How to use Holly in a sentence as a noun

चार खंडो का नगर बना चार कुए बिन पानी चोर 18 उसमे बैठे ल

Mufti day ✌️ haha you alright holly? :p

The buddy holly story is on tcm. Historical inaccuracies aside, You can't see that film and not want to form a band.

Proper Noun Examples for Holly

Mount Holly was just on Fox 29 news asking for any info to help find who has been setting the fires around here...

Holly discovers Poutine. Her reaction when she eats it for the first time :3

Good time at Old Holly Farm today- special childminder rate at their soft play - we will certainly be back!

*my phone rings on private* Holly: omgomgomg let me answer!! Me: umm okay... Holly: *prank call* aww Me: you expecting someone to call? Holly: Kurt colemans ringing people and my phones broken so I put your number!!... Ffs #!$%.

The village of Holly is open for business! If you're looking for a friendly, thriving business location we have it. If you are looking for single family or multiple development property we have it! Whatever you have in mind, talk to us first. We're ready and willing to help!

What can me & my right hand do today ? 😩 Holly Wood Johnson

Holly #!$% !!! it's snow ! that's why everybody got sick ! danm

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Just hit the top 40 for ALL Folk artists IN THE USA on Reverbnation. Not sure how this is happening, but mad love to all my fans! xxx

Holly definitions


United States rock star (1936-1959)


any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges