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Long ass sentence sut to get what i want.

"From the time I hit puberty I was suffering severe, intolerable pain. I was told it was normal. That I was a woman and women got periods." A young woman shares her story of finally getting a diagnosis for her painful condition.

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152AM: Lots of folks in D/FW getting woken up by war of the worlds thunder right now. The storms are not severe or tornadic. They're producing a lot of lightning and heavy rain. It's also worth noting there are no #sharknado issues. -DavidR


"As more schools go for ballot, it is high time for MOE to abolish the registration system. The government has repeatedly stated that Singapore Citizens will be given absolute priority over PRs. But in reality, the priority given is not absolute. At each phase, SCs do have priority over PRs. But a PR who gets endorsed as an active community leaders would enter at Phase 2B, over majority of Singaporeans." What do you think?


FQ: I'm a ftm and I'm 31 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! My husband and I are so excited about him and we can't wait to welcome him into our world. However lately I've been having these weird panic attacks and I get scared to death about losing our son. I keep reading other peoples stories and how some moms lose a child due to the umbilical cord, or still born and I get so scared!! That it might happen to our son! That I can barley sleep at night and I wonder if I do everything right to keep him save and healthy. I don't know why I am worried so much. Maybe because this is our first child and I want to do everything possible to make sure he is okay.. I just want to know how I can ease my feelings or make myself less worried! My husband thinks I'm way to worried. And I think I am too! But I can't help it!! I'm just scared. Sorry for a long message.


What a little love tank of a cutie! Skippy is a 2- 4 yr. old little rolly polly Chihuahua. He couldn't be any cuter if he tried! He may be a little shy when you meet him. He is new to our shelter and isn't quite sure what to make of things yet. We suspect that as soon as he knows he's ok, he is going to be a prancy, treat loving little guy. He sure is sweet and we think he's adorable. He comes to us from a shelter where he was getting overlooked. Come check out Skippy! Rifle Animal Shelter 970-625-8808


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Here's a new trend we can really get behind.

That moment when you get on a plane and you make fleeting eye contact with the business class passengers as you shuffle past them to the back of the plane. They are partly smug and partly sheepish. You are partly wistful and partly jealous. It is the glance of a thousand feelings.

Just like the Legion of Boom is feared throughout the NFL so are the 12s! 3X5 Flags are in and they are bad ass! Get yours here:

Freebies, freebies, freebies! Get all the details of what Martin's telling us about now.

Thinking about trying your hand at underwater photography? Many of these cameras are perfect for beginner shooters!

Good luck to the boys tonight, love to be out there. Let's get another big win!!

Here's to all the people that make a difference in our world.. No matter how big or small. So so so good! :D

"Thank God for that little brother who took the video because if not, it would have been our word against the cop’s.”

Piggybanks are being rattled and emptied as children across the south begin their summer holidays. This week for Throwback Thursday we revisit a report from June 1970. It’s about pocket money and the spending habits of children. How much do you give? How much did you get and what did you have to do for it?

Hello listener. What song have you woken up with stuck in your head? Let us know your Earworm and one will get played before 8am. Over to you.

Sometimes you think you did everything right and still get it wrong. Try these simple fixes.

A petition to remove fluoride from Salina's city water supply has been verified. Residents will get to vote on the issue on the November ballot.

It feels like a special occasion when you get to go to the bathroom by yourself

Spend the third day of Eid with us and get non-stop entertainment! #Urdu1 #Nonstopentertainment #3rddayofeid

As the 50th parliament ends, the PM shares a few thoughts as the campaign begins.

Which starting pitcher would you like to see get traded to the #Dodgers? #DavidPrice #ColeHamels #ClifLee #JonLester Ned Colletti is actively working the phones for possible trades as the deadline expires Thursday at 1PM local time. However, he said he does not want to trade any of his top 3 prospects. #JocPederson, #CoreySeager #JulioUrias

We had a true All-Star in the house tonight! After a terrible accident at the Oregon coast resulted in a 700lb log falling on Gavin, he battled through a broken collar bone, a plate in his leg, and a total of 110 stitches in his leg to be at PK Park tonight. Every single Emeralds player crowded around Gavin after the game to give him the All-Star treatment he deserves. Here's to one of the strongest kids we'll ever know, get well soon Gavin!

Marley's Mutts trick dogs! They may not be headed for prime time but it's good enough for me! Just wanted you all to get a piece of living with the pack!

The House is rising for another term and it’s time to get out on the road.

Never get embarrassed to acknowledge your weaknesses. Be open with your spouse about each other's weak points and work at fixing them together. Here are two ways to discover the weaknesses in your marriage:

A dog hires Trae to rob a jewelry store but there is no plan and they get caught. Guess where they end up!

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the act of acquiring something

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