How to use Nonchalant in a sentence as a adjective

I guess im trying to be nonchalant about ut but im going to extremes to ptove im fine without ya lyrics.

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity" - Yves Saint Laurent

Im really nonchalant, sarcastic, and sometimes stubborn but im a all around pretty cool person.

Hmmm nice guy jason or nonchalant jason.. Hmm I say both

Don't be fooled by my nonchalant demeanour. I'm secretly an exiled warrior ninja/Samurai set to make a glorious return once the battle cry is sounded. Do not think trivially of me!

He is so nonchalant about this, I love it.

My nonchalant attitude is really working out for me :P Lol

Well I guess I'm trying to be nonchalant about it, and I'm going to extremes that I'm fine without you

How I wish I can also act nonchalant about things and feel like the weight of what happened this week will be forgotten over time.

I dont think owning a car is a financially sound proposition for me anymore. Not after watching the news. Crappy train service and nonchalant attitude of a million dollar wage man is not assuring either. Don't wanna live on this part of earth anymore where i suffer first thing before work and suffer one more time after work.

Interesting new bossa / jazz arrangements to some of our retro hits. Surprisingly good response from the usually nonchalant crowd

There is no flag big enough 2 cover the shame of killing innocent kenyans at the # Tana Delta region. Kenyan authorities are nonchalant.

Thanks again, diagnoses is deep vein thrombosis and for now she'll be put on medication but as it is her "dialysis" leg there is reason for concern. Charlene as always remains high spirited and nonchalant about the whole thing... it's your life line for pete's sake

Walking around Orono last night was like trying to be nonchalant in the ninth circle of hell.

I give up on situations and people so easily because I have this nonchalant, "Idc... Life goes on... I don't need to tolerate this if I don't want to" attitude. And I see the repetition...

I know you're not suppose to laugh when you're kids do something they aren't suppose to. I just can't help it though when Parker tries to sneak out of bed and come downstairs all nonchalant as if I'm going to forget he's suppose to be sleeping! LOL!

The delicate beginning rush, The feeling you can know so much, Without knowing anything at al l. And now that I can put this down, If I had known what I'd known now, I never would have played so nonchalant <3

Build a bridge and get over it!!! I love my nonchalant mind of mines it keeps me grounded and calm... Why stress I'm to blessed!! GN FBF

Sometimes we must make the hardest decisions look easy....make the painful seem nonchalant to force ourselves forward when we want to stand still....

The next person who act nonchalant towards me when im just seeing how you been you getting deleted !!!

My view of religion now is nonchalant. Since none of us could ever be apart from God, I dont trip... I just enjoy the flow!

"Nothing worth having ever comes easily". Someone just said that to me the other day. And again today- then I saw it on Facebook. Why does everybody just assume I sit on my thumbs and expect things to happen to me? Is it the way I comb my hair? Does NO ONE understand how hard I work to be the way I am? Has it ever occurred to anyone that I just be good at appearing nonchalant? This saying is starting to get me angry.

#!$%@&! who try to act nonchalant and put happy faces when theyre arguing....need to be smacked in the #!$%@&! face hard.

Really? nonchalant about the lack of relationship you have with Tristan..... and to say everyone on ur end must wait until you "handle" this "situation"...... Tristan is 3.....when you gonna grow up?

Elsa var ut och invigde sin spark förut, hon var så lycklig <3 Men jag funderar över en sak: vet inte bräckebor hur en parkeringsförbuds- skylt ser ut eller är man bara nonchalant?

Your eyes , impish and mischievous your laughter's nonchalant insolence your hair unfurled their waves undone never shall i forget your hand abandoned mine your shadow that turned away it's gaze your look that never looked back never shall i forgive your unabashed dancing in the rain your silly sulkings at all things small your innocent childlike mischief always i will love your false voes and promises your burning scorching dreams your cruel ruthless prayers always i will hate

Please click "like" if you are following my critical situation and and plan to make positive changes in your life as a result. Lesson learned: Pay close attention to ALL warning signs your body produces and be proactive vs nonchalant.

I should care but as these days go by my attitude is so nonchalant idk what's going on.

Een jongen brengt zijn nieuwe vriendin terug naar huis nadat ze samen uit zijn geweest. Als ze bij de deur komen leunt hij nonchalant met een hand tegen de muur en zegt tegen haar: 'Schat, waarom pijp je me niet?' 'Wat? Ben je gek?!' 'Maak je niet druk, het is zo voorbij, geen probleem.' 'Nee! Misschien ziet iemand het; mijn familie, de buren....' 'Rond deze tijd zal niemand zich laten zien...' 'Ik heb al nee gezegd! Niet dus!' 'Schat, het is echt niet zo moeilijk .. en ik weet dat jij het ook fijn vindt.' 'Nee! Ik zei Nee!' 'Schat, doe nou niet zo...' Op dat moment komt de zus van het meisje in haar nachtjapon naar buiten. Ze wrijft geeuwend in haar ogen en mompelt: 'Ma zegt dat jij hem moet pijpen, ofwel dat ik hem moet pijpen, ofwel dat zij naar beneden komt en hem zelf zal pijpen, maar zorg alstublieft dat je vriend eindelijk zijn hand van de parlofoon haalt , zodat wij allemaal kunnen verder slapen !!' thihihihihihi

I'm so calm in the midst of the storm, nonchalant but I'm very aware what's going on, #!$% mowing the grass for the snakes, I set fire to the lawn.

OK, so my husband informs me yesterday in a very nonchalant way....I forgot to tell you I ordered racing wheels for your bicycle so you can have for your Ironman race. The advantage of having a hubby that completely gets it!!

"Beautiful Disaster" She loves her momma's lemonade Hates the sounds that goodbyes make She prays one day she'll find someone to need her She swears that there's no difference between the lies and compliments It's all the same if everybody leaves her And every magazine tells her she's not good enough The pictures that she sees makes her cry She would change everything, everything, just ask her Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster She just needs someone to take her home She's giving boys what they want Tries to act so nonchalant Afraid to see that she's lost her direction She never stays the same for long Assuming that she'll get it wrong Perfect only in her imperfection She's not a drama queen She doesn't wanna feel this way Only 17 and tired, yeah She would change everything for happy ever after Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster She just needs someone to take her home She's just the way she is But no one's told her that's OK She would change everything, everything, just ask her Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster She would change everything for happy ever after Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster She just needs someone to take her home She just needs someone to take her home

...future is unknown Nothing about it is shown And so future we do not own So confusion has grown We can never predict As fate will contradict Through a different verdict But, God, we cannot indict Future is a guarded secret Which may give a regret Or success we may get None can know it, I bet For future if we carefully save We will not be poverty's slave We will not maroon in worry-wave We can in life very boldly behave If our plans have loopholes We will have dolorous souls Will be perforated our goals Our losses, the World condoles Plans can be for future made With the hope of getting shade All our duties we must not evade Real grit must be by us displayed Future is surely an uncertainty It may give calamity or equanimity Hoping has got an excellent utility Future is safe via a sterling quality Future will become excellent If using of present is intelligent Better to be in life boldly nonchalant Calmly waiting is in itself a fine talent As a secret let future remain Let us postpone our pain If it becomes a gain We will feel immensely fine... ...2013 will be a good year!...✌

Blir man dum och nonchalant av rökning eller röker man för att man är det?

Ich bin - eh wieder mal - schockiert wie nonchalant da einfach mit offensichtlicher Korruption umgegangen wird. Warum ermittelt da die Staatsanwaltschaft noch nicht? Nur weil es Tradition hat?! Der Job wird ausgeschrieben, aber "obwohl in der Ausschreibung nichts von einem passenden Parteibuch steht, ist es laut „Presse“-Informationen so gut wie fix, dass jeweils ein SPÖ- und ÖVP-Vertreter zum Zug kommen werden"

Thinking twice, or maybe three times, about how nonchalant we are while playing in the ocean at the beach! She's way within the distance Grayson Walter and Ian play in the surf!

Why most O̶̶̷̲̥̩̅̊͡f τ̲̅ђe women felt nonchalant attitude is G̶̲̥̅☺̣̣̥̇☺̣̣̥̇D̶̲̥̅̊ for them?

Watz cooln fb im just sittn here late night chilln n thinkin abot my life n da rout its going some choices n life I wish I can change ppl I hurt I wish I could apologize to u know who u r I never meant ta hurt u its hard for me ta show feelings my nonchalant ways got me where im at ta day I guess these streetz mad me a heartless person I got everything I ever wanted n life but I have no one to share it with im 31 n im not happy I cant say I dont care cause if that was tru I wouldnt b postn this ya dig just keepn it 1000 but hit me im on here 4 a min ppl

Met a girl at the gym, who is also a personal trainer...she offered to give me a ride home even though I had planned on jogging rthat we stop somewhere for an after-workout snack or starbucks, she had been talking about how she set up her business as a personal trainer and suggested that I join in with her saying that I would appeal to a certain client base, I had yet to tell her that I think she would be a perfect client for me, she doesn't know that Im an investment advisor and that she has a million things going on that fit a million services that I can provide her...we stopped at starbucks, she opened her trunk for my to put my bag and then I saw an entire trunk full of hydroxycut, in every available kind of package, some already opened. I couldn't tell weather she had been feeding them to her clients or preparing a super-mega-meth lab. There were empty water bottles lying around. She got really un-easy when I made a little joke about how she must get fast results by secretly mixing hydroxy-cut with the work-out shakes for her clients....BAM, so I'm pretending that I'm a mixture of oblivious and nonchalant

Gotta love some of the nonchalant but highly awkward conversations i have with Chris. Some of the #!$% we discuss is comical haha

>#cut4bieber >people on my newsfeed say it's gruesome >I make nonchalant sarcastic posts about it I hope this nonsense ends soon, I just wanna play Paper Mario, man.

How do YOU handle someones passive aggressive nonchalant behavior....go!

The fact im still having a bad day says it alll, this week is not my week....#nonchalant

That's why some ppl respond to in a nonchalant matter fact way... Like oh well get over it or ash be quiet or what did you do! They have become numb to it they have become accepting of it as a way of life.

Someone help me, tell me wat do I do when a grown man put his hands on my 14yr old brother & the police acting all nonchalant about it! Im outraged they say call them to protect & serve but wat do I do when they don't do their jobs??? A hell of a dilemma!!! #bouttogetintosomegangstashit

Ive been 30yrs old for exactly 2months today... And what has changed, well believe it or not im actually working onemotion. Im going back to being nonchalant about certain things that im sure will still happen to me in life

Coined the phrase 'violently nonchalant'...and will be sure to use it.

I need someone to remind me not to be so nonchalant about uni this year. Summer school is a pain in the arse.

I have a nonchalant attitude about most ppl, things and situations! Can you tell? Lol

I had planned on being nonchalant today, but as it turns out, I'm ever so chalant.

Dont act all nonchalant n ur not ok! Not cool...just saying.

They say into your early life romance came And in this heart of yours burned a flame A flame that flickered one day and died away Then, with disillusion deep in your eyes You learned that fools in love soon grow wise The years have changed you, somehow I see you now Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant Is that all you really want? No, sophisticated lady, I know, you miss the love you lost long ago And when nobody is nigh you cry Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant Is that all you really want? No, sophisticated lady, I know, you miss the love you lost long ago And when nobody is nigh you cry Sophisticated lady You cry -- Duke Ellington.

Virgos can be very nonchalant at times which can frustrate the people around them.

Need some more training regarding my networking skills. I realize even with my nonchalant demeanor I can still be a tad jumpy and awkward.

Who is yours errand have a crush on me and errand whom l love you but l is nonchalant important of me like to feel because happy with you

Trying to act so nonchalant Afraid to see that she's lost her direction She never stays the same for long Assuming that she'll get it wrong Perfect only in her imperfection She is not a drama queen She doesn't wanna feel this way Only 18 and tired, yeah

2013 - The year of: I don't #!$%@&! care; a nonchalant attitude toward everything. Enjoy!!!

When my spirit back up all nonchalant.... When the sense of fall started toward me all the discredit me... Disappointed that I think's enough for today,, thank's for all....

It's my nonchalant arrogant way She can’t get her head round

Everyday may seems to be good day if only U make it so. Always make urself happy even if every1 around U r mean or nonchalant. Have a pleasant day.

Faith cometh by hearing d word of God. Study d word more dis year, don't just read it as if you're reading novel! Only those who know our God shall be strong& do exploit, not those who are nonchalant about d things of God..... Be wise!!!

Hate when I got a lot on my mind and can't sleep. This is y I remain nonchalant so that nothing can get to me.

Just adding a very simple nonchalant role tide to my status update

Ppl say I gottah nonchalant attitude, iont think so I juss dnt trip off er thing!

Would enjoy watching a football game where nonchalant incompetence by overpaid grandstanding referees didn't have an impact on the game.

Nick ol nonchalant ass....up there like i wish you would stop interviewing me so we can kick some leprechaun ass

Random nonchalant call from collection agency... Do I really owe them or is this a scam? Anyone else had a call like this?

Bout to b a nonchalant mo fo wit a lot of ppl

1 Understand that responsibility is earned. It's not something you're entitled to. If someone is hesitant to give you additional responsibility, it's probably because you've been nonchalant with the responsibilities you already have. You might think, "But the responsibilities I have now are so petty/boring/stupid/etc., and if I'm given more of a challenge, I will take it more seriously," but that's a characteristic of irresponsible people; they do things as long as they're challenging, fun, and new, and when that fades, they lose interest

Q-Do you miss me? & what do you miss about me? A- of course i miss you...and i miss your very nonchalant..independent type attitude. And i miss chillin with you

Di nincompoop or nitwit tsa mogalakwena ba irritate and the nitty gritty thing ke gore they're nocturnal,batla go attacka,stab you ka group pls if o ya daar maak seker gore you're armed and strong or else di nitwit tsa moshate ba direla #!$% o le busy ka bo nonchalant o enjoya di drinks tsa gago.

Sumtimes its better jus 2 cut ya losses b4 it goes rotten. as nonchalant of a person i m im already oveer it.

I hate when other people's lack of organization and nonchalant-ness affects me. I think it's bull****! Grrrrrrrr

Their are naive people in the world, their are ignorant people in the world, their are selfish people in the world, their are suicide people in the world, their are stingy people in the world, their are nonchalant people in the world, their are baby makers in the world, their no good men in the world, their are people who don't take care of business in the world, their are people who will go with anybody to say they got somebody in the world, their are people who moan other people in the world, their are people who hold hate in the world, their are people who want to be just like you in the world, their are people who rather see you dead in the world, their are people who will do anything just to get by in the world. Their are stressed out people in the world, their are sick people in the world, their are people who prayed for people like this and God throws the prayers right back down because they did not want to change for the world, so stop blamming yourself for people actions when it is not your faught, People make their own choses in life, either it is good or bad!

Quote Examples using Nonchalant

Sometimes, I would have to react to the behavior of a student or make a sudden move to assist a student. You get tossed around and I use my body to these things. I don't worry about getting hurt or bruised. I fell flat on my ass one day during a fire drill. A student jumped from the rear door of the bus and I was to help him get out of the bus. He was not supposed to jump but he did and I went down on my knees then my ass along with the student. The student was an elementary student. He was little but had some weight on him. I do not think about my safety when I am on the job. As I have always been, I was concerned about the student. I jumped up and continued what has to be done, after making sure the little guy was okay. I got up so quickly, some did not know I had fallen down. I have been injured by student on the bus. Spit has flown along with punches on the bus between student. Driver are very nonchalant and prefer to not get involved. That might have changed now. It should have. The important thing is that you know I am caught between a rock and a hard place a lot of what I have gone through and am going through is very hard to prove. They will say it is my perception of things. People in the community know me and know otherwise, but cannot show their allegiance one way or the other openly because of possible repercussions. I can understand that.


Folk verkar ha seriösa problem med mig & mår dåligt över att jag finns i deras närhet, jag har aldrig bett någon att stå mig nära! Jag betraktas som pryd & nonchalant människa, men det kan bero på att jag ej blir bemött på ett bra sätt eftersom folk tror sig veta vartenda liten grej om mitt liv. Jag har gått ridgymnasium, tagit truck kort, kört gödsel, mockat stall, styckat gris & tagit i ren skit! Jag har gråtit många tårar för folk som lämnat mig & varit i många slagsmål för folk har trampat på det som är privat. Jag har snäst av folk som ej vet vad de pratar om & jag förlåter hellre mig själv än andra i första hand. Jag är ego för att jag kan vara det & jag skäms inte så länge jag inte sårar en människa. Jag ber om ursäkt om jag har fel & jag har varit med om saker som gjort att jag är reserverad. Så snacka inte om att jag är någonting som jag inte är ! Blir så jävla trött på det. Fullt allvar, ett par enstaka människor känner mig.. På riktigt, resten ta er & era tankar kring mig & läs en bok.. Om psykologi kanske. Så ni åtminstone vet att man kan välja, allting vad man själv vill tänka om en människa. Men trampa aldrig över på någon. För jag står alltid upp för vem jag är!


Anoniem zegt: Net als de bel gegaan is, zie ik haar nog binnenstormen. Aan haar locker dicht bij de deur staat ze daar nonchalant te peinzen welke vakken ze vandaag heeft. Deze jongedame van 5 economie-talen doet me sterk denken aan effy van skins. Ik krijg het al helemaal warm als ik haar voor me haal met haar kniekousen en panterbontjas. Een vrouw naar mijn hart waarmee ik deze warmte zeker wil delen tussen de lakens! Says enough :D Over wie gaat dit?


If you are eager to find the reason I became the Kvothe they tell stories about, you could look there, I suppose. Chronicler's forehead wrinkled. "What do you mean, exactly?" Kvothe paused for a long moment, looking down at his hands. "Do you know how many times I've been beaten over the course of my life?" Chronicler shook his head. Looking up, Kvothe grinned and tossed his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug. "Neither do I. You'd think that sort of thing would stick in a person's mind. You'd think I would remember how many bones I've had broken. You'd think I'd remember the stitches and bandages." He shook his head. "I don't. I remember that young boy sobbing in the dark. Clear as a bell after all these years." Chronicler frowned. "You said yourself that there was nothing you could have done." "I could have," Kvothe said seriously, "and I didn't. I made my choice and I regret it to this day. Bones mend. Regret stays with you forever.”


Sometimes because of technology we can be so nonchalant or even apathetic about being amazed. We have seen it all. I pray that we all go back to scripture and know that we have yet to see God in His splendor. Isaiah saw God and said woe is me! Paul saw heaven and said no eye has seen or ear has heard of the glories of heaven. It was unexplainable....remember that today..choose to be amazed by God!


Your eyes, impish and mischievous.. Your laughter's nonchalant insolence.. Your hair unfurled, their waves undone.. Never shall I forget.. Until I breathe this life, Until I breathe this life. Your hand that abandoned that of mine.. Your shadow that turned away it's gaze.. Your look that never looked back.. Never shall I forget.. Until I breathe this life, Until I breathe this life. Your unabashed dancing in the rain.. Your silly sulking at all things small.. Your innocent child-like mischief.. Always will I love.. Until I breathe this life, Until I breathe this life. Your false vows and promises.. Your burning, scorching dreams.. Your cruel ruthless prayers.. Always will I hate.. Until I breathe this life,


"Het is alweer een tijd geleden, maar ik zie jou nog elke dag voor me. Daar stond je dan, een lange, stoere jongeman met halflang blond haar en stoppelbaardje van rond de 24 jaar op het perron van station Rotterdam. Het was een regenachtige avond in februari 2012. Je droeg een legergroene jas en grijze wollen sjaal, nonchalant om je nek gedrappeerd. Je stond dromerig voor je uit te staren, verzonken in je eigen gedachten. Nadat de Fyra richting Amsterdam Centraal na enige vertraging eindelijk arriveerde, bleek je schuin tegenover me te zitten aan de andere kant van het voetpad. Je had een gloednieuw studieboek op je schoot, een Engelstalig boek met een donkergroene kaft als ik me niet vergis. Het was iets geologisch, zag ik aan de foto's van verschillende soorten zand toen je begon te lezen. Ik heb de hele rit blozend en glimlachend naar je zitten gluren, en af en toe kreeg ik een blik terug.. Helaas stapte ik uit bij Schiphol en ging jij door naar Centraal. Ik wilde op je afstappen om met je te kletsen, maar ja, je kent het wel. Ik durfte niet. Want wauw, vriend, wat was jij een verschijning. Je zette de tijd even stil.. Mooie blonde godenzoon, ik weet dat het al bijna een jaar geleden is, maar wellicht wil je ooit eens een kopje koffie doen?"


Koploper uit : 8-1 verloren.. Wietse Scherpenisse heeft de eer nog gered. Ik speelde zelf alsof ik 1,5 maand geen keu had aangeraakt.. dat klopt wel.. eerste kansloos verloren met 6-3. 2de kwam ik ietwat in me spel,maar was ik op het eind te nonchalant tegen dezelfde "voor het niveau zijnde' degelijke speler . 5-4 verloren.


So, I've already posted Chapter one... Here's some of Chapter 2 instead! This one is actually my favorite so far. Bang! Alex nearly jumps out of his chair as a loud crash echoes through his house. Heart racing, gets up and wanders down the hall to investigate. As he reaches the dining room, he turns the corner and sees a figure standing on his porch. With lurching movements, the person- if it is a person, steps towards the door. It reaches out and presses a bloody, dirt-stained hand against the glass screen door. A smear is spread across the clear surface and a squeaky sound emanates from the movement. Alex takes a hesitant step forward, and then stops. What am I thinking, he asks himself. What if this person- thing, is infected with the virus that killing everybody? Then again, what if it’s just somebody who needs help? He pauses, standing there staring at the thing, and very slowly calls out, “Sir? Excuse me, sir? Are you okay?” The figure stops in its tracks and turns towards Alex. It lets out a low moan and steps forward, arms outstretched and bangs on the door. It makes a sort of hissing-gargling noise as bubbles of saliva dribble down its chin. “Well, that’s definitely not a person.” Alex runs into the kitchen and pulls a knife out of the knife rack. He quickly walks back to the door and opens it. Making sure not to get within reach of the groping monster, he chucks the knife at it and hopes it hits the head. The knife flies right by the zombie’s head. “Oh, come on!” Alex runs back to the kitchen and grabs yet another knife. He turns and finds that the zombie has crossed the threshold of the front door. Quickly, but not without precision, he throws the knife. It passes by the creatures head yet again. “You know what,” Alex screams at the zombie, stepping forward and grabbing the glass vase on the edge of the counter. “Screw you, too!” He slams the vase down onto the drooling monster’s head, driving pieces of glass into its skull. The creature stops in its tracks and crumples to the floor at Alex’s feet. “Where the heck is everyone at?” Alex walks over to the fridge to see if they left a note or something. Nothing was there, only the shiny surface of the fridge with a few specks of blood reflecting his own image back at him. “Well, I guess I could check my phone. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that first.” When he entered the room, he walked briskly to his bed and grabbed his phone. The device showed he had one message. Alex read it and his spirits dropped more than they already had. We’ve gone out. We’ll be back sometime around seven. He checked the clock. Seven thirty. He traveled back to the dining room and grabbed the corpse’s arms. He dragged the body to the back of the yard and dumped it into the bushes. He could deal with that later. Right now, all he wanted was some rest. He ran back inside and locked the door. He plopped down onto his bed and fell asleep in moments. He needed to be well rested for the next day to come. As soon as the first beam of light fell onto the floor of Alex’s room, he jumped out of bed and ran out into the hall. He peeked into his brother’s room; it was empty. He looked in the next room down the hall, but there was no one there. He went through the whole house, but found he was alone. Accepting that he was going to be going through this ordeal solo, he entered the kitchen and made himself some breakfast consisting of eggs and toast. After eating, he showered and sat on the couch to watch some TV. The news told him that the virus had spread and had now taken over the entire west side of America, save for the few surviving groups who held out in safe-houses. Now, the virus had entered parts of Mississippi and would reach Alabama by the end of the day. Alex jumped up and ran outside. He had already wasted most of the day away; it was already one o’clock. With only six or so hours until more zombies started knocking on his door, Alex went into their garage. He pulled out scrap pieces of wood and began nailing them into the inside of his windows. Just as he finished barricading the last window, he heard gravel crunching under the tires of a vehicle. He leapt through the front door and off the porch to the black truck sitting in his driveway.


Since arriving here in Florida for my winter escape, things are going well. The temperatures have been high, and my golf scores even higher. I have had to learn a new set of golf tactics. Because I am 6'4" and fairly strong, I can hit a golf ball a long ways. Plus I'm playing in a community comprised primarily of senior citizens that are often nearly deaf. So screaming "Fore!" is futile for me. I have now found that my best bet is to wear 2 gloves to avoid fingerprints, keep extra golf balls in my pocket, and to just keep moving along ignoring any ambulances while acting nonchalant as if nothing happened...


I have even really nonchalant about this second child. I haven't worried about buying things. Since I already have a girl and all her stuff, I haven't gotten in a hurry. Well it is really starting to hit me that my time is limited to get the few things I do need. Crib bedding, bottles, and going home outfit are now high on my priority list!!!


Now we take our time … so nonchalant, And spend our nights so bon vivant. We dress our days in silken robes, The money comes, the money goes … We know it's all a passing phase. We light our lamps for atmosphere, And hang our hopes on chandeliers. We're going wrong, we're gaining weight, We're sleeping long and far too late. And so it's time to change our ways … But I've loved these days. Now as we indulge in things refined, We hide our hearts from harder times. A string of pearls, a foreign car Oh, we can only go so far on caviar and Cabernet. We drown our doubts in dry champagne, And soothe our souls with fine cocaine. I don't know why I even care We'll get so high and get nowhere. We'll have to change our jaded ways But I've loved these days. So before we end and then begin We'll drink a toast to how it's been A few more hours to be complete, A few more nights on satin sheets, A few more times that I can say … I've loved these days.


..Well i guess im tryin to be nonchalant about it, going through extremes, to prove im fine without you. But in reality im slowly losing my mind. Underneath the guise of a smile, gradually im dying inside. friends ask me how. Feel and i lie convincingly. Coz i dont want to reveal, the fact that im suffering. So i wear my disguise til i go home at night and turn down the lights and then break down and cry.....


Pakistan high commissioner to India summoned by ministry of external affairs at noon. I hope Khurshid ji tells him 'Samjho do apne soldiers ko ki woh Kashmir mein aa toh jayenge par wapas bhi jake dikhayein.' Ok. I know I am expecting too much, it will be a good lunch and Indian bureaucrats will tell him that they condemn the attack. The Pakistani bureaucrats will tell us to show evidence so that they can investigate. They will all go back home and and have a good laugh then. Indian for fooling his own people and Pakistani for fooling Indian minister.


After coming from my daughter bday party I was filled with so many emotions being in an environment with kids, and people I once had issues with. I came to the realization that we live in a messed up world let alone nation. For instance, the divorce rate is over 50%, there may be many reasons why it's so high, however people need to have higher morals, it's sad that I see a lot of single families. A lot of people accept things, and don't standup for what's right. In addition, that might be the reasons for other issues. People don't seem like they care or nonchalant about things.


Why am I such a fool? I can't stop myself from loving you. And countless nights I've cried for you, Just because my feelings are true. You're up and down, Your feelings are all around. Don't lie to me, You don't love me. I've spent so long waiting for you. No there's nothing I can do, I can't stop myself from loving you. Even though I want to. I can cry all I want, But I can't pass it off as nonchalant. My feelings can't just fly away, They are here to stay. Piss me off and make me cry. Please just lie. Make me hate you, Last thing I want is to love you. I want to move on and have a life, I've always wanted to be your wife. But I can't do this, not anymore, My heart is to sore. I can't deal with more heartbreak, I don't have any heart left to ache. Please, just leave me.


To all parents. When your child comes home aged 3 with what you consider to be a blob of yukky coloured paint on a piece of paper ready to go in the bin please think back to when you were a child and your parent nonchalantly threw away your masterpiece that in your mind and imagination was full of colour ,life and vibrancy ,and that painting summed up your exact feelings and emotions at that time. We all had that as a child , that shattered experience , that feeling our soul had been ripped away by that one nonchalant ,ignorant gesture. So next time your 3 year old child or grand child niece nephew flings their latest finest work as you amongst the pile that's trailing behind them , look into their shining , proud eyes remember how you felt ,and never throw it away for it damages them for life if your response is negative , after all we should know , we all still remember how it feels like . They don't stay 3 for long. Before you know it its too late to give them any praise , they've stopped listening x


Brian paced pack and forth all day wondering about Jayde and how her first day would be lol I had to tell him to sit down. She liked it though. Her teacher told me that she would rather play with the boys and their dinosaurs then the girls and their dolls. Crazy girl. Anyywayyy we're going to watch the Cowboys play tomorrow! Whoo-hoo! Go Pokes!!!


I have been reminded of how useless the government of the the virgin islands really is. Especially in St Thomas. The vital statistics dept is so full of #!$%, they should be closed and all its employees released of their duties. Its sad that years later, some folks in the islands still have the same bull #!$%, nonchalant attitude about customer service. What ah ting!


Kollar på nyheter nu. Kor dör för att de äter ölburkar som skär upp dem på insidan. Om ni ändå tänker kasta ölburkar eller annat skräp i naturen, så gör det inte på en kohage eller liknande. Jag vet att jag har vänner som nästan ser det som sin rätt att skräpa ner för att ni är skattbetalare, som en vän har sagt som försvar med valborg/festivalskräpet. Men om ni ändå ska kasta gör det där ni känner att det verkar vara mest stabilt för djur att inte äta upp skräpet.


"OH. Wat een mooie grote jongen zit daar in het MMS. Kijk nou hoe je daar zit, je lange benen nonchalant uitgestrekt en jij iets achteroverleunend. Hoe je je lange krullende bos haar met een onverschillig en ontzettend sexy gebaar uit je ogen wrijft. Soms lach je, een oprechte lach, waar ik het liefst altijd naar wil kijken. En je ogen, zulke mooie ogen, waar zulke mooie emoties in verscholen liggen. Poeh wat zou ik daar graag in willen kijken als ik 's ochtends wakker word. Misschien een idee om dat morgenochtend te proberen?"


I am not a very nice person. I look at things very clinically and usually omit emotion from situations. It is not discomfort. I simply see them as useless and unhelpful in adult situations. I don't have a problem with hurting someone's feelings, because I can turn mine off and on at a whim. Not because I don't feel them, but because they make terrible decisions when I allow them. I am selfish. I make decisions based on what is statistically best for my family and I. Not because we will gain, but because things will be peaceful, and I don't need the stress. I am very careful. I give warnings and disclaimers freely, making it apparent that I am not at fault for the outcome, because I cannot make someone feel or think something they don't already wish to. I am a person, I do not have the power to control the thoughts or feelings of other people. I absorb and process, and store away, all information. My memory is very good, and I use the information I gain to further my decisions. When given information, I often am devoid of emotion, or very nonchalant, because I have diverted processes to pick apart and reassemble the information. I do not lie. I simply do not tell the whole truth unless very specifically asked for it. I will not give different replies to the same problem presented differently. In my head, 1+3=4 just as much as 2+2 does. It doesn't matter how problem was solved, the answer is the same. I very much believe the ends justify the means. I live by The Art of War. My soundtrack is apocalyptic and destructive, melancholy and manic. This is not a movie, but if it were, it would resonate with the audience with its brutal truth: I am not a good person, and I enjoy every bit of this.


"Daar ben ik dan, in de Universiteitsbibliotheek. Na urenlang twijfelen of ik wel durf te gaan en stiekem een beetje opgedoft. Ik gedraag me wat stuntelig, want het is best wel spannend zo een vleeskeuring. Sierlijk paradeer ik over elke verdieping op zoek naar een plekje, enkele hoofden kijken op. Het ultieme plekje is gevonden. Ik weet niet zo goed wat nu de bedoeling is. Als mijn laptop opstart galmt er opeens een hart "Tuduuung" geluid door de UB, geïrriteerd hoor ik een paar kreunen. Het was mijn laptop. Vervolgens heb ik geen idee hoe ik op internet kom, aangezien ik helemaal niet op de UU zit. Een paar mensen gniffelden. Na een half uur berichten met mijn ex, ben ik op internet belandt. Mijn batterij is leeg. Ik steek de oplader in het enige gat wat ik kan vinden. Het was geen stopcontact. Hier en daar probeer ik nonchalant een pose te striken zodat het lijkt alsof ik heel veel ervaring heb in het bezoeken van de UB. Ik laat een boer, kut. Er verschijnen geen berichten over mijn hippe sexy galaxytrui, dus ik vertrek maar weer naar mijn kamer, naast de UB, om daar écht te leren."


Mini-me goes back to school today... he is all nonchalant. I remember being excited abt returning to school after the holidays. I couldn't wait to show off my new clothes. He doesn't even have on anything he got for Christmas. What do you remember abt going back to school as a kid?


*Let's know better our characters!* Sidney is Carol’s roommate and best friend, a free and happy spirit. Even in relationships. In fact Sidney sees no need to hide her attraction for girls, Carol in particular, with whom she has a nonchalant, unpredictable and irregular bond. "... you're getting better. Did you manage to send him away without telling him what you think the real work of the mother or the quarterback who expose her panties in their trophy cabinet." ...Fortunally, we've Sidney! XD


Why not. let's play a game..... I'm interested to see who reads my posts....I've realized its only about 14 of you. So, if you read this, please leave a one word comment about your day - only one word please. Then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you on your wall ...Please don't post a word and not copy....Thanks


*Breaks down the door, cursing quietly and rubbing his knuckles as his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room* Better be in this sh*thole. I ain't f*cking done with her. *easy smooth grin* Nor will I ever be. Feisty, pretty and doesn't bruise too easily. Basically endless fun. *shrugs casual and nonchalant reaching into his pocket for his wand and pulling out a knife from his boot* Come out come out precious Addy. Or are you still scared of what you once loved? ~Noel


** Tribute rp** For now it's just a day to relax. Your given a weeks worth of official district training gear. Used only by you . It's strictly for training. It's one of the last normal days you may ever get for now. Mentors and victors and gms and all roam about. Have fun, but remember be careful.... -Val


Proper Noun Examples for Nonchalant

Nonchalant is not the answer just doin me. You must be board right!

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

Nonchalant - 5 o clock classic song here.... Where are you at...

But im fighting my sleep again... waiting for this ugly bul to call me back Thomas Nonchalant Davis

5 o'clock on tha morning, where u gon' be? --->Nonchalant - 5 o clock

Everyday is the same; when I drink, I forget my own name. Nonchalant, l'enfant sauvage. The beast nobody tamed.

Gettin ready to go see my baby mother lol gotta bring her some food lol Antoinette Nonchalant Miller

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I've never laughed harder watching the celebrity high dive show! Belly flop!!! Bahaaaaa!

Ladies under 19 stop having unprotected sex...if u dont want the risk of havin a baby make that #!$%@ use a condom or better yet dont have sex at all lol...real talk

I have an uncanny knack for arriving at my 'el' stop just as a train is leaving, maximizing the amount of time I get to spend standing around at said stop. Worst superpower ever.

Nah-Tieh Bropleh and anyone else living a based life.

Today I drove a hovercraft which was awesome, I want one! I also drove a mini tank ATV thing, then I incited my instructor to go so fast he crashed us. The mini ATV tank thing was broken and we nearly died.

Im feeling d Kendrick Lamar album....#!$%@ dont kill my vibe, #!$%@ dnt kill my vibe....i cn feel yr energy frm 2 planets away

If one more tourist asks me when the sun is coming out I am going to lose it.

Awwhh, I wish I had these >< when I was a kid of course lol

Reading the walking dead before bed and have cable on for background noise. wish i had a cuddle buddy and someone to wake up next to. the body pillow i have works sometimes cuz while i sleep sometimes i think its a person but when i wake up i realize that it was just a pillow. wish i knew someone that would be willing to cuddle and stay the nite wit me.

Tough loss fer my Wahoos tonite. Sloppy play with 18 turnovers and Wake played above their head. We deserved to loose 55-52 though!! We came out expectin Wake to lay down and that doesn't happen when yur playin on the road in the ACC!!

Lol wow, just had to go to google to figure out how to tag people in comments, feelen really dumb now that i know how, beware #!$%@&!, imma start taggen everyone and ur all it, bbhhhaaaaawwwwwwaaa lol

What a great ad to help find homes for stray dogs!

Well, to the person that used the automatic checkout at smiths today, hope the 60 dollars you found in the change/money back area, serves you better than i. Now to Smith's grocery, shame on you for encouraging people to check them selves out while your employees stand around talking or flirting with guys, grant it i was in a hurry, but if one or two of your employees would stop chatting and open a #!$%@&! register, an actual person would have waited on me, and handed me my cash.

We want a peaceful nonviolent conservative revolution, but if obama attempts to infringe on our 2nd amendment right, well folks that could be a different story. I'm not one to advocate for violence but we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

1,337 pics in my iPhone #!$% makes no sense

Society disgusts me I'm eating lunch in subway and these kids probably between the ages of 15-17 are telling their mom how a party they were at got raided by the cops and the moms totally fine with it. People wonder what's happening to our world. Example A: people are morons...

If someone wants to be a part of your life they'll make an effort to be in it so don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay..

Is it just me or would somebody else love some Krispy Kreme donuts right now? I know I'm fat!

Found out this AM that I have ear cancer. Scheduled surgery for the 18th.

Today's train ride: standing room only, saw 2 baby foxes scrounging by the tracks AND a prince Charles lookalike dressed in full blue and yellow Lycra! :-D

They found a 10 foot squid in China, they have video footage and discovery is doing a show on it soon...sweet

A character is forming in my mind, but I am worried I won't get to play her...

Shouldn't feel nervous getting Iona weighed tomorrow, but my patronizing health visitor is always looking for fault. Makes me anxious before she comes and angry once she leaves...

A lot of yall niggas girls be looking like trash mogs be talking about getting money living that life but they women be looking like doo doo! Shout out the niggas thats been having bad chicks thats A1 since day1

Hungry as hell somebody bring me something to eat!!!!

The only thing good about the trillion dollar coin idea is that it brings attention to the debt problem.

A version of the Clyde Alexander and Sanction boogie classic from the guy that wrote and arranged it! I think this was released a bit later...

Today we can talk, tomorrow we cant we can chill, tomorrow you don't wanna see me.. Today i get to go to doc visits, tomorrow you wanna do it by yourself. Yesterday i was the baby daddy, today im not? Quit playin both sides of the fence. My life isnt a maury show.

Slipping on ice carries a whole new level of danger when you're wheeling kegs...

Do you date ulgy guys in the winter and hotter guys in the summer?

Statistically, One of you reading this is the kind of person who speeds up to close the gap when they see someone indicating that they are changing into their lane. Why do you do this?

Såg just en tjej komma på världens bredställ genom Örnäsrondellen med en Volvo 245, awesome! :D

I might be lonely for tha moment but #!$%@ im far from bitter, and my car might be tripping at tha moment, but i own my #!$%, and i bet a nigha aint driving my #!$% daily while im in the house, and sucking dick for 50 dollars, haha play crazy, and Ruben far from a trick, jus cause he gave me money dont mean #!$%, I'll rather be lonely than be wit a nigha that hit on me, where they do that at, i guess you wit him cause thats all you can get

"I didn't order a**holes with my whiskey." Raylan Givens

"I need a real man, someone who can handle me. I don't like whiny guys" Translation: I'm an awkward, difficult #!$%@. I need a guy to put up with all my bullshit and never complain about it. He's either gonna be to scared to lose me so he'll agree to whatever I say or he's going to have other girls on the side so I won't be enough of a priority to matter -TheUglyTruth

I wonder how many divorces and break ups would there be if these wives and girlfriends had the password to their husbands or boyfriends facebook account or any other social network to see what they are doing or writing in these women inboxes. Ask him if you can see what's in his inbox. If he says why? don't you trust me? You may have your answer.

I was required to have, yet another discussion with Bette late last night that socks were indeed an acceptable alternative to warming her feet rather than using me!

There's a traveling circus by my house. I want to protest outside it for animal cruelty. Would anyone join me?

Hou nou eens op om zo laat goeie films uit te zenden : kill bill, ik wil naar bed

I hate when my body does an automatic shut down on me...this #!$% started in the tenth grade when I got home from Salt lake city!

Here's another one. One can be discombobulated, but one cannot be combobulated or even bobulated. So if you aren't discombobulated, I guess you're fine.

Came alone to see my old best friend who once changed My Life here at the hospital. It sucks to see him lay here like this. Take care bro, I'm here for you always.

I just watched "The women of Brewster Place" for the very first time... #WOW

All emotional chicks, sensitive chicks an any kind of chicks that feel they need any kind of validation go that way----------> I promise u I'm not about that life or work well in that department. That ish there makes my balls itch!

Dang its rose smh im weak af lmao

I dedicate this song with all my love Melanie Funai <3

Last night my son and I went to see the Django and it was absolutely fabulous! when we were leaving this little boy was running out after his momma...he kept yellung momma...momma! It was not his momma....I went looking for him because he was halfway through the parking lot at the Christown theatres and it was 9pm....Sure enough he is looking at the person who he thought was his momma with this scared look on his face....I asked him if he was looking for his momma? so I held his hand Jared and me took him back to the theatre....this gal coming out told us she thought the mom was inside looking for him....she had her titties hanging out and was not an attractive sight confirmed by my son...but what struck me strange was that she wasnt upset her little boy had ran out of the theatre and was with complete strangers...she said thank you as I am graciously explaining what happened but really no feeling,only to say the Hobbit was really good...and say some words to her older son about his younger bro...please people watch your kids ....she could have lost that little boy....there but for the grace of God go I......

What to do ..2 cute girl roll up next to me .. they start waving at me...but i cant roll down my windows....just got my windows tinted-.-

Wow ND fans were right Bama won't have a chance if scoring on that crazy good defense.

Notre dame in for it tonite we aint playin...#!$% u Austin Conant

Watching Seinfeld, and Jerry talkin to this bad hispanic chick.... I wanna date a hispanic female. These black females are somethin' else. It takes too much to touch them....

Really you should of swallowed ole nasty self...15 kids come on man

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Aite so who saw Django, and didn't liek it? or more importantly, who was offended?

"Prova a guardare dai miei occhi..dimm, che vedi?"

Huh...4 cop cars with lights on just pulled into Grace O'mallys....that cant be good.

Alleeeeeeeeeeee men monsterschattekes waren in form vandemorgend zenne!!!! met heel veel decibels,allemaal hunne buit laten zien van nonder den boom....nieuwe spullekes ,de stiften vlogen rond men oren den ene al wa meer glitter dan den andere,de meesten stonden daar in tnieuw maar vooral??ze waren wreed content ,nu kunnen ze er weer efkes tegen se.....

Aaron was doin his homework n had to rite a sentence wiv old in it.....i suggested my granda is old.......he rites my mum is old...pffffft dead on son im 25 :-/

Le ballon d or n'a plus aucune valeur .

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