, endless displacements, epidemics are everyday occurrences.

Another semi rollover on the roundabout of west mason and highway 41? This is like a weekly occurrence.

Strange occurrence of the day: I was walking in wal mart today and the buggy guy was coming out, he stops in his tracks and says "hey ain't you that barrel racing girl?" I replied "umm yea I used to run barrels". Guy says "yea I used to watch you run all the time, you're Elizabeth Cole!" Then he turns around and walks off. I have no clue who he was!!!!

Kaige went potty this morning on his lil potty!! So proud, now just to get out to become a regular occurrence!

A miracle is anything that occurs that is outside the realm of expectation or beyond a preconceived notion of what is a likely occurrence for an outcome. When we let go of expectations, preconceived notions, and attachments to specific outcomes, every moment becomes miracle. When we expect the unexpected, the unexpected becomes the new normal. Miracles are the expressions of consciousness potential through us, as us.

Got the husband all to myself on a Friday night, rare occurrence, making the most of it! Xx

If I were to get abducted while outside at work on lunch would that count as an occurrence?

Rare occurrence! This is the first week I haven't had a closing in 2014. I do have a couple of new contracts and listings so they'll have to suffice.

Living where i do, it's an everyday occurrence to see an 18 wheeler full of cows going through town. Everytime I'm at a red light next to one, I get this urge to put my window down and yell "Moooooooo!" Lol I know I'm a dork!

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Life is so uncertain. Look around you and see the misery and suffering of people suddenly struck with some ill fated occurrence. How, when nobody can tell. One way prescribed by the Realized Souls, Saints and Rishis to bring a positive change to our lives is to think, each day, is our last day on earth, our last chance, to do some good and become new. This is not a morbid thought as some may think, uncertainty is a fact of life! Let us grab every opportunity to help and heal. This I was reminded today!


After speaking with a friend online, wondered if this is a common occur occurrence. I was only saying similar things t'other day. I feel I don't have any friends around here that I could call on for a cuppa and a chat. I assumed that was down to living away from my home town, but sounds like it's not as people who live in the town they've always lived in are experiencing same. Is this down to the lack of community or down to the fact that we travel more or commute to work? It does make me sad, whatever the reason.


A brother in Syria: "Hearing the sounds of MIG fighter jets and helicopters and the sounds of the explosions causing the shaking of windows has became a routine occurrence. But occasionally those sounds are extra loud. The sound of a decending jet indicates a chosen location and the whistle of a falling barrel bomb leaves us looking to the sky with bated breath. But in those precious few seconds is an opportunity to reaffirm our intention and seek His forgiveness. It is the qadr of Allah where those bombs will land and we believe in the good and bad that comes from Allahs qadr. Whether I was back in the comfort of my bed or in the thick of a war zone, what is written will transpire. I am here helping people who the world has forgotten and closer to my Lord than I ever have been, I've never been happier alhamdulillah."


I understand there was a slight grievance about our only doctor working in Merredin yesterday. This will be a regular occurrence two days a month. It's not something that we are keen to do as it degrades the service locally, but it is a major source of income for us. These two 24 hour shifts a month allow us to keep the practice bulk billing and free to all. We are happy to explore alternative models if the town has any suggestions, but anticipate everyone would rather the current model. Changing to a private billing model would be significantly less stressful for us but would go against my ethos. Constructive thoughts are welcome and we have a comments box in the practice.


One man called a mass to demonstrate a rare occurrence. He fastened a rope across a river from one cliff to the other. He asked the onlookers, "do you believe I can walk on this rope to the other side?" all shouted NO! He went ahead and walked! They applaused him. Then, he took a wheelbarrow and asked whether they believed he could cross over with it. They equally said NO but after crossing over with it, when he reasked, they all said YES! He posed an offer. "who is willing to board the wheelbarrow then I cross over with him?" ....if you were there, could you have taken the offer? This is how many christians behave. We cheer up Jesus as he performs great things but when its our turn to belief that He can do it on us, we face Him off with disbelief!


Occurrence definitions


an event that happens

See also: happening occurrent


an instance of something occurring