How to use Low in a sentence as a noun

Low style sentences.

Aduh asa pgn nagis'kosehan low pyakit strs y nenk kambuh...

Hmzz,,boring jg low chakit,,smpai suara'pn serak!menggigil kdinginan,,,g msuk kerja,,aktifits trsndat,,sedih ugha.......

.susah low gk bsa ngatur wktu buat pcar, skul, bljar, facebook,an.

Fans of Justin bieber cutting themselves because he smokes weed! Stupid cows! He can do wtf he wants just coz your doing what your doing dont mean hes going to stop for a low life who is bribing him and trying to get noticed by him! Disgusting! Grow up!

Um bout ta be low key.# Your gonna need GPS to find me.

Digin ch v low g mndi g sgr bdn,,,mndi ahh,,,

K'bnyakan cwe low milih cwo hnya dr pnampil'n luar'a jja bkn dr dlam hati'a...

On day 3 of my detox and fell fab looking forward to my 1st meal in over 48 hours now low cal meal all the way

Bukanya ga mau telp zmz, bwt apa low ujung^ menyudutkan gw doank.

Hp ga loe bet ko dibikin low bet emang saya ga tau apa.....trik lama....!!!!!

I guess that I'll be reading posts this morning. I have 7 castings to do, and this is a 10 hour day, I will do one cast every other hour, but as for now, I'm going to lay low!

Musim ujan low d kmpung enak ne mkan breng kLuarga, nasi liwet,ikan asin,sambel,ma sayur asem,lalap'y rendang,hmm jd pngen pulang

How to use Low in a sentence as a verb

Emang u yg mw mnjlani kedpn'y tpi stidaknya q sbgai adimu blh membrikn bbrpa infrmasi ttng drinya.... Q hnya ingin yg terbaik buat u n' q ingn u mndpatkn psangn yg bnr" baik, cntk luar n' dlm..... U mw mndengarkn'y syukur low gx ea gpp terserahmu lahh...

Just kiddin' - when you want to get your humor sense appreciated after making a low grade joke. Just sayin' - when you want to get your stupidity acknowledged after making a worthless observation. #JustMyObservation

Highs mid 60's to low 70's? I think I can deal here!!

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." — Alexander McQueen

Happy Hump-Day! Today is going to go fast and furious-I feel it in my bones! Oh, lol wait! That's just because I'm ancient haha!! Have a wonderful day everyone, going up to the low 40's today!

I respect human being,I don't fear human being,I low my courage 2 d world,I fear only god

Cuaca hjn gini naikin genteng huuufff,serem jg low naik d lantai 4, kakinya gemeteran bangettt

Cantik manis lembut pendiam tp apa hatinx cantik gk y soalx low trtawa bengangaan”wakwakwak.. hiii q jd tkut

Iki jane arepe enek opo low...maghrib ae rung asu kok ws baung2

Dr jm 3 pg ampe skrg,,,,ujn trs.......gmn mo nyuci ath low gni trs......!!

Opps sory, tdi aq lpa low aq dh tua dah dwsa dh kliah dh nnek2 jdi udh g' pnts lg dprhtkan pa lgi dmnja.

Kmpan km mengerti, kpan km sdari low q, mencntai. . . .

Duh,,gk nak badan gni,badanku fada fanas gnii,fengen deket ma cuami low kya gni,biar ada yg manjain,,,

How to use Low in a sentence as a adjective

Hiz''.... Msak au di kata'in MentheL ew.. padhal au cwox' hahaha .. Cucox dech low g'cu

It's pretty low when people would rather steal your L plates instead of buying their own!

Q tax ingin knal low lg..... hpuuz j numbrq......!

Feeling low schools opened yesterday jumping around finishing of ma daughter's requisites eish it's stressful

Something simalar happened to me at the gas station one night. Snowing real bad out the cashier double swiped his card by accident causing it to fault. he was only tring to get 8 bucks worth of gas so i knew he was low and stressing so i put ten down and told him to pay forward. he looked at me and said "i didn't think people like you existed anymore"

Kacou balau perjuangan q slma ni ntux qu gadis impian q,mau g5na ni ortu qu gax 5au low qu pcrn dngn aq?

Lama gk buka fb jd kngeeeeeeeeeen bgt ma smw.... Gra2 bete bkin mlz ngpa2in kyk gni nich low tgl ma orng yg gk ngrti spertix hdup serba takut2

Tell ya what, that suns quite warm to say how low it is, can't wait till summer when I don't have wear a billion layers to keep warm when am out on bike, but am not looking forward to them days when I leave it out in the sun then the seat burns my ass -.-

Gnie ea, rsa'y low org agi jtuh cnta... .Pgi low udh srapan, rsa'y g pngen mkan .mta low udh tidr rsa'y g mo ngntuk .di ksih rbusan btu, g suka .di bri rbusn aspl, g dyan... Uwh

Can't say I didn't let u breath....gave u xtra cheese.....if ur creeping keep it on the low....I don't wanna know

Huft ,, gni la low tgal dkampung org ,tdk bza jalan" ,be kya pgen pica kpala neh ,,

Bax blngiQ npa jd krusQ? gmn t krus low bgn mslah dtang slih brganti bhkan blom klar 1 ehh da ge.

Always aim high. The most terrible thing that can happen if you aim low is it will be achieved.

How to use Low in a sentence as a adverb

Waduuuh, , , galapaN lagi,,,, niE,,,!!!! Aku tdk tau low giliraN Cni mati laMpu. ~ hp lupa di caz, Busettt.....Busettt !!!

Hatiku gelisah ketika tidak bisa buat status karena baterai ponsel low bet, kasian fans2 yang menunggu status dariku??

Aq kn slalu ad untuk mu low km jauuuuuuuuhhhhhhh di sana""""

Jeremy Wheeler here with the forecast...Today: Partly sunny and warm. Highs will be in the low/mid 60s. Enjoy the fresh air if you can.

Hruskh aq trima kyataan low u mang munaficx kpada aq.

Hmmmm.... mangkel aq hr ini... koG iso low aq knl dirimu iku? nyesel bgt aq...

Sta per uscire il nuovo Iphone low cost. Si chiamerà "iPoveri"......

Apa yang harus aqu lakukn low kmu diam begini ?? serba salah ................ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to cereal and low carb salad diet... #newyearrresolution,diet

Maaf temanku smua batrei lg low ni jd sy off dlu e,,,

Quote Examples using Low

Frendz ni low numb cwok. . . . . yang lgi buth cwok Hub Numb Ni. . . . . .081259082792


Emm..sialann.. Aqu ko gtel2 ch... Masaa mw alergi lgi... Kya'y qu g mkan yg aneh2 dchh... Ichh..low qu alrgi prah euyy.. Huuuffft..mudh2'n bUkan alergii


Teman teman maafin lis ea. .akhir" ini jarang nge like kalian coz lis nx gi puber yank ke 5 hehehe. . Lis janji low puber nx dach sembuh lis bkal nge like trus status kalian ok. . Love you my frends. .


All tOlongin W Dunkkkkk .. . . . . . .. . . . . Cuci'in bjU W dah dua mlm ga di Cuci


Just a little more for those following the story “Now the hard work begins for all of us. I hope no one minds being put onto this committee, but we just don’t have the time to elect leaders and work through politics. We just have to get things organised and the people out of town. I would like to see us out of here in a week at the very most.” This was Gavin’s opening statement as he looked around the group. His voice pitched low to keep the discussion private. “If anyone feels that they cannot commit to this project now would be a good time to speak up.” He added. No one spoke during few seconds after this statement was read. Faces thoughtful we all looked at one another and a decision was made without words. We would all continue for as long as it took to get us out of there and to somewhere safe. Rhys was the first to speak out. “I am going to need a scavenger crew for the next few days to find and secure the things we will need for this, Gavin, it is going to take at least a crew of 10 to do the work.” Gavin assented to this request immediately; from his quick reaction I knew he had expected that to be one of the first considerations. “ Organize as much manpower as you need Rhys, we need to get this done as fast as possible.” Nodding his head as he spoke, things are now moving.


Good morning, feeling a little low but thanking God for letting me see another day. For letting no hurt harm or danger come to me or my family near or far. He didn't have to do it but he did. So if you are reading this, then you should be thanking him too. Smile, hug or tell someone you love them today. Check on the elderly, where it be a neighbor or a family member. Let them know you care about them. To sum it up, have a great day and be nice to some one and be sincere.


HhHmMm . . . KMbuh mHe lg iNi pNykt lOw Mlm . . .


Proper Noun Examples for Low

Low mncintai jgn pke hati n perasaan ntr jdix skit hati n galau... bsa2 meleleh loe jdix....

Low inget ma orang'y sih ngangenin.. tpi low inget ma klakuan'y mah jdi ngselin.. ap prlu xl ya kuping'y gw adzanin..

Knpa shz setiap wanita berpikir'y Low cwo tu bAjinGan...??? . .¿¿¿???

.wow hri yg crh untk jwa yg LeLah.... ma'af Low akhir" nie au agk emsi,au gk bz nhan emsi au,,,

Low kt ngin dy Care sma kt.,mka kt jg hrus Care sma dy. . .

Dr pgi oL truz . Low dah hp w ??

Related Sentences for Low

PLN lagi keRjA sM ma PenJuAl LiLin beDe.... MAkax liStrik seRiNg diMatiin loW malAm.... "Iyyakah?????"

Huuummmzzzz d dorm ndrian gara2 krja msuk jam 11....

Low definitions


the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving

See also: first


a low level or position or degree


British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand) who created the character Colonel Blimp (1891-1963)


an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation

See also: depression


make a low noise, characteristic of bovines

See also: moo


filled with melancholy and despondency

See also: blue depressed dispirited down downcast downhearted gloomy grim low-spirited


of the most contemptible kind

See also: abject low-down miserable scummy scurvy


literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension


less than normal in degree or intensity or amount


used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency

See also: low-pitched


very low in volume

See also: low-toned


subdued or brought low in condition or status

See also: broken crushed humbled humiliated


unrefined in character


no longer sufficient

See also: depleted


low or inferior in station or quality

See also: humble lowly modest small


in a low position; near the ground