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Did yall know that female penguins even when in a commited relationship, will exchange sexual favours with strange male penguins for pebbles they need to build their habitat. That's a damn shame even a guy penguin has to go through infidelity!!! lol

2 hari refresh otak di Bogor, saatnya kembali ke habitat 2013, A year of execution...

First time a giant squid has been filmed in its natural habitat. Science rules, to quote Bill Nye.

Waktunya pulang ke habitat skarang mah... last go brother...

Alhmdllh dah bs kembali ke habitat gi ! 4 hari d RS rasax spt sbulan !

Poor thing is just terrified and disoriented, probably first time she has ever been out of the kitchen. Hopefully they will release her back into her natural habitat. They really aren't meant to be out of stable conditions.

There is an organization that builds homes for people, they are called habitat for humanity. That name is not fitting. I mean if you ask me I would say a vagina is the actual habitat for humanity.

Please help these wild horses keep their natural habitat in California. Sign this petition, and pass it on! Thanks!

Makasih buat tmn2 n sdr2 ak yg dimdan,..yg tlh mluangkn waktuny buat ak....kpn2 kt ktemu lg... By by kmi brgkt kmbli habitat kmi.. Heehhehe

For the first time ever, a giant squid has been filmed in its natural habitat. Because they live at such great depths, most of what we know about the giant squid comes from washed-up carcasses. What we know is certainly impressive - the razor toothed suckers on its tentacles, huge beak, basketball-sized eyes and great length - but carcasses can te...

Poutine, cider, kamikaze swim, viewing the Bondi hipster in its natural habitat...a fine day.

Ku satni brada di dunia yg berbeda, sungguh di luar dr habitat manusia pd umumnya.

Kmbli ke habitat semula...back to cafe... wes a memicu virus galau........

I bought baby ladybugs. They're sitting next to me on the couch in their little habitat. I'm naming them now. Maybe when our current show is over, I'll move and get real pets like mammals or something else that doesn't have a larval stage.

Definition of real dad: someone who literally gave blood to ensure their beautiful little girl had what they needed someone who moved 3 states away from his normal habitat to ensure if could succeed and support her someone who is working two jobs to keep everything her obtained to better her life. That is what I am a true dad and Damnit Im tired of hearing it but you know what keep running your mouth because

Watching giant squid in their natural habitat...insomnia sure is productive

Tinggal menunggu 1 hari └ά̲̣̣g̲̣̣̣̥ɪ̣̝̇ plang ke habitat,,,!!!! Lama bgeeettttt dha kangen nich,,,, am Ɣğ dtgglkn,,, "̮hϱ♥hϱ♥hϱ"̮ ...."̮hϱ♥hϱ♥hϱ"̮ ....

He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! Finnegan posing... and Finnegan in his natural habitat...

So habitat gets some trucks from gmc and its all over the news. Uhaul has ten volunteer run trucks.....wheres the big news? Msybe we need more trucks to stir the pot and increase awareness and donations

Starting a nonprofit organization this year call Dallas urban habitat going to purchase homes from the city of Dallas completely remodel thim for less fortunate familys I'm looking for some help volunteers that can help with a 501 c 3 form and certificate of Corporations also need lawyers attorneys people willing to donate money or there time this is people helping the people our goal is to build a better community and clean up Dallas if this is something you would be interested in our would like to make donations contact me thsnks ray

The narwhal’s habitat is threatened by the effects of global warming and pollution. Their small population size, limited range, and reliance on Arctic fish that are also being affected by climate-induced available food changes, make them extremely vulnerable. One recent study concluded that the narwhal might be even more sensitive to the impacts of climate change than the polar bear.

A niggas natual habitat is at home with no job watchin martin

Save their habitat <3 Stop taking over their homes away <3

Well sucks me and my wife pull into the driveway today at the same time and walk into our house full of smoke looking over at our iguana cage i guess he jumped on his heat lamp and turned it cause is burnt straight threw the side of his wood habitat luckly we got home before it burned our house to the ground you all know i am not a believer but i might start looking into this whole church thing cause i really think someone was looking out for us

Pay attention Mr. President! Leave our natural habitat alone. We want clean water and natural food to survive.

Fun Fact for the day: Agricultural land provides habitat for 75 percent of the nation's wildlife. Deer, moose, waterfowl and other species have shown significant population increases during the past several years.

Shoot and kill some bird to protect they're habitat, is that right ?. i think's not "baka survivor: yang bodoh yang selamat"

Yahoo everyone! Norbert's penthouse was fully funded as of a few minutes ago! I cannot wait for us to receive the materials and set up his new habitat! Thank you for all the support! Happy weekend! Stay warm and safe!

High possibility they cannot become 2014 presidents gk cuma 5 thn 10 tahun pun dia akan melenggang lalu prabowo dan mahfud md sudah tercium sebagai nasionalis maka gk akan direstui kekuatan2 barat sulit jadi presiden 2014 apa tidak saatnya mereka memanfaatkan amien rais, para intelektual ulama ulama intelektual hasyim muzadi, buya ma'arif, mh ainun nadjib, seluruh rekan2 mereka para intektual kristen, budha dll ke habitat gerakan moral dan politik, bersama kampus2 yg tengah tidur nyenyak utk kembali turun ke jln yg benar melakukan reformasi jilid dua? sesungguhnya hanya mereka yg bisa

Go pangkut tuk menghilangkan rasa jenuh d habitat.......

My hands hurt, im buying a cheap washer from habitat for humanity when i get my taxes...

Blue Jay Connotes » Fearless » Truthful » Talkative A blue jay could mean anything from being faithful to your spouse or purity of the soul, which definitely implies a gentle human being. To an extent, it means clarity in thoughts and actions of the individual. Blue jays are symbolic of adaptability; besides, seeing a blue jay either in its natural habitat or in your dreams could also send across a message to develop an innate talent

Janet Selby's lovely illustration of an Easter bilby a song in Margaret's book. Bilbies are slowly becoming endangered because of habitat loss and change as well as the competition with other animals. Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupials

The Bushfires in Tassie and throughout Australia are devastating, my heart goes out to all the people who have lost everything. It must be hell. My heart goes out to all the animals that have been injured and lost their habitat. Where do they go? What do they do? It's devastating!!! What can we do??????

Os animais precisam de liberdade. Cada um no seu habitat. Certo?

Natural ecosystems provide essential services for our communities. Forests and wetlands, for example, filter the water we drink, protect neighborhoods from floods and droughts, and shade aquatic habitat for fish populations.

Christmas tree 2012 has been retired tomorrow it will be sunk as habitat for bass in a management area

Signed up for the 6 week challenge at habitat. I'm super excited and can't wait!!!

Mike VI. When we said his name he responded; and when he walked by he gave a little grunt. He's magnificent!!! Did y'all know he's Bengal/Siberian and LSU got him from a Tiger habitat in Indiana?

Badan gw skit smua? gw harap tu bokin punya pikir'n dtng ke habitat gw

Apa pandangan anda terhadap hutan yang telah wujud berjuta2 tahun di tempat anda,dan apa pandangan anda orang yang suka membalak hutan dan membuka ladang telalu luas memyababkan binatang liar kehilangan habitat asal,siapakah menjadi mangsa keadaan,.

Iconic wildlife populations, from polar bears to wolves to migratory birds stand to lose the most if further budget cuts are allowed to take effect. Congress and the President will work over the next two months to forge a final budget agreement and it's crucial that they hear from as many people as possible about protecting funding for programs that conserve wildlife and habitat from any further cuts. Please take a moment to share this news with your friends. Your letter and the letters of thousands like you will bring this life-or-death issue to Congress' attention.

After some research I learned that betta fish sometimes eat brine shrimp in their natural habitat, and they're commonly fed live to bettas in captivity. Remember what Seamonkeys are? Things may get interesting in my dorm..

Violentamente encantadora... Friamente conchegante... Tô vivendo no habitat natural dos vampiros e em meio ao labirinto do sonhador!

First night of RA duty for the semester than habitat for Humananity in la Mañana! Let's do this!

Pobre hombre k pena no alcanzo a llegar a su habitat jajaja

Bought a couch and tv stand and end tables today!!! my place is finally looking like a home. now i just need someone with a truck to help me get the couch from habitat for humanity to my apartment... : /

On n'a pas le droit de nuire à l'existence de l'autre sans aucune preuve tangible. L'expulsion de personne de leur habitat est interdite sans preuve.

You know Dragon City is a weird game when in one habitat, you have a flying icecream hovering above a lake, and in another you have a walking mojito. :P

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Che vento che tira,oggi !!..Mi sono svegliato con l'amaro in bocca...Il mio viaggio di viandante paziente mi sta mettendo a dura prova...E' vero ognuno di noi sta dove stanno tutti....Certo, viviamo in un mondo "civile"...Ma che dire ?.. Qualcosa non mi torna.....preferisco una schietta barbarie...Anzi preferirei ancor piu' vivere in un'isola deserta...non contaminata dall'uomo...e misurare nel silenzio le rovine che mi sono lasciato alle spalle.. e quelle che stanno dentro di me.... che nessuno potra' mai vedere...Un sensazione strana... e' come se fosse passata un'orda di sciacalli e avesse tentato di depredarmi l'anima...In questo mondo scarseggia l'onesta'...i furbi respirano e noi moriamo respirando esalazioni mefitiche;.. tutti o quasi tutti si sentono alla deriva cercando quello che non c'e'....Una societa' mutante,un habitat ormai diventato scomodo...Si',forse e' il momento per decidere di vivere altrove........vorrei proprio salvarmi!...Ma nonostante tutto .. auguro a voi una buona giornata !


Why are we so high maintenance? We have intricate rituals to keep up our health and hygiene; why? According to the aquatic origins theory, it's because we're outside our natural habitat. We bath because oceans, lakes, and rivers are our natural habitat. Other land animals lick themselves or groom each other to stay clean but we don't. We brush our teeth because in our natural habitat, our dental hygiene was managed by eating leaves and tropical fruits. When we left our aquatic home, we didn't have the fruits and leaves that kept our teeth clean. We sleep on soft beds because in our natural habitat, we slept on sandy beaches. We get mud masks and take mud baths at the spa because in our natural habitat, we wallowed in the mud like hippos and elephants do to stay cool. We work out at gyms because in our natural habitat, all we swam and climbed to get our food. We ate mostly seafood, fruit, nuts, eggs, and seaweed. The swimming used every muscle in our body. Nowadays, we sit at office desks or serve others to get money to get food. This is why we're so unhealthy. We get pedicures because we no longer walk on sandy beaches like we used to. Walking and running on the beach naturally keeps the feet soft. We rub ourselves with lotion because in our natural habitat, we had mud from mangrove forests to moisturize us. If we were to return to the tropical seas and lakes that we came from, we wouldn't need to be so high maintenance. We could be healthy and hygienic without trying if we lived in our natural habitat.


Para todos os Marcolinos Malaca deste país: ___________________________Os canídeos habitam este planeta há milhões de anos, muito antes de os humanos aparecerem. Fomos nós que os retirámos do seu habitat natural para os domarmos por interesse nosso: caça, defesa, companhia, etc, etc. Fomos nós que criámos as raças hoje existentes. Os lobos, depois os cães, não nos pediram para os domesticarmos, não pediram para os usarmos, não pediram para os cruzarmos, não pediram nada! Nós é que os manipulámos, e de que maneira! Quem somos nós para usarmos a Natureza e as suas criaturas a bel-prazer? ~Só porque somos bípedes pensantes? Que estultícia! Quanto ao bébé: faleceu devido a traumatismo crâneano, o que pressupõe um embate, uma pancada; não existem sinais de mordedura; a criança, às escuras, terá tropeçado no animal e embatido numa parece; traumatismos crâneanos por mordedura animal provocam ferida, lenho, brecha, fractura, buraco. E o que dizer do descuido familiar: o senhor deixaria andar sozinha uma criança de ano e meio, houvesse cão ou não?


So ada dorang... So mrasa smbuh dunk ee,,jd so kmbali k habitat asli... Lanjutkan joo,,,so nya bole month lrang nochh... Cuapekk ba nasehat,,memang so bgni trs ammm.... *mengherankan


"Rattlesnake roundups" -- barbaric contests in which large numbers of native snakes are captured and then slaughtered and sold for skin and meat -- draw hunters from several southern states. And these cruel events are driving some species dangerously close to extinction. Several species of rattlesnakes have seen sharp population declines as a result of the roundups. Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes -- the target of roundups in Georgia and Alabama -- need Endangered Species Act protection due to roundup pressure and habitat loss. Rattlesnakes play a key role in the food web, especially in terms of rodent control. Yet, hunters often use gasoline to drive rattlesnakes from their dens, which means roundups also hurt or kill hundreds of other species that share rattlesnake habitat. Please urge roundup sponsors to convert the remaining roundups into wildlife-friendly festivals where no snakes are killed.


Declaração Universal dos Direitos dos Animais 1 - Todos os animais têm o mesmo direito à vida. 2 - Todos os animais têm direito ao respeito e à proteção do homem. 3 - Nenhum animal deve ser maltratado. 4 - Todos os animais selvagens têm o direito de viver livres no seu habitat. 5 - O animal que o homem escolher para companheiro não deve ser nunca ser abandonado. 6 - Nenhum animal deve ser usado em experiências que lhe causem dor. 7 - Todo ato que põe em risco a vida de um animal é um crime contra a vida. 8 - A poluição e a destruição do meio ambiente são considerados crimescontra os animais. 9 - Os diretos dos animais devem ser defendidos por lei. 10 - O homem deve ser educado desde a infância para observar, respeitar e compreender os animais.


Proper Noun Examples for Habitat

Went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop with Joe today and bought kitchen faucet, towel bar, and tile for breakfast nook counter. Found a sweet vintage looking light for breakfast nook and some ceiling fans with Texas stars on them at Lowe's. Wood ordered for walls, ceiling, and floors. Can you tell I'm excited?!

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day! Habitat for Humanity, a date and then work. I don't know why I'm tired all the time... :P

Speaking of awesome, I posted a Habitat for Humanity event last night. One for Saturday 3/23 and one for Sunday 3/24. Both have a maximum of 25 attendees, as that's the most that works on any one house at a time. Within *ONE* day, 23 people have signed up for the 23rd, and 17 people on the 24th. In other words....great response.

Habitat for Humanity Canada writes: "Read our position on the continuation of recovery work in Haiti. Do you agree that NGOs funded by Canadian donation dollars need to be held to a higher standard of accountability?"

Tinuod ba nga maghatag ug "SOP" aron mataodan lang ug kuryente? According to some friends, sa Habitat and Amakan area they wer contributing 200 pesos while some paid 2,500 just to have their electricity be reconnected? Nganu pa bayron man ta mayg sala nato nga naguba ng mga linyas kurente diha? Unya ug way ikabayad kay nawad-an nag panginabuhi? Unsaon man na? Hinaut pa dili ni tinuod nga mga istorya!

Chris is an awesome Realtor. Her 100 % Short Sale closing rate, dedication in all other fields in RE, participation with Habitat for Humanity are just a few depicting her caring attitude to our profession. Sellstate is honored to have her in our family.

Hey guys we will be working on the Habitat house tomorrow 8-2 The house is on bluebird street. Come help if you can.

Well, tomorrow maybe my first day volunteering for Habitat for Humanity if all goes well in the AM!

We stopped in Vero Beach on our way to the Keys. My parents have done several Habitat builds here, so it was special to see where they worked and one of the communities they helped build. After driving by many uninhabitable homes, it was such a joy to see a Habitat neighborhood with kids biking in the streets and even an ice cream truck. The neighborhood was not complete, so we also saw several RVs parked there to build with the Care A Vanners program.

Melissa and I went and picked up some donations for our Habitat work, now my arms are sore!crazy that it took all day to kick in!

Chillin' with the party of 6...1 king size bed...1 movie...4 kids...2 adults...and 1 "new" used 42"plasma TV I picked up from Habitat for $100. I like all of those numbers...

Habitat is the place to be tonight! Lots and lots of bassline bangerz. $5 before 11

The ReStore is a very important aspect of the Habitat mission, as all of it's proceeds help build homes for families. This is where you can make a world of difference. Please consider giving the gift of your time. It would be fun to share the day with my Facebook friends as they volunteer. Get together a group from your church or business!

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Samo lgsg brendem,,,tr sore makan tikus y nak,,,hahahaaa

Habibie & Ainun ...huhhh no Comment we lah pokona mah kudu ditonton

En camboya , ya instalados y todo bien saludos

They were laughing at Donald Trump today on Foxnews I think my work for the week is done.

Who helps in the community ? Who's creating change ? Id love to help out too! Please post some info, id love to get involved!

Home alone on a friday night. Whaddup yoloswaggyy

If we put together a compilation album/mixtape with other independent artists, who would you want to be on it?!?

Car sold, flight to Melbourne booked yah so excited :D

I'm sorta upset Beyonce is going to be on the Pepsi cans. I mean, why does she deserve a tribute? They did use this as a "tribute to Michael Jackson" no? so what the hell has she done to deserve a tribute?

I really need a couple of sturdy tables for my studio. Just putting it out to the universe!

E aquele dia que você sai do quarto igual um zumbi e tem visita em casa? :$

Life really comes into perspective when you have to let a girl motorboat you for her to accept an insincere apology. I feel so violated/ hospitable

Eu devia ter lido isto a umas 2 horas atrás...affff....

When I buy toilet rolls at Fairprice, I actually take the price of the ply count I want, and divide by the number of sheets to determine the best value one to buy. You cannot use rolls to price it because some have 2000 sheets per roll and some have 2200 sheets per roll. Of course the final criteria is whether you like the paper fibre quality and the embossed design on the rolls.

Pengen kmbli kmsa i2,,, ^_^ #kangen am tmn"

Gracias por sus saludos de cumpleaños, Lamento mucho no haber respondido antes, pero quería hacerlo estando sola en mi cuarto. es lo mas bonito que he podido recibir. Dios los bendiga.....

Gracias Danny Medina y su hermana Mía, que se habían encariñado y entendieron que debían dejarla libre!

Selamat menjadi pemimpin duhai adikqu Semoga bahagia sepanjang waktu Do'a qu selalu menyertaimu Meskipun kita tak selalu bertemu Kuatkan hatimu duhai adikqu Jika badai datang menerjang perahumu Besarkan cintamu duhai adikqu Jika amarah menguasai dirimu Harus kau ingat duhai adikqu Tak ada laut yang tak bergelombang Tapi jika kau mampu sekuat karang niscaya gelombang tak akan jadi penghalang

If anyone else plays Battlefield 3, I just recently started. If you want to add me, message me for my username.

What is this? Is this why my cat has decided to live in house and use his cat box? Max used to go out for hours on end and multiple times a day.

Things that are good for our envionmẻnt...cities that live furthest "upstream", hydro power, solar power, wind energy, geo-thermal heating systems and hybrid vehicles. Thêre shouldn't be a need enriching uranium, nor nuclear facilities...modern history is prooving to be harmful in many ways...and tsunamis and hurricanes will come more often and they in themselves help us realize more so that natural is best.

Odd Request: Does anyone have any old hinges they don't want anymore?? Just need 2??

Habitat definitions


the type of environment in which an organism or group normally lives or occurs