How to use Hog in a sentence as a noun

Coj gaj ka sj du djt nhau.

I think its ground hog hunting season... anyone wish to join me?..early spring my ass ... been plowing this #!$% since friday morning!!!!!

Some people simply aren't going to take it any more! Sadly, even a policeman who stands up for the homeless and reports another policeman is destroyed for it. If you have followed this story, the police have already shot several innocent civilians in their search for Dorner. What then is a kick of a homeless man to that department? This is what I call "life in a police state." You don't have to go back to Rodney King as there are current videos that show police tazing a hog-tied illegal Mexican migrant to death -- for fun.

I'd like to kick that Ground hog thru the uprights! Spring is on the way my ass

Sharing my bed with Ava, she's such a bed hog. And I copped a whack in the head lol.

Lol dirctly out oof the mouth of autism logic..... i cant believe ground hog day did this i use to like ground hog day

Hermit Crab ---- Lizard ---- Fish ---- or hedge hog ---- which would make a great class pet for 4/5 year olds

We still have whole hog sausage $5/pound, call 620-238-0216 or message us on face book. Thank you to all that came out and supported the Lions Today, your donations where greatly needed to help us better the community and those in it.

Nam m0j den ruj chuc tat ca m0j ng nun nun vuj ve manh khoe hanh phuc tjen vao nhu nuoc sog hog tjen ja nho jot nhu nau ruou cao .happy new yaer

Somthing about this latest storm makes mr want to load the 243 and do a little ground hog hunting.....LOL

Travis Parr, I'm in hog heaven right about now !!! Can't stop drooling so many bikes!!!

I have never figured how chihuahuas could hog the bed so wake up hugging the side while they are all stretched out and comfy

Don gjao thua ka nha dot lua traj nuog ga ben bep lua hog vuj wa vuj wa ..!!! Chuc ka nha 1nam ms chan ngap njem vuj ..???

Cau troj 14/02 cko mua to jo lon'. may den mu mit pao to day troj cn nit lag xag xe tag lat may pay doj cko nkug dua co ny hog dj ckoj dk. faj o nka ca dam'..hoho"

OK it's all done. Uphill weather from here on in. The ground hog said so.

Tet nam nay tron 20t roi. nhanh that y. dc buoi theo mama di chua mum tro ve hoi ti ti the hog pjt nua.

Way to go hog fans play like champs against number 2 screaming overrated. Playing like chumps against 8-13 Vandy

Aka biajando paa mi casitha com ellos .. hog a esvaviar d li lindo wiiii jaj

In florda bout to go hog huntin and clear my head tryin to find a real relashionship with a girl who true and dnt play games or toy with your emoshions. ill never stop lovein my baby moma but i can love some girl better or atleast i hope well text me 864 466 6775

Im confused...... How the heck does a ground hog seeing his shadow determines our winter. What the heck does that have to do with anything?

Ny hog co tjh ju tkj ko tjn hjt"pjt dau ve dau?

Ve chua cau duyen, cau tai loc. Long van con phan khoi ngu hong dc lun. co tinh iu nao onl hog ne!

Was just bragging to my grandma how my truck never gets stuck at the hog lot... *five minutes later* guess who's waiting for dad to bring the tractor and a log chain to the hog lot? Gods way of telling me to be more humble of this chevys power.

Aj do zo cug da ngu say uj. co bjt ah noj nay dag rat dau hog?

Look at this huge hog Tim and some friends got this morning! Huge!!

Babes cooking up a late brunch Bacon eggs hashbrowns mmmmm can't wait to get my hog on.

đi giao thua...tinh cờ gap dc nguoi xua...hog chi doi diện 1 lan ma la 2..3 lan j đó ln....nhìn nhau...ùi cúi đầu ỏ đi.....1 lan nhin từ xa...tình cớ bat gap dang nhìn nhau.....rùi củng ngó lơ....đi về...đi sát bên...nhìn nhau rui cung ngó lơ......nãn thik..........h nhìn e xin hon xua nhìu..phai noi la qua kute....luk đó keu "heo lùn"....h phai keu lại la j e minhon hơn xua lam lam ln.....anh mat...nụ cười,,,,cái ngoảnh mặt.....uok j ..........xuog thik...haha nhung thui...dã la qua khứ......bỏ roi người ta...h mun.....khó lắm...

No fire or intensity from this hog team today. Looks like the same old same old on the road. Smh

Co aj dang co don jong mjh hog ne

The la nam cu da dj va nam moj da den,nam 2013 nj hog vu chuc tat ca moj ng An khag thjnh vuog . Van su nhu y. Phat taj fat loc hjhj va gap nhju may man va njem vuj trog nam 2013 naj nhe hjhj. chuc tat ca ngu ngon pjpj g9

I'm going to start giving out hugs like its candy. So, hog them

Goi dien ve chuc tet bo me ma ko the noi duoc nuoc mat cua chay ra co hog ngen cug . NHO NHA QUA .

A hog leg a day keeps the doctor away lol

Well no alco tonight saving it all for tomorrow going out to a hog roast at embassy club with the holdstocks gunna be good

They said we were going too have a early spring I did not no that this meant that we had to get 5 feet of snow before spring got here what the hell. Stupid ground hog

8 days after the groundhog didn't see his shadow I get a blizzard with 18 inches of snow - Punxsutawney Phil is getting old, he sure can't call 'em like he used to. Lets get a new and younger "weatherman". It's time to put the hog down :D

Moj nguoj oj! don gjao thua vuj hog do. hjx mh faj truc o co wan. bun wa ah.

Cket k. Don gjao tkua xog bj om' ms dau cku. Ho khan\ het ka hog r huhu

Rag do micek mlah do ngoplak. isine ngokak ngekek trus ngantik weteng e loruuuu, eank pntng happy, hag,e hag,e hog,a hog,a lanjutkan cah, polllllllllll ke

Gjao thua ma pun that. Cu ngoj day hog. Pjo moj den sag

Moi nguoi vui chua te ma tui thay chj co tet o mai hog la y ngia nhat la vui nhat thoi chuc mug nam moi tat ca moi ng nha

Ok just cut my hand open and bleedin like a stuck hog and your on the phone WTF??

Just finished shoveling about 3 ft of New England partly cloudy. The purdy white stuff you dream about when your a kid and learn to hate as an adult. Now where is that ground hog if I find him he's toast! early spring my back side.

I wanted to be a hog, and try for three, and I got them. Thank you Lord for my babies, and my grand-babies.

"The hog is definitely loose in the hallway, my friend!" -Hunter S. Thompson

If yal no anybody tat need help wit hog would like 2 go got dogs gps hit me up ready when u get ready

Ko piet con ai thuc hog zay? gio may uog ruou nam moi cug ae cong ty song. cung thay hoi chog mat zoai. hehehe

Who watched the Wisconsin n Michigan game!??? That #!$% was awesome.... now hog time ... its too cold to do #!$% else.

I was wondering, anyone ever try BBQ ground hog? 25 cm, took 24 hours to clean, then salt, winter blows.

The pictures below 3 houses up from me we had home invasion and car break in children and parents were home the police were called they caught him in front of my house he was fighting with kpd and back up showed up and cuffed him and hog tied him then beat the out of him he was hurt real bad! Mxy landlord was here with me when it happened

Trey Burke you #!$%@&! suck dick I wonder why he's from Columbus !!! You #!$%@&! ball hog #!$%@ !!!!

The la nam cu da wa nam mj laj den them 1t moj hog pjt nen zuj hay pun vj m co nhju ap luk tu phja gja djnh wa phaj lam sao day ????

Pun wa tet mak dj ra ngoaj duong nha nha dog cua ca hog con pjt dj choj nha nao nua hu Thuj dj ngu day

Gotta hog in ground and beer on ice and all my rowdy friends are comin over tonight

How to use Hog in a sentence as a verb

Michigan is soooo overrated and tre Burke is a ball hog. Hahaha suck it michilosers

Ernie is doing just fine today maybe take a trip on the hog today to visit people

Oy dzoi dat ah sao t hog ngu dc the nay huhu jup to voi di pa con

Co aj co du djnh j tjep theo vao ngay dau tjen kua nam hog nhj?????!!....

Sô m k đk nv ng ta ép tóc xog ruồj đậu kiêu j kg gãy cẳng kn tóc m ép xong mớj dk 3ng đưa tay lên vuốt tóc nhu dơm vò lôj kéo nhu co mà k đk uj mêt đug là m wá gà lên găp phảj lak đà tjềm ẩn uj bựk lam mj trả ăn tok ep sơ laj pj hog

Hom nay e dj don xuan va xem phao hoa a ah , co don lanh leo lam a co pit dk k . Nhjn phao hoa roi ma e nho den a da chj cho e tug caj 1 a thjch mau hog con e van thjch mau trag hon vj no no to va nau tan , nhug hm nay chag con aj tranh nhau mau sac cg e

Ground hog says early spring. Nemo #!$%@ slapped him and said #!$% that noise.

Tinh hinh la trua maj zo nha thag chung chien dau nhaz mj pan!!!! Kon aj hog tag fu jk.. Chok i kien nhaz.. Moi pan dj dem theo 50k nhaz'

I need yo go hog hunting again .... It's about to drive me crazy Is now need to go not just a want... :/

I'm experiencing snow envy of all my Northern Facebook friends with all the snow. You all didn't have to hog it all. You could have sent some to us in Virginia.

Kobe Bryant has now scored over 30,000 points and taken over 23,000 shots. Definitely not a ball hog or anything...

I'm sharing this again, it's the ground hog day storm they are referring to in my last post

Husband has neen up all nigjt cooking a hog an it is almost done cant wait to eat it smells so good. Well post poc of it before we eat. Hope everyone has a great werkend and may god bless u all.

Gjao thua ra trung quoc xem ban phao hoa thjx that nhug laj kay ku . TQ .Vjet nam ngu that ben tao ban phao hoa the ma pn vjet trah nhau dj xem VN .pon tao ngu ak the ma k mat tjen mua phao hoa pon tq pon may lam no len mua phao hoa pan cho pn tao huong thu thoj Tq va Vn trah luan kha lau tj nua thj say ra dah nhau may ma co sog hog nen 2 ben da k say ra dah nhau

Just wakin' up in the mornin' gotta thank God I don't know but today seems kinda odd No barkin' from the dog, no smog And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog I got my grub on, but didn't pig out

Oj nam moj j ma dau te le zj nek. Rat co, dau hog, nhuc dau, k noj noj lun oaj. Huhuhu...

Tet..Tet..Den uj..Troj no laj ngay hog chay mat bjo...^^^ happy new year..

Not sure why the Air Force did a low flyby of the hog farm with a BIG cargo plane this morning but it was impressive. #lifenearanairbase

H mớj dọn hàg xog!:-P Nhận đk nhju tn Hpny of mấy pan mak hog rep kip..=.= Happy New Year cả nhà muộn nhaz :-* moaz..!

Chan wua len phuong phuog2nkay ma dag nkay ny goj xuong don eh ma luk xug gan toj xe laj pj hog so mjh laj goj cko thag pan nay xe xuong don ny nkug ko may xuong tkj tkay ny dag dung ben 1thag kac mjh goj cug ko ngke may mjh chan wua

Survived the 2 feet of snow....I guess the ground hog pissed off mother nature......she said no early spring just yet !!!!!!!

I totally support the MS150, but damn it hug that white line. Country folks are crazy, we usually only stop when we know we hit a good size deer, or sometimes a hog!!!!

M chuc ka nha mot nam moj vuj ve hp,co 1nam moj gap tran hog an chua ban, va o ben cac bn maj maj ...

Today at work I had an idiot who dates a black guy tell me that fatback not from a pig/hog?!?!? It's from a male cow.!?!?!?

Oi cuok doi nay thjk that dau hog zoi troi oi chan po doi

Ban phao hoa o Tan An nam nay hog dep bag nam truoc. duoc cai la di nhau hehe ngta noi muon ruou giai sau ma chi thay sau them sau

What does the three branches of government and a hog have in common? All contain #!$%.

Co aj co clip phao bong hog post cho to xem vs

With the winter storm we just got after the ground hog allegedly predicted an early spring it brings back memories of my mother. She always said it didn't matter what the ground hog saw or didn't see spring would come the same time every year.

Hu hu sao so tuj kho wa daj toy ..aaaaaaaaaaaa..sao moj chuyen hog theo j mjh chu me no ...

Vai phut nua la wa nam moi ma kòn xui nua bi xe đụg zay troi..djh hog cho con an tet hay sao ak

Well after cleaning hog pens for 3 hours im finally done! Back to platteville tonight to rock out with Brad Hesebeck

As good as Trey Burke makes Michigan he hurts them equally the same. He's such a ball hogg.

Spending the afternoon at the hog show with Dakota and Haley!!!!!! They are both ready to get fair pigs!!!

Toi biet nhung vet thuong toi gay ra cho ai do dau thau tim. Nhung ai do co biet rang toi cung dau k kem gi ai do dau. Toi da dau rat kin khi gap ai do, toi rat mong ai do dc vui va hanh phuc nhung k hjeu tai sao khi gap nguoi ta. Toj nhu ngen hog k pjt gj ka

Nam cu wa di chon xuong dat nhung j cua wa khu chon sau nhung noi bun nhung ki niem dep nhat cua mot thoi honh hog hoa. nam ms den mag den niem vui va ty ms . gjak mo mot ty hp.

Sang 5 mới rồi,mà sao..cái giả tạo đó hog đổi mới nhỉ..nắm tay nhau,nhìn nhau..tất cả đều là giả tạo,gét cái giả tạo đó.

Badi mehnat se meri duniya lutayi hogi…. meri mohabbat ki hasti bhi mitai hogi… la tere pairo me malham laga du………… mere dil ko thokar marne me chot to aayi hog

The summation of my may be permissible to use hog bristles to paint...

Nam moi rui ai co chuog trinh gi thi pm sdt nhe,may tinh hog? nen k onl fb dc thuog xuyen,hehe

Pashion stingy as hell i ordered her three legs st churches with a corn and fried she eats fat off the hog and i have no problem with it so o open the box snd take the bisquit out and bite it yall should hav seen the look on Pashion"s face she say mama i want my bisquit thank you very much lil heffa kmsl #u can dang sure tell shes an onliest child lmao

Hoa thom wa ngot sap den ngay haj wa. Lua chjn ngoaj dog sap den ngay boj thu. Va mot ngay kja con se dem ve tag me mot doa hoa hog, doa hoa tam log, doa hoa su nghjep ma ngay xua me day do con nen ng

Mun ns that nhju...cho aj do hju...nhug co hog ngen dag...ngan k cho am thah pat tjah loj....

Don gjao thua ma bun wa loi xe ra am kon ko ngo bj hog ngay maj k co xe dj choi uj

Happy new year! - 1nu cuoj cho long them am ap! - 1anh mat cho hp tran day! - 1 loi noi cho tron ven njem tin! - 1 cai nam tay cho tinh than ai! -1 su cho doi cho tinh mai ben lau! -1 chut hon ghen cho yeu thuong toa sang! - 1 trai tim hog cho tih yeu thuy chug! => 1loi chuc cho moi dieu may man. Happy new year!

Pon chen dj coj fao pog chj h ngu hog duok. Nhug trog log thj rat am za hah fuc.

Laj la ban. ban tj lam dk zj cku. b co lam cko tjm het dau dk ko? b co the sog vs nhau maj maj dk hog? b tj co zj vuj cku.

I go out come in at 4am get up at 8am feed the kids dress them go swimming then the devil comes out of Corey x get home get them all ready for bed !!!! I'm #!$%@&!!! Looks like I should never go out again! Unless some 1 has my kids I never ever have a break its like ground hog day for me every god dam day haha

Got the call and bug was being a phone hog wouldn't let me talk and was telling her dad stories like "Daddy I came from my mommy belly" daddy I'm a goofy ball daddy I'm two!!! What a dork!!

Sao tu nhien cam thay pun wa ak tet j ma chan day hog pit co ng iu nhug ma hog pit h e ra sao nua pun lam khi kog dc o gan ng iu thap thoag da 6 cai tet nhu day roi pun lam pan oi

Don xuan ms ka nha an ga nuog ben bep than hog vuj ws vuj wa ...???

Mot nam da wa va mot nam moi laj den,mjh cug hog co k ca ca chuc moi nguoi mot nam moi hanh phuc am ap vui ve.....!!!!

Kuc moj ng don mot nam moj tkat hog.

Quote Examples using Hog

We get two parking spots in front of our home. You would expect people to respect this and not take other people's spots. But some don't. Some actually hog, sorry, obtain three and say they are entitled to them. Sharing this planet is tough sometimes.


Ah now . . . Im sure their are plenty of balls about the pitch no need to be a ball hog . . .! lol


___:':___ .*"*.*"*. / ____ "+._,_.+" _ __ : __ .- - - - - -. *._.* ... Happy ... *._.* *._.**._...year...*._.* *._.* ...Chao ...*._.* - 1nu cuoi cho log them am ap. - 1anh mat cho hp tran day. - 1 loj noj cho tron ven njem tjn. - 1 caj nam tay cho y thuog con maj. -1 su cho doj cho tjh maj ben lau. -1 chut hon gen cho y thuog toa sag. - 1 traj tjm hog cho tjnh yeu thuy chug. =>happy new year 2013...


Getting ready for my beautiful wifes birthday party. And my awesome niece jamee. Gonna have some home made cheese dip with wild hog sausage. Yuuuuumeeeee! Gonna have some kareeokee also. And some dancing. Everyone come out tonight.


Moj ng don tet tj cug da xog. ckuk cug da ckuk. zo tren face laj vang tanh uj. mjnh toj lag thag tren face ma hog bjt nc voj aj. that dag bn


Da qua 2h uj. noj bn van roj rot dau do trog toj. laj 1mua xuan den. laj 1ng nua ra dj. hp tan theo may khoj. m cu dj cu dj maj ma hog bjt nen dj dau. tg cug troj. troj maj ma hog ngung dk.


Yesterday I felt pretty terrible, for a variety of reasons - had the worst day I've had in quite some time. I feel much better today, thanks to the company/efforts of a few people. I'm incredibly grateful to each of them for making my dark day so much brighter. How could I despair utterly, when I have friends such as these? I cannot. ♥


Hehehehehẹrehe djt con me hn sao ma mun chui nhau vs kn gai the co kn nao chui nhau vs tao hog. Vk tao tao vua moi chui xog. Kn e gai thi cug chui lun. Nam moi chi thix chui nhau vs kn gai thyui. Chui nhau cac nag oy.


Xin cho vaj y kiến về hành vj. 2 nguoj nam nu hen nhau dj xem phao hoa. Nguoj nu xjn ngj làm som de dj xem voj ng. Nam. Xem xong.. bit điều gì tjếp theo hog? Đọc tjêp đây Ngườj nam hẹn pạn dj nhậu. Ngườj nữ đi về 1 mình. Duog Xa 18km!


There are more people that feel the same way this man does, but as I said in an earlier post, freedom requires responsibility and people now fear responsibility. We are also more concerned with pop culture than we are about what our elected officials are doing. They all make those promises of fiscal responsibility, looking out for the people, and support and defend the Supreme Law of the land, but they only take care of themselves. This country needs to change. Get the #!$%@&! lawyers out of elected service and start elected people who live real lives instead of the lives that our supposed betters think that we should live when they exclude themselves. wake up America. Please.


Proper Noun Examples for Hog

Don't know that the Hog player actually tipped that pass. Not good on officiating. If anything a foul

Where is the Hog team that beat Florida like a drum?

Hog snapper and bacon-wrapped prawns. I'm just saying.

Cold morning Crappie fishing, who watches Hog basketball on the road anyway!!!!!!!!

Hog Heaven barbecue for supper tonight!!!! Yummy!!! I am just to tired to cook, they have wore me out at the GC.

I remember growing up watching Hog basketball and football and watching the chiefs play on Sundays with my dad! It isn't the same without you! RIP Dad!!!

Dang that low, lying, cheating, yeller bellied, sap sucking Ground Hog!

The same as when the Hogs played Florida at home the other night I am not watching them play Vandy on the road. The absence of "WPS", "Hog Ball is back", and "they are really turning the corner" posts on here as were present earlier this week lead me to believe a miraculous fall from greatness has occurred in Nashville. For those who are shell shocked by this development I offer my regrets.

Todays virtours women meeting was awesome! ish! pst. joan rocked ma world. Hog. chiles, we hav now switched to another gear baibe!

Hog basketball on the road. Not a pretty sight.

Powell is out with 2 fouls in 2 1/2 minutes in the first half? Who's going to step up!!! WPS and Angry Hog is Out!

Hog vou acab de fazer a minh tatuagem vi fika blz

Dirty stinking stomping techno!!! You know it makes sense... See u by the speakers my friends... Love looking back at all the very very wrong flyers... Check out Hog Birmingham 20th bday advert!!

Related Sentences for Hog

Got the tickets for july 20th jason aldean in chicago! so excited!

Bored as #!$ wanting to chill out, if not sleep mode for me,

HnAy laJ hOg ngU dk rUj. mjH k pjT mjH pj j nUa ruj. cu?u mjH zOj.

Why is Fire Emlblem: Awakening so brutally difficult? There is no way I'm playing through on casual, but the difficulty makes the pacing of the game feel weird. Having to reset and all everyone a party member dies

Con solo admirar esta postal, cuantos recuerdos se vienen a la mente!!

Ca nha con ai thuc hong? Like cmt li do nhe Ad hong ngu vj duoc lixi nhieu wa vui nen hong chiu ngu. "nkockoj."

Đón chào năm mới, 1 đêm đặc biệt, ko bao giờ tớ có thể quên…lần đầu tiên tớ cùng người mình yêu cùng nhau xem pháo hoa đón năm mới, lần đầu tiên cùng người mình yêu xông nhà, chúc tết ba mẹ, anh chị và lần đầu tiên với người mình yêu cùng ăn bữa cơm đón năm mới…hihi. Hạnh phúc quá. 1 người đặc biệt…và mang cho tớ bao điều đặc biệt, dù nhỏ bé thôi nhưng rất hạnh phúc. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Chúc mừng năm mới! Happy new year! 祝 你 新年快乐! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3………….

#LakerGang #KB #BlackMamba Watch the score and counter... Singlehandedly won the game. We'll probably never witness something like this again in our lifetime. And this is why I say KB>MJ & LBJ

Khóc thật nhìu và khóc cho thật to , để quên đi hết những đớn đau trong lòng

Bad idea smashing that chicken kiev pizza in to me sell feel and starting to look like rick waller!

Yes i snoped this first before posting it.... it IS true and kraft has been very forthcoming about it .. having the attitude of well sorry your child drank our moldy goo but its cause we make them without preservatives... comforting..

A...a...chua j sag nam moi da dau hong r....hix

Nam moj da den chuc ca nja sang nam moi luon manh khoe -hanh phuc-thanh cong con gaj thj xjnh dep con trai thj dep zaj..............noj chug la van su nhu y tj su nhu mo!!!!!!

I'm starting to feel guilty about the amount of pork I'm buying every week. I'm kinda OK with the 1/2 dozen or so chickens but 100lbs+ of pig every week? Maybe I need to make a donation to offset this...

Ngoài việc ở nhà tí tởn vs gia đình ra thì rất mong hết tết càng sớm càng tốt.. happy new year nhé mọi người. :3

Geeze, we are definately playing like we are on the road! Guess we don't want to spoil our record!

Mấy năm rùi mới lại đc đón giao thừa ở nhà, đúng là không khí ngày tết Bắc bộ thiêng liêng và ý nghĩa hơn mọi nơi khác :p. Giao thừa xem bắn pháo hoa xong thì gặp mưa, mưa mang đến tiết trời của năm mới, mang lộc đến cho mọi người. Muốn dành từng khoảnh khắc này cho những người thân yêu. So much to shareeee

Khj ta roj po mot nguoj khj ta co don ms pjt ta rat kan nguoj do.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Have been going grey for 26 yrs, now it's going dark again. No dye. Expect me to be 30 in ten years!

H này ai onl like stt cmt lý do cho ad biết nhé ~> k ú n <~

Hnay mh kam thay rat la pun va koa loi vs pme nhju lm tsu con sl pme nh pme kug paj hju cho con chu k nhe pme pat con paj ntn xao con da khoc rat nhju nh pme dau hju. cho con

Another creation. Made of fondant and vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting cupcakes.

Wow, what a game we have going on here. The last time we had back-to-back overtime games was way back in 1999-2000.

Party tonight at Chris's again hmu if ya wanna come

Does anyone know where can find a job that requires very little time & effort & pays a pretty substantial amount of money?? Inbox me if you do. Thanx

Forget the concern as to whether your meal contains horse meat......simply order the Wild Boar and Chorizo burger off the menu instead!

Happy new year chuk moj nguoj sag nam moj gat haj dk nhju njem vuj ,aj co ny or thj hay ju lay,va aj chua co thj nam nay se co hehe.

2 chan sap rung roi rui, di bo tu nga 4 Hung Vuog den QL 50, eo ui, got chan minh sap sung ui...

Hearin rumours the leeds service crew smashed up cannock earlier anyone got any info !!!!

"okay, woke to a grocery list goes like this: duty and death anyone object come stand in the way you could be my little snake river canyon today and i ran with a chain of commands and a jet pack strap where the back-stab lands if it can"

Mọi thứ k đc như mình ngĩ ...tết buồn...

Happy Lunar new year may tinh iu nhat nhat cua e nha, hy vong may be nhan dc nhiu li xi de chia e fan it' nha <3 <3 <3

Slow drivers should get points and fines same as speeding drivers ! Ffs stuck behind a idiot doing 15 mile a hour slowing down to 10 on bends ! Arghhhh

Chuc moi nguoj happy new year zui ze va hanh phuc nhe .nam moi tran ngap niem zui.

Nam moj den duj do ka nka oj nkug mjh cka tkay vuj j ka ckan tkat huhu

Happy new year and snzz nha đào e ^_^. Có đjnh tổ chức sjnh nhật hok đóa >"<

Chuk ka nha nam moj voj nhju max man hp va thah cog.

Hog definitions


domestic swine

See also: grunter pig squealer


a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared

See also: hogg hogget


a person regarded as greedy and pig-like

See also: pig


take greedily; take more than one's share