How to use Garden in a sentence as a noun

2 sentences telling what you would like to grow in garden.

Great weather for a garden project...enjoy the sunshine!

I think the fly population in this heat is going down in my garden and probably most of the neighbours.!!

I'm going to try and make a spinach and ricotta lasagna with this lot from our garden. How good is it to garden in Perth?! Toms and eggplant still producing a small crop in winter!

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Can u actually believe 6 years ago today we drove around the lakes for 7 hours!! Looking for some wer to camp n ended up in crazy ann Marie's back garden on wade hall lol

A cool video of my solar lites in my garden!!!

The angels have given us the rose hibiscus! Here it is blooming in its glory in my garden!

Thats a 101 prank on El Joe's garden much luv

Is it a "thot" then? But that's not a gardening tool??? What is it??

How to use Garden in a sentence as a verb

Dan …. son to my cuz, explains to me about gardening … Rebecca .. t

My mom watching my dad while he keeps my garden beautiful, and my Itzi keeping them company

Chasing a baby rabbit round the garden at 6 this morning, trying to stop the dogs getting it, is no fun!!!!

We've a hedgehog in our garden what shall we do with it??? It's hot already and there's no shade or anywhere for it to go??

Bloody seagull now a stupid man watering the garden !

Good morning!! it was an early one today , wicked sky , a coffee and morning stroll thru my little garden, dew drops on the flox flowers ... have a fantastic Saturday everybody :D

Kids grow up so fast now a days... Jazel tells me, she wants her Happy Birthday "Party" at olive garden next year! What the word?

Thought we'd camp out in the back garden. Best night's sleep this week! B-unit

Lmaca that was u in my garden last nite Kate Lambert

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Sitting here, looking at what was once - my very own land and property here in Alaska. This is my last weekend. Throwing the ball here for Tallin dog for the last time, gathering up our bikes and toys from the lawn. Leo cat catching mice here - policing the garden for the last time. Closing this chapter of my life - of being a home owner in Alaska.


I finished my mad science creation tonight. Hopefully if this charcoal retort works I'll be gasifying wood to make my own lump charcoal and I'll use it to turn garden plants in to ash for the compost pile. I have to thank my neighbor for the oil tank, a buddy for the propane tank, a coworker for the trampoline pipe, and an old 77' ford truck for some scrap steel. I have around $50 and some spare time invested. It should offset the couple hundred bucks I spend on charcoal every year.


Proper Noun Examples for Garden

Roof Gardens ᴷᴬ Take a deep breath of cool clear air as you gaze out at the sky above a city horizon, from these fresh rooftop gardens.

Dempa: want a magic trick? Girl: sure hun. Dempa: Poof, you're single! Girl: wanna hear mine? Dempa: what is it? Girl: Poof, I'm pregnant! Dempa: I've got a better one. Girl: what? Dempa: Poof, you're on ur own! Girl: I've got a better one, wanna hear it? Dempa: go on then Girl: Poof, its not urs, kya abutao ola bareng Tempo! Dempa: iv got a better one, u wanna hear it? Girl: Go on,, Dempa: Poof, im the only kid ko gae, thats not my brother, thats a Garden boy ya ko gae... Girl fainted

I will be selling Miniature Gardens and if you would like a demonstration on how to DIY I'll be glad to teach u.

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Screw discovery channel YouTube has more nature on it

"One more time and I forgive you" until the next time and the next time and the next how he goes back a few times to make sure the gate stays down...too cute!

Sorry but this is my type of comedy lol

Cute. A dog who actually talks back, almost.

Thank you Ganthers Place for remembering my mom.....i can here her voice now saying make me a copy of that i want to keep make my heart smile.

My life history had change same like this song. Oh my god I never imagine like this...!

Garden definitions


a plot of ground where plants are cultivated


a yard or lawn adjoining a house


the flowers or vegetables or fruits or herbs that are cultivated in a garden


work in the garden