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This is so true. that lie about the Messiah's name takes the cake; the whole world believes it!

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me, and just forget the world? <3 ~Kaii <3

While I am not a truther, anything that would make a FOX idiot walk off stage is worth while. Ventura's point on a government that would lie to go to war once will do it again is a fact. Ventura knows a little bit about war, while the FOX morons play patriots on TV.

How to use Lie in a sentence as a verb

Cover my eyes Cover my ears Tell me these words are a lie It cant be true That I am losing you Without you .... Can you hear heaven cry and Tears of an angel that say ... I wont let you fly I wont say goodbye I wont let you slip away from me ANu

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Truth is, girls lie as much as boys, boys get hurt as much as girls. At some point, we all experience the same thing; heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, happiness, love, etc. We just react differently to it.

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So we are driving down the street tonight and we see this guy walking on the other side of the road. I slow and ask if he is hungry and he shouts back yes! so I make a u-turn and pull up beside him. We give him a plate of food and a bottled water and introduce ourselves. After trading names he ask if we could "remember him in our prayers". I say lets pray now and we all got out and put our hands on him. Our friend is an addict who has been sober for 3 years but recently fallen back into the lie of crack cocaine. He tells us he has a job, a car, a wife but the Devil is relentless in his attacks. He says he was just praying to God for some food and a sign that he wasnt alone in his struggle. We prayed, we wept, and we all rejoiced that even in our lowest moments our father God see's into our hearts and dispite ourselves loves us the same. He hears his childrens cry for food, for a sign of hope,for someone to reach through the darkest moments and tell them they are not alone. He can use the most unlikely: the old, the tired and the recovering addict to share the good news of Jesus the Christ. Please join us in pray for our friend, you dont know his name, but our Father does.


Bored so... I randomly wrote this. A soft knock came from your door. You head shot up. "No. Dammit. #!$%." You muttered, quickly pulling down your jacket, hiding the razor. "Come in." You called, looking down so your hair covered your face. Niall came in and kneeled next to you. "Hey love, you okay?" He asked, having heard you crying. You nodded. "Fine." Your voice cracked, betraying you. "That's a lie, what's wrong?" He asked, taking your hands. You tried your best not to wince, but he noticed it. His voice cracked as he asked you something. "W-why?" He had lifted up your jackets sleeves. You bit your lip as you pointed shakily at your laptop. Open was twitter, and facebook. On your twitter was tons of hate. Niall growled as he read it, then looked at your facebook. On it a message from your child-hood best friend's mom. Your best friend had committed suicide. He left and came back a minute later, gasping as he saw you with the blade again. He took it out of your hand. He had a first aid kit in his hand. He wrapped your wrists up in bandages and kissed them gently. "P-please don't ever do this again." He whispered, kissing away your tears. He held you in his arms, and sang quietly in your ear. "The deeper you cut, the deeper I hurt." It's a mini one shot I guess. I know its bad but... I just felt like writing it.. -FeistyMuffin


Workout with a punch! Use a kettlebell or dumbell, 8 kg worked just fine for me, and do 12 kettlebell snatches on each arm followed by 8 burpees. Rept 3 times. Then, 12 one arm kettlebell clean & press on each arm followed by 8 pull ups. Rept 3 times. Now, 12 one-arm kettlebell swing on each arm and 12 barbell sweepers. Rept 3 times. Sweepers= lie on the ground while holding a loaded barbell over your chest, keeping your legs straight, raise them to touch your toes to the plates on one side, lower your legs until they almost touch the floor then sweep them back up to touch the plates on the other side. Yahoooo...have fun


Listening to the lawyer today saying that the police can lie and say that they have evidence they do not have floored me. I had no idea they could do that. How can I seriously look a child in the face again and tell them that they can trust a police officier? Someone said to me tonight: "The police can freely lie to you but if you do that to them it is a crime." How totally messed up is that? What I witnessed this morning will never allow me to trust another police officier again. I have always trusted the police and respected them but not any more. Someone please tell me that this Nazi Cop is not like all the rest. I know police officiers one who went through something similiar with his own foster daughter that he and his wife legally adopted. They had to put her back in the system because she did the same to them as was done to us. I know these people and they loved their daughter and it broke their hearts to give her up but what I witnessed with my own eyes they had to. He has never been cruel or unkind to anyone including the people he has had to arrest. He is a chief of police and I will vouch for this man. Is he one in a million? OMG I hope not. I pray not.


I have a riddle. Let us see if you can get it. It's from an anime so it may not make much sense. "The only we can return to dust. Is to have it gouged out of us. Where the sickness lies." Where does this Sickness lie? That is your riddle.


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Wouldn't it have been cool if we filmed a "Making of Once Upon a Lie"? :p

Life sucks, love sucks, and the world sucks, but what are you going to do about it? Lie around and mope, or grab it by its balls and make it your #!$%@? -Dean

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Lie definitions


a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth

See also: prevarication


position or manner in which something is situated


Norwegian diplomat who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations (1896-1968)


tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive


be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position


assume a reclining position


originate (in)

See also: consist dwell


be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position


have a place in relation to something else

See also: rest


be and remain in a particular state or condition