How to use Heavy in a sentence as a noun

Sentence that use heavy as an adverb.

Well its heavy shop day today ,lets see if i can buy asda out of all its bargains.....then its off to the hospital for my daily run.........aint life just grand .........oh yeah

It's going a heavy rain. . The sky so cloudy, God, save us please. ,

Me estoy muriendo de calor estoy mal veoo esqpejiskos iijijjii me duele lq cqbeza heavy

How to use Heavy in a sentence as a adjective

Qnd falo d heavy metal, ñ é apenas música. é muito mais que isso. paradigmas, conceitos, filosofias, sentimentos...

It's been around 2 months since my shoulder started hurting & the pain is only getting worse! I don't wanna go to the doctor but I'm thinking I should! I can move it but when I do it causes me a lot of pain when I do & for a long time after! It hurts to out any weight on it & it hurts around the shoulder & my collarbone! It hurts to reach for things & stretch my arm, it'll sometimes after using it a lot it'll just start throbbing in pain! When that happens I tend not to even move it if I can avoid it cause that seems to help a little! It get's really bad at work & since I do a lot of lifting & pulling sometimes heavy things I wonder if that could be causing my pain but I rely on my arms a lot in my job & I am always using them so that's why I don't wanna go to the doctor cause if they tell me I can't use it for a while or something I'd have to refuse cause I can't afford to not work! So idk what to do I guess I'll just suffer thru this like I have been & hope it doesn't get any more serious!

I have a 35inch sony tv I am getting rid of old style not a flat screen works good free but you have to come get it and its fairly heavy. great for video games ect….

Whenever I don't let someone out when there is heavy traffic I always keep eyes forward as to not make eye contact

How to use Heavy in a sentence as a adverb

What is light where is laughter I'm confused and the sky is getting heavy tonight you'll never know you know tonight you'll never know you know tonight What is music where is happiness result please don't let it rain tonight Well never know over and over and over and out Daniela Burgos aver si la sacas¿¡???¿¿¿

Sabe o que condena uma conversa? Dizer pra mim que é eclético. Curte samba de raiz, heavy metal, coco de embolada, dance e hip hop? Então me poupe de sua vergonhosa presença.

Talk to my mother in law yesterday she was going thru something god knows all about it was heavy on my heart one day to call her and have her to pray with me so we prayed she went back to the doctor and got a good report she told me she felt like she wud after i called her and we prayed i told her i had the same feeling she wud get a good report from the doctor i told her god still answers prayers she said yes he does i told her prayers works it was gods will im still thanking jesus today for his blessing on her god is great thank you jesus

Quote Examples using Heavy

I dont know the lady i should be with through my life this days till we move on with future... Should i go in for a lady who is a material type and always demanding , a lady who is God fearing that i can trust when i should take my time and sturdy vividly or a lady who pretends to be good to you at all times in terms of helping you to finish your cause or will dump you when you break down?... Which is which?... I think the almighty God can choose the best one for us..... Thank you...


Saranya Savi Tha : hello patti ungha peran sim mulungitta hospitel pongha sim eduppanga. ithu aircel customer care ofc. Ingha ethukku vanthingha Vanitha RK : illama nethu 10rs topup card potten peran pesumpothu balance gali ayitta atan atai return edungha mam first . ....... Vanitha rk vin attuliyangal............ sound rocksssszzzzz.... gud mng frndssssszzzzz


My friend was with two men in one night. She could hardly walk after that. Can you imagine? . . . . . . . . two dinners???....heheh i kno wat u were thnkng!!


Buenas tardes a todos... !!! Tarde de pileta, heavi metal, cervezas y amigos en mi casa... mucho calor... arde la ciudad... !!! Que terminen bien el domingo... abrazo monumental


Wa man gihapon ma undang ug pangonay oi.. grabeha pwerteng uban2 himan2 ngita ra ug timing maka mating.. ka graaahhh... kita2 ko nga klase nga bitin. mayta mabangga sa byahe padong bakhawan


Tiap mlam q sndri,, mnanti datang'x hri.. Yg engkau janjikan,,setia q menunggu walau penuh dgn derita... Air mata jd saksi,, gelisah ingat dri mu.. Yg cllu datang,, d'dlam mMvi q,, kau pluk aq d'dlm cintaaa.. Bla kah kau plang q rindu pd mu,, ingin q pluk erat dri mu,., biar mlm ini tiada air mata mnghantui dlm tidur q....


When all left choice are NO, You will discover that It is necessary to let go. They are too heavy And too massive to Be hang around with. Knot not any weight To your neck, to your ankle. Be free of charges, It was a phase of life. So wind up all. And let it go! And let it go! ~ Faith And Smile


Kenapa org ingat saya sedih? hehe saya tak sedih. saya bersyukur dgn apa berlaku pada boboi semalam. Ada org cakap mungkin ini bukan platform yg sesuai untuk mengingati sesama kita, saya tak bersetuju kerana tidak ada masa yg salah untuk saling mengingati. Secara jujurnya saya tak kisah pun org boo kita, pada saya, itu allah bagi peringatan bagi saya, yg apa boboi sedang cuba buat ini memang tak akan di senangi. boboi berterimakasih kepada yg menyokong kami tapi kepada yg tak suka, takpe! tak perlu vote kami. itu pilihan anda. No hard feelings. Seperti pengajaran cerita keldai kami, kami kena terus buat sahaja apa yg kami percaya betul. Maaf jika kami tak mendengar komen komen anda. Bukan keredhaan anda yg kami cari. Seperti R2 cakap, jgn serius sangat. be happy life is too short. MLM is just entertainment. Boboi just want to have fun, dari tahun lepas itu objektif kami. tahun ini ada penambahan sikit, iaitu mesej mesej penting. Ya allah keep me steadfast on your deen.


With a heavy heart I write this. My sister results of her pet scan were not good. She has 3 active tumors on her liver that are very aggressive. They also have found multiple tumors on her chest wall. All are inoperable. We spent hours together yesterday and she is truly the the best friend and sister I was blessed to have. Her courage and faith in God and His promised is so real and steadfast. I pray God that you comfort all of us that are heavy hearted today. Only you Lord can heal our sorrow and give us sunshine when life seems so dark. I am also praying for my brother doc who has been there for both of us. I love you brother...


Related Sentences for Heavy

Alamak, so strong d rain, i got no umbrella meh!

Heavi rain at mdng na hard lo go lo aus!

Grande il capitano marco galliiiiii mattinata rock end heavi metallllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O tan penando heavi en eta wa d kasa

.....siang all.... Walaupun hujan atau panas hers ttp semangat hadapi smua dgn enjoi aja......jgn jadikan suatu alasan.......yg pntng heavi fun....dlm melaksanakannya......

No somos punk ni heavi ni mod ni skin no tcno pero tampoco tenemos precio

Diablos me gustaria encontrar a una mujer que le guste el metal igual que yo por que asi podria entenderme lo que digo y lo que pienso

Yo si quiero, me pongo a Regar debajo la lluvia ! Por que soy Chupin re heavi re jodido ! Jaja <3

Is it me or does tht blonde burd have a #!$% of a voice heavi big boaby been down her throat fukd her voice box

A cani w8 gne get pure heavi mwi in 3 months time aye am ur awrite

News channel gulo te sirial hochhe....loke heavi khhache...tan tan telicust...enjoy.

Que rabia me pregunto quien mierda me quiere hueviar otra vez se acriminaron con el valde agua que tengo afuera pero puse otro denuevo maricones en que les molesta un tacho de agua esta afuera de mi casa y no le pido agua a ellos para poner grrrrrrrrr acepto sugerencias de mensajitos para poner en el balde nada de groserias si con mucha educacion directo a la vena del mal pario que me hace eso

Quiero ir a fumar al lugar secreto!!!! queden 50 minutos todaviaaaaaaa!!!!!

Do nt count wat u hv lost jst c wat u hv nw bcoz past nvr cmes bck bt smetmes futur cn gv u bck ur lost thngs....

Jesus said "Come to me all those who are heavi loaded, i will give you rest," if ur teacher ever told u to follow instructions, this is the time.

Seeing your ex go through what they put you through. Priceless .. Ahhh pour yourself a bellz

By seperating urself 4rm God u can du notin. Come on2 me all yee dat labour nd heavi laden, i will give u rest.

Tengo curiosidad... Sé que la mayoría de los que les agrada todo lo referente a la cultura Nórdica -Me baso en los seguidores de la página- les gusta el metal, por obvias razones... A los que no, ¿qué géneros musicales escuchan? Y a quienes escuchan metal, ¿qué otros géneros son de su agrado? -Ryden.

Oie nico qe onda, t pusiste a karrretear heavi el viernes de amanesida , el guaton te vio segun el. Sshhh nunca yegaste al acuerdoo qe qedamos

Kon un dolor de cabeza heavi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! toda la tension de hoy me tiene muy malllllllllllllllllllllll

Fica a dica Lívia Duarte,ou de o troco com heavi metal hahahaha !!!

Kaz is heavi strreeest, som1 get him a joint

Just saw there a programme about kavos tonight last nyt magaluf?why show they #!$%@& places where's Ibiza?

Jay n yeez these niggaz punchlinez r tonnes heavi,damn

Yor this nite shift is starting to get to me,heavi days i need my sleep

Worst thing about this goddamn humidity is getting into my sauna of a car. Coming to you from a very foggy screened phone.

Just 6 days 2 go until im b legal...:D

Sukuma weeky n 2 chapati waw heavi break fast

La mayoría de los reguetoneros ven a la mujeres como objeto sexual y como lo son realmente.

In fairness ha...can't stop laughing over this!! love ko yung gintong sabon issue...XD

Heavi ko y no air play pa power fm

El nuevo vecino. Pegado a la derecha me tiene podrido con la cumbia todo el maldito día

Aku harus Slalu sabar menghadapi permasalahan yg slalu datang di hidupku. Kuatkn lah diriku ya allh tuk menghadapi semua coba'an ini..*Amin

Canciones que recuerdan lugares suenan para ti promesas que no e olvidado y hoy me asen sentir sueños que nunca llegaran aserce realidad tú foto clavada en una pared con el viento hablara........

Buen dia de reyes !!!!!!!!!!!! los niños queremos rock and roll, a ver si os enterais reyes magos !!!!!!!!!!!!

Some one, pleace week up. I neeet u, give my someting heavi.

MañaNa con Lukitaas de la vega a andar en visii too el diaa ''"" !!!

Quisiera que me nombraran algunas bandas de heavi que no sean tan comerciales

Watchin the darts an old fat #!$% walks out to a heavi bangin tune lookin pure serious as #!$ as if he's gonnae kill sumbody it's darts hector settle down

Y que paso que todo se murió dentro de mi ya no ay melodias en mi alma que me hagan escoger por ti.

No soy mas heavi pero me encanta este tama

Dedicatória musical ..! - Escreva o título de uma música e veja as músicas colocadas. - Se alguém meter o nome de uma música de que gostes, mete gosto e comessam uma conversa "em off" Vamos lá, e boas músicas

Jugando al doom con dubstep de fondo y tratando de asesinar a los demonios al ritmo de la musca, Mola!!

1,25€ el autobus??menudo timo,ni mi sueldo sube a ese ritmo

Malam pgen plang sore ,msh gbz dasar punya .bos lahir nya di munthin mah .jdi g ngartiin ank buah mau heavi h-eavin...

Voy a caer en deprecion xq no vendra saratoga m agarrare el pelo y no m maquillare ..... Ah m acord d fanny y sonya jajajaja

Yo los veo como rockero/heavi y friky XD

Recordando ayer una hna preguntavacomo conoci la verdad y me acorde de lo que era antes punk con un peinado en picos de color morado aracadas en ambos oidos y un seguro de plata en el cuello botas negras labios pintados de negro uñas pintadas de negro y el contorno de los ojos bailes violentos alcohol drogas nunca imagine que llegara a ser testigo de jehova es un orgullo serlo y servir al dios verdadero encariñado con su ley todos los dias con altivajos y tropesones pero sin bajar la guardia soy feliz de ser testigo de jehova

Bueno a planear repertorio mamalon y cosas nuevas a desvelarse un rato

When will i see you again? You left with no goodbye,not a single word was said. No final kiss to seal anything I had no idea of the state we were in,I know I have a fickle heart and bitterness and a wendering eye and a heavi ness in my head..

I dreamt that the world will come to and end soon. I cnt recal wat i saw in di sky in my dream word for word bt. In di sky there were these writing dat was saying sumthing about di end of di world is coming soon and then these writings just got small dat i cnt see them anymore and then i started to crying in my dream. Wat unuh think? Kk

Fxi al hospital y ya tengo 9 semana y 5 dias bkn ver a mi gxagxita y saber q esta bien

Kaya i dnt gv a damn ndiipukuse dance pa friday via Orlando.... Zivinidwe zimenezi

Do you own a juicer? If so, what is the brand/model and is it a quality unit? I need to purchase one today and would love some feedback from someone I know personally. Thanks!

Zodwa's mother is too loud .......geez no wonder her daughter is such a dunda head.

No matter what you believe, this is about the Fed forcing us to pay for things we don't support. Today its Hobby Lobby, maybe tomorrow its something you care about.

En febrero festival heavi metal en punta mogotes balneario 1 .

#Lucas Grohl Ta na hora de um print fodasticoo 10 primeiros vamos dar uma de poser lol quero ver o pior poser de todos gogogo

Ndengerin musik heavi metal trus...ingat masa 2 sma........asik

Heavy definitions


a serious (or tragic) role in a play


an actor who plays villainous roles


in an advanced stage of pregnancy

See also: big enceinte expectant gravid great large


darkened by clouds

See also: lowering sullen threatening


(used of soil) compact and fine-grained

See also: clayey cloggy


(of sleep) deep and complete

See also: profound sound wakeless


lacking lightness or liveliness

See also: leaden


characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort

See also: arduous backbreaking grueling gruelling hard laborious operose punishing toilsome


requiring or showing effort

See also: labored laboured


usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

See also: fleshy overweight


full of; bearing great weight


sharply inclined


dense or inadequately leavened and hence likely to cause distress in the alimentary canal


of comparatively great physical weight or density


large and powerful; especially designed for heavy loads or rough work


marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness


unusually great in degree or quantity or number


(physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight


of great intensity or power or force


slow and laborious because of weight

See also: lumbering ponderous


of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment


of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought

See also: grave grievous weighty


given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors

See also: hard intemperate


full and loud and deep

See also: sonorous



See also: big


made of fabric having considerable thickness


of relatively large extent and density


permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter

See also: dense impenetrable


(of an actor or role) being or playing the villain


slowly as if burdened by much weight

See also: heavily