How to use Occurrence in a sentence as a noun

Use occurrence in a sentence.

Some not so pleasant isolated incidents are hidden blessings that take care of other issues that have the potential to become recurring worse issues on their own. Don't be so quick to hate and regret isolated unpleasant random experiences without much explanation for occurrence. Things have a way of working themselves out when you have God's favor. And favor is not fair.

Preparation starts from acknowledging the situation and the occurrences at the end; if one can see. The fundamental behavioral action is to understand: “If nothing is done all these times; where you see it and simply walk by, do nothing to change… [ 171 more words. ]

Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand. Karl Marx

This is a rare occurrence. Civilians best military marksmen in competition.

Internet 'running out of space' The problems that caused websites such as eBay to crash this week could become a regular occurrence as the internet effectively runs out of space, experts have warned.

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No weapon fashion against you shall prosper in Jesus.

Occurrence definitions


an event that happens

See also: happening occurrent


an instance of something occurring