How to use Nip in a sentence as a noun

Use nip in a sentence.

Bangn on wac was wack in ñinedy sumthn niggad tryna bring it back nip must have done what rupt didnt do

Nite 2 semi dry woo who sorry had a nip of brandy lol

Fjal e budallme; daja per nip kan than qet pushk,jo ne tjerat raste po veq diten e darsmes hahahaha

100 likes and ill get both nipples pierced

Still up watching season 2 of nip/tuck on Netflix cant sleep not tired

Work sucked as usual tired as hell bout to crash come celebrate the birthday ant the nip wit me on friday... l8

Need a haircut but finish after 5pm. Anyone know a decent stylist I can nip round to get done for about £10? Preferably not a flymo!

Should never have put nip tuck on after a night shift, otherwise i would have been in bed by now.

Well at doctors then gonna nip town for some new pillows

Arrggghhhhh, left me iphone charger in Tenerife, ahh well will have to nip back n get it !!!!! hehe x

Oh my lord, people in hospital carpark arguing over spaces, so i nip into the space behind them which they haven't noticed cause of the arguing, then they start shouting at me. Dont bloody shout at me, finders keepers and all that. What a start to the morning

Today I is mainly gunna nip up and see the lovely CW in a couple hours to pick up a homehub, then spend a few hours playing with it to see if its better than the one I got which is becoming totally unreliable!

Otakus e fãs de cultura nipônica em geral, adoro vocês, aliás, amo a cultura japonesa tanto quanto vocês mas... ...não acham que já estão pegando pesado demais? '-'

Its days like this wen i regret i cant drive! I just want to nip to homebase and back!

Been watching that programme from last night about people complaining about getting parking tickets. I think complaining about getting a ticket when you had to nip to the shop or the bank is moronic, its just laziness and stinginess. I'd love to be a traffic warden, no-one would get any sympathy off me lol

Happy Wednesday morning everyone! There's a definite nip in the air today! Nice and warm in pocketful though and we're open all day for arts & crafts until 5pm, so pop-in anytime!

Anyone wanna nip into town this aft ?

Chillen in the new crib havin a nip!

Nii dis hea is da #!$% I aint wit..let me nip it own dwn right nii get dis str8

Pala y pucing n atit g gra" mslh nip G............ Hadeuhhhhhh pucingggg Y allah y robb.................................

By eck there's a nip in the air today. Think ill stay indoors with Dexter Platts

My hair is now officially long enough that if i took a topless photo there would be no nip on show. success.

I hate the fact that i found this out why couldn't this be a secret why does it hurt so bad why does this fire chase me why does he nip at my heels and chase me well i am done running i am done spilling blood i am done shedding tears i want no part in this i just want to be happy i want this thing to leave me the hell alone

How to use Nip in a sentence as a verb

Rain in cape town and nip in the air xxx

Siapa yng pny guru agama yg nip 15 yg skg ada di gatsu atw operator yg posisi di gatsu ane pinjam flesdist

K been asked to much lately about all kinds of crazy stuff I did and why I did them so gonna nip this in the bud !!!!! Because I Can lol !!!!

I'm starting to realize that giving the kitten cat nip close to bed time wasn't my brightest idea!

I watched the series finale of nip tuck tonight. While I'm about 5 years too late on this....WTF!? Ava used to be so fierce, Sean still bores me to tears, and NO bimbo will ever be Kimber. You can now return to 2013.

Well a wee nip n the air this morning where did I put those. Fur Knicks.

So I was being a bit weird and was rubbing my little brothers nipple and looks at him and told him "you know if you where clean I would suck your nipple" and he reply's "I am clean" , "I'm very clean" if that is not a hint to me that he wanted me to suck his nip I don't know what is xD

Good morning all hope you all hav a good day! im gunna nip to the gym then got the physio here at 10 so i wont hav long at the gym but tmoro me nd tyrean are guna blast it lol xx but first get the kids up nd to school love me morning cuddles x

On a lighter note I'm trying to sleep with my shoulder covered in icyhot and Page is going apeshit!! Its like Cat nip to him!!

Ahhhhhh I'm so tired but I can't stop watching nip tuck !

There's a nip in the air...does it mean snow is finally on it's way...

Huh, so this is Friday beer and nip/tuck. I'll take it.

Look here.. don't... just, jus read this. Don't click on that HuffPost "celebrity nip-slip' link and read this instead!

For some reason this season of biggest losers has motivated me to lose some weight that i have been carrying for awhile lol just started tonight at blast and blast has a date with me for the next 6 months for health reasons not that im sick but just need to nip it and also i am having a special year lots going on so i need to get over this obstacle im ready no need for comments cause you have read this over before but this is serious just seeing those people on the biggest loser that they can do it i know i can too enough said goodnight

"Whats wrong with you... get ur cat the nip"

Omg i hate wen my grlz act smart wit me wth there only eleven dam hate to c wat is coming im gona nip it in da bud . They gt wat they nd wat da problem . Idk their attitude sucks today.

If we ain't getting money or doing music together oh I will be cleaning and getting rid of all eye spies trouble makers or instigators oh yeah any in the way ass niggas period You not my friend in real life then Whats this FB make us cool gtfoh kill urself I'm finished See me in the street ask for a request cause half y'all see a #!$%@ don't speak or just look dumb as hell so ima nip all this sucker #!$% y'all doing Suckerfree2k13 If the shoe fits please put the mfrs on#salute

Brains help you recognize opportunity, balls make you a risk taker. -nip tuck

Going to sleep tired, walking up sweaty and still tired. I know that state, and I'm not going to stay in it, need to nip this in the bud!

Laying here watch nip tuck with my princess until I fall asleep.... going to McCann in the morning to see about school than going to see my babe before he goes to work can't wait to see you I miss you<3 ....I love you MaryJane

Chale puedes olvidar tu nip de tu tarjeta bancaria... No fuera la contraseña del face. Por qué es lo primero que te aprendes!!!

Maldita sea uno sin sueño y nip.... Madre enla tele mejor m pego un tiro m lleva el diablo

Asi o mas pendejo tu nip ''quien quiere platicar con migo...''

Quote Examples using Nip

10 Terrific Benefits of Ginger 1. Haven’t been feeling hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices. 2. Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. 3. Ginger clears the ‘ micro circulatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time. 4. Feeling airsick or nauseous? Chew on ginger, preferably tossed in a little honey. 5. Can’t stop the toot-a-thon? Gas—oops—guess what?! Ginger helps reduce flatulence! 6. Tummy moaning and groaning under cramps? Munch on ginger. 7. Reeling under joint pain? Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory properties—can bring relief. Float some ginger essential oil into your bath to help aching muscles and joints. 8. Got a surgery done? Chewing ginger post-operation can help overcome nausea. 9. Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion. And when there’s a nip in the air, the warming benefits of this tasty tea are even greater! 10. Bedroom blues? Try adding a gingery punch to a bowl of soup.


Phiếm đàm tí! Đọc bài viết của cô gái này, mình thấy thương cho cậu trai, yêu phải một cô gái vô tư đến vô duyên. Thay vì việc thẳng thắn chia sẻ với người yêu, thì lại đi viết thư cho chuyên gia tâm lý, lại còn hùa theo đám bạn vô ý thức kia... Vô tình đẩy cậu trai vào thế phải hành động như 1 kẻ keo kiệt. Đồng thời, mình thấy Chuyên gia Tâm lý trả lời rất hay, hợp tình hợp lý. Những bà mẹ vợ như vị chuyên gia này liệu còn có trên đời??? Vấn đề này vẫn luôn là vấn đề tế nhị với đàn ông, vẫn được đàn ông bàn đến khi không có các bạn nữ. Nhưng hầu như phái yếu vẫn cho rằng đây là chuyện đương nhiên. Xem ra có vẻ là gánh nặng với phái mạnh đấy nhỉ. Với Phùng Ngoa nói riêng, và với nhóm bạn của Phùng Ngoa nói chung, trộm vía, chúng mình may mắn chưa phải thiếu thốn vật chất, ai cũng có công việc ổn định, lo được cho mình và các cuộc hẹn hò. Với lại mọi người đều có ý thức chi tiêu hợp lý, nên đi đâu cũng thoải mái. Thời gian gần đây, cả hội hay bảo nhau tổ chức ở nhà, vừa kinh tế, vừa thoải mái. Anh em nói chung là chi tiền, chị em lên kế hoạch, vào bếp, thế là vui cả làng. Còn với bạn bè của người yêu, mình cũng thấy là không có trách nhiệm đến mức ngày này qua tháng khác đi cùng là phải trả cho cả các bạn của người yêu. Một vài lần gọi là lịch sự thôi ^^ Nếu các bạn ấy có ý thức thì sẽ đóng góp. Mình nghĩ là những người con gái hiện đại bây giờ cũng sẽ hiểu và thông cảm nếu như tình hình tài chính của người yêu mình chưa cho phép. Ở đây mình cũng không bàn tới các bạn gái sành điệu, không làm ra tiền nhưng thích cặp với các cậu ăn chơi, con nhà cướp được tiền thiên hạ. Nói về mấy bạn trai gái này thì có mà nói cả đời. Túm váy, có người yêu, lo được cho người yêu đã là cà một niềm hạnh phúc của rất nhiều đàn ông trong thời buổi kinh tế khó khăn này rồi... Còn lại một nửa hạnh phúc phụ thuộc vào cô gái đó có phải, có đáng là động lực để người đàn ông đó cố gắng kiếm tiền để lo cho cuộc sống của 2 người tốt hơn hay không mà thôi. Ps: Hi vọng xã hội bớt những cô gái vô duyên như trong bài để các bạn trai khỏi bị khó xử, rồi lại rơi vào cảnh cờ bạc, nợ nần...


1. jass kaur 2. Angel pari 3. preet singh. which one iz nt best..? hune remve hou. :p :D eh v dasio kio v vadiya lagda...??


In India we spill evils. Then wait for reactions. Then we find no much actions are taken as per law. In the case of influencial people statement comes " law will takes its on course". means no action. Then we spill more evils & process goes on.


Hari ada exam.... *sebelum p jawab exam-mesti rasa x sihat semacam ja...sakit perut,selsema,mengantok,nk demam dll... *selepas jwb exam-siap bole bt back flip bagai... mood:tinggal lg 2 paper...x sabaq nk balik umah...haha.. :D


.,Enak" tru lak onok ae seng ganggu. . . .,Angine Jan Banter. . .


Every night I get a horrible sore throat. Its fine all day but every night around 5pm I get it and its driving me nuts. What are some home remedies to relieve a sore throat? Tonight inside walmart as I waited in line to purchase 3 items I got a tickle in my throat- that tickle turned to a major coughing fit with tears streaming down my face. I hate that. And inside walmart no less.


Two day again. , semungut. ,semungut. IP ku harus tingGi. amien allahumma amien


NIP >>> NP *** empintsheke e back seat yekhumbi**


Fan Question: I need help for a friend of mine. She is EBF her 3 1/2 month old DD. everything's going great except that baby girl refuses to take a bottle. My mama friend really needs a break but DD won't let it happen. She cant leave her to run to the grocery store without DD crying. Friend is getting really discouraged & needs help. Any advice out there on how to get baby to drink expressed breast milk from a bottle? Posted by Regina


Ya, Alloh kabulkan do'a hambamu yg teraniyaya ini.. Yg hambamu inginkan adlah.. #rumah bru minimalis.. #mobil,honda jazz scond gk pa2.. #motor ninja 250cc..scond gk pa2, warna bebas.. #turunya NIP.. Biar penghasilanku jlaz... Amin ya Allah Amin ya Allah.


Proper Noun Examples for Nip

Everything on this page is beautiful and i couldn't possibly sum it up in one photo, so i'll share the cover photo instead. Nip across now to see Krishenka's Vintage Treasures for some really lovely and unique vintage treasures xxx

Ha ha ha ha a plot for Nip Tuck if ever there was x

Så skal Nip motioneres - godt man har to heste, når den ene vil holde ferie!

Recuerdo que antes veía Nip/Tuck. Era una serie sobre dos exitosos cirujanos plásticos de Florida-Hollywood, que se codeaban con las estrellas. Era muy polémica además por abordar la lujuria y las adicciones a las drogas de una manera desinhibida. Buenísima.

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Evde kalan kadınların yediği çikolata ? ip ucu: ilk harfi A

Any one got some spare gaverskone bloody heart burn doing me tits in lol

Comprender espiritualmente la aceptación de nuestra persona, consiste en saber que no tenemos que avergonzarnos por sentir dolor, cometer errores y no ser perfectos. IP Nº 19 - CS La autoaceptacion.

All my dear friends,ekta request plz amar ekta bondhu khub osustho,r kichu diner otithi plz sobai ekta kore sms koro tate "Get Well Soon" likho.... Amar friend er number-8296293327

Tanpa di sedrai kita smua..Terkadang orang di dekat kita boleh menjau kn diri dengan kita sebab... prkataan, sikap,end kelakuan yang kurang menyenagkan hat orng di samping jg lah hati end perasaan orng di dekat kita smua sebelumnya kita menyesl ke mudian hari..!!!betul x..???hehe

Anyone want to swap a blackberry bold touch 9900 for sumat decent? Just not a blackberry?! Sick of the #!$% that actually comes with bbm!!! :-/

Benci kalau bersembang dgn org yg selalu betul..dkt branch aku ade sorg.. ^_^ ..hahahahahahahaha..

Just back from Stella's walk where we met 2 adorable off lead staffies who wanted to play! Adorable as they were, my dog is on a lead for a reason as she is still learning and she is a stroppy cow who is selective about who she will play with. Please be aware that your dogs may be lovely, but the dogs they encounter may not be! Stay safe. Xx

Dont no why i bother with some people !!

Corys kabs now travelling to wolves away , departing 4pm from infirmary pub , £10 return , best value for unofficial travel. No ground to far or to close. Were corys kabs well travel we're we want!

Omg never seems to shock me bloody deadbeats on jk ha

Pyh... bgtt.....!!!! bdn smakin lm jd mudah skit..... gmn za agr g mdh skit ky gine trus..... pdh w strht ckup tow????????? mkn bawaan alm yg smakin tua??????????? hey...cuyyyy tlg bntu gw???????

Feels very silly, turned my kindle on and it's battery has nearly all gone! No reading for me

Tesco's are a real bunch of fucktards!!!!! 2nd week in a row they've cocked up my order, last week no sausage rolls but they delivered someone else's frozen cauliflower..... this week no fcuking bread. So now we don't have one single slice in the house and they can't get hold of the driver to bring it back to me!!! Just what I needed today :/

Lost photo part of driving license and need to update the adress anyway, it says 50 quid online, is there a cheaper way around it? i have the paper side of it but its my old address

Hello guys! Im back. Sorry i been away. Had to go to the hospital. -Kitty

Y alloh,,??jgn kau bri cobaan di luar batas pikiran,dan kemampuanku...???ku tau...kau..syng pd umat,,sllu membrikan cobaan..toek,,tringat pdmu..??met sore sbt smuanya.

Ini dunia kerja relasi n sedikit keberuntungan itu yg penting IP mah buat org yg tidak punya keduanya

Masya allohhhhh ,,,,,, hjn ga da brhnti2 nya ." bikin tmbh males ajaahh . . . Y alloh Tarang ohhh ~" Atis ngreges nemen kyehh

Feeling so #!$%@& atm this flu driving me crazy

Jadilah orang cerdas bukan org pintar. IP tidak membawa anda pada kesuksesan,,but leadership and intelligence can make you to be successful... ^_^

Kebanyakan orang tua,kt menyekolahkan,menguliahkan..anak anakny,agr nantiny kehidpanny bs lbh baik dr org tuany...ilmu adlh sebaik baik warisan... ||<>||

If 11+11 = 4 12+12 = 9 13+13 = ? Apply your intelligence & Answer it! [panther]

Morning to all family & friends . Feel like shite with this man flu got sore throat headache and continue streaming nose ......

Another #!$%@& nights sleep! Looking forward to spending the day with Mrs Jackson though!

Really wish Blake would sleep at night getting up about 10 times a night is killing me now he wrose than a new born

Semester skrng dpt IP brapa ea...????? haduhhh,,,,penasaran...... cepet besok dahh,,,, cepet ke kampus,,,,pent cepet ngambil IP..... semoga IP y tambah naik....

Hĺadáme dalšich fotografov ktorý majú záujem sa zviditeľniť píšte do komentu ja Vám pošlem žiadosť

Ok quiero saber que piensan sobre los animes clasicos como los caballeros el zodiaco y que piensan sobre los animes de moda como SAO y accel world etc.. Sakura

:: Diam bukan berarti orang selalu baik-baik saja, terkadang Diam hanyalah untuk menutupi perasa'an orang tersebut ::

Cah ayu dewe tibake .getun a ninggalne drimu ting

Well its a new year and we're keeping everything crossed that everyone here gets a new forever home. Its been quiet over Christmas but we've got some new arrivals and some potential new owners for animals too.

If you say 'beer can' with a British accent, it sounds like 'bacon' with a Jamaican accent.

Pengen merasakan itu lagy....tapi apa mungkin?????nyari yg tak pasti ae rung entok..payahhhhh

Mirmengjesi nga auditori i leksioneve te adm-s ..vdica per gjume.. *Ana*

We enter the world aløne we live alöne and we'll die alone so better to be alöne.

So matt decides to set my kitchen on fire nice one x

HujaN udah dua hari g berNti2.... y amPuN dNgn bngt ngmpe meNusuk ke dlm...

Morning Tatty Boglers, more creating in the kitchen today but what should I shake my tail feather to today??

Does anyone know how to encourage Kumar, my cat to use his new, deluxe cozy catbed?? I put him in and he jumps right out!!

Aaahhhh! Water aint working! Cant even wash my hands or anything..disaster strikes!

Thought for the day: "the silent treatment" sucks because it allows no opportunity to resolve conflict, reach an understanding, or voice any grievances had by either party... jus sayin.

Am so sleepy carnt be arsed with work on me day of amayha had me up since 4

Well day 4 at the hilton raigmore and I had a better sleep without the morphine haha,although I have a swollen belly,muffin top,cant see my hip bones,cankles and fat wrists and fingers because of the steroids and water retention aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh......nightmare,,.think i'm gonna jog home from here,only I came in my jammies and if seen might get carted off the loony bin....oh well lets see what today brings :-D x

PTM nnk se les ocurra darles la puta contraseña a ninguna vieja solo te me ten en puros putos pedos a lo pendejo y gratis verga ahora tendre q cambiar otra ves la chet contraseña

One things I hate about gym is all the poppies! All make up and gebling this time of the morning with their implants and all

A man bumps into his ex wife's new husband and ask''How's the second hand vagina?'' The man replies ''It's great thanks, after the first three inches the rest of it is brand new!!! Kwaaaaaaaaa

Well Taylor has just had her facebook account deactivated. Sick of bitchy nasty little girls! She is not happy about it but it might teach her a lesson! Ipod is gone for a week too!

Time for bed. Have the kittens in the house again so I am guessing it will be another crazy night.

Fan Question: Q:. my son sleeps with me and my wife and hes always pushing me off the bed kicking and wont stop crying till i leave the room and hes only "9mts" my wife breastfeeds so he sleeps with us and am ready to buy him a crib but i feel that he wont like it cuz he LovEs to sleep with his mom?? ~Gabrielle

- Dear rabbit I'm caring for, please don't bite the hand that feeds :/ Ouch..

Kalu la nonggok d mrsam ko segan nian nak balekk tu.. Apolagi bnyak kue ko..hehehehehehe

.aq brhenti brharap dan mnunggu dtang glap. .sampai nanti suatu saat tk ada cnta q dpat

Dlu xpernah kau anggap adany q tp knp skrg justru qm g mo jauh dr q....

Would anyone know why my fingers would be swelling up, right at my knuckles? My fingers are twice their usual size... Any ideas?

Hater n d valley gne c me u nt gettn away dog!

Lol....first and foremost I don't need nobody going to my family about me! if De'Angelis want a new car trust and believe I'm going to get it....don't worry about my bills and rent because I'm the only one that pays the bills in my household....I'm on my grind hunny believe that don't dislike me because I make my money the "right" way to be able to afford a nice place, utilities, and a new car! Yes I could of been had a new car but I decide to wait, but I'm not waiting on other ppl anymore I got to get whats thanks for being concern about my things you all don't pay Damn that felt good without even going off....lmao Laugh at haters!

Got me pullin my hair frm all the fuss and fight and u came in to my heart when u were not invited who do think u are with no invitation i heard about guys like you. I just didnt know what i was facin wats your occupation why u do that to me these things to me who are u be mean to me i gotta leave im too young to be stressed out and u kno how im feelin i had it with u i had up to the ceiling i tried to wrk it out but i cant deal with the heartace...........#teardrops on ma pillow so ima save u frm pain.......its still bad but.......

All is well... ^_^ positive thingking + positive feeling + tawakaltu'alallah.... = IP >3,0

Bila aku melihat dirimu, Sepertinya aku tau masa depanku..... The next with u......!

Last episode of Breaking Bad season 4 was great. Season 5 starts this summer. What other good series would anyone recommend?

Between Netflix and candy crush I never wanna leave my house.. I have a serious problem. Damn it

Nip definitions


a small sharp bite or snip

See also: pinch


a tart spicy quality

See also: piquance piquancy piquantness tang tanginess zest


the property of being moderately cold

See also: chilliness coolness


the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

See also: flavor flavour relish sapidity savor savour smack tang


(offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent

See also: jap


a small drink of liquor

See also: shot


give a small sharp bite to


sever or remove by pinching or snipping

See also: clip snip


squeeze tightly between the fingers

See also: pinch squeeze tweet twinge twitch