How to use Occurrence in a sentence as a noun

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So apparently waking up and being sick is becoming a regular occurrence

Success has only taught me that all the money in the world can't make me happy, the parties have taught me no amount of friends can cure lonleyness, alcohol taught me how to smile and not give a #!$% that life is a meaningless occurrence of events that hold no tangible value to existence. And knowledge has brought me nothing but pain that I hope will be deluded by my daily intake of alcohol

Faith, like hope is a carriage it is believe in the uncertain nature and possibility of occurrence Let your Faith be bigger than your fear

Overreach - seems to be a common occurrence with NGO's and government agencies.

Quote Examples using Occurrence

The events that happens in your life it's like thousands of puzzle pieces. They are all separated from each other and then slowly you start making connections between those events. And you start seeing the bigger picture. Every occurrence that happens in your life is for you to learn from it and grow emotionally and spiritually. There are great moments that happens in your life and situations that you would like to run from and not deal with them, those challenges and hard times are the ones that will transform you into a stronger person and will lead you to be prepared to achieve your dreams. Only when you walk through fire that you know what you are capable of doing; that you realize your weaknesses and your strength. Only when you break through the walls that are surrounding you that you can build the muscles that you need to achieve greater goals. Only when you are in a tunnel and in the mist of darkness can you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don't despair, ask God to help you to go through your challenges and you will become courageous and overcome any obstacles that may come in the way of your dreams.


In the military, you're being brainwashed to fight in cases of violence. That's not being free from fear of violence. That's being restrained to the fear of violence. People still don't know what peace is. Don't talk peace with me. - "Peace is an occurrence of harmony characterized by lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence." --- Wikipedia


Tunette Powell has two wonderful little boys. JJ is 4 and Joah is 3. They are normal kids who love to play and sometimes get a little too rough. When they do this at home they are punished accordingly and then life moves on. When they act out in school however, Powell gets a call from the school that she needs to come pick them up because they have been suspended. The first time that JJ was suspended it was for throwing a chair. It didn’t hit anyone but they still felt that suspension was necessary. Powell agreed that the behavior was inappropriate but she thought that punishment was a little extreme. After this incident it seemed like the teachers had it out for JJ. He threw a chair again and was again suspended. Then there was an incident where he spit on a child that was bothering him during breakfast and yet again he was given a suspension. Powell felt that these punishments were not right but she herself had been a bad kid and had been expelled from preschool so she kept quiet. She said that it was hard because she remembered that everyone told her that she was a bad kid and she believed it. It took her a long time to realize that she wasn’t that bad of a kid. Two months after these incidents with JJ she received a call about her son Joah. She needed to come pick him up because he was suspended. The three-year-old had hit a teacher on the arm and they now said that he was a danger to the staff. He ended up being suspended five times that year. Powell began to blame herself thinking that it was something that she was doing until she was speaking with other mothers. They were all shocked to hear that JJ had been suspended. Their children had done things that were similar to JJ’s incidents but all they received from the school was a phone call letting them know about the behavior and no suspension. This unfortunately is a common occurrence in schools all over the country. Black children make up a total of 18% of the preschool population and yet make up 48% of children who are suspended. Powell says it is not because the teachers are racist but they have prejudices that they don’t think about, just like so many people do. Powell makes sure that she lets her children know that they are not bad children. She doesn’t want them to grow up thinking that they are and thinking that they can’t do any better.


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So cool, I wished I was ther wen it happen. I believe in ghosts , every thing to do with the paranormal

All over the world the world is scared and slowly you are letting them take over the world. Wake up world!!;

We need a bacon airlines no pun intended

Scary stuff that happens here that we do not hear about. ....please read and stay safely aware.....

You got to love this, she's so crazy, I just love her..

I cannot vouch for its accuracy but if it is true then holy #!$%!

If you think it would not happened here in the big USA... You are so wrong!

Just another proof that we are dealing with a global threat and not a regional Israeli Palestinian problem.

Occurrence definitions


an event that happens

See also: happening occurrent


an instance of something occurring