How to use Garden in a sentence as a noun

2 sentences telling what you would like to grow in garden.

You lead me on the way, the way of our shadows... Show me your burning desire... I follow you... I follow you into the garden of pleasures ...

How to use Garden in a sentence as a verb

Looking for a small job gardener - weeding - cutting back - tiding up etc.

Quote Examples using Garden

You lost your innocence in the outside world. You can not retrieve it in here, in the world of emotions. Maybe you had your garden. I also had mine, my little paradise. Now we have lost both. Try to remember. You can not find me what I already sacrificed, which already lost forever and your own work. I do not know where you come from. I do not know what you've done. Just know that in your life you lost me after what I did to lose: the dream, innocence. We will never be the same.


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Garden definitions


a plot of ground where plants are cultivated


a yard or lawn adjoining a house


the flowers or vegetables or fruits or herbs that are cultivated in a garden


work in the garden