How to use Expedite in a sentence as a verb

Expedite sentences.

Jag brukar förespråka att man ska stödja de lokala butikerna framför nätet. Men när personalen i butiken väljer att börja prata med kvinnliga "hang arounds" innan jag anser mig klar med expediten, samt när samma expedit i telefon börjar prata med en kund i butiken medan jag finns i luren och ställer frågor. Då kan dom glömma att jag tänker betala några extra kronor för deras existens i ett levande centrum.

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Product. would like to know what things you're looking for ... Let us know about particular items you've been searching for.

Plucking up courage to take Neve to 'stay and play' later. Hate being the new girl!

Camino a san expedit k lindo vamos a distraer l vista´...... sólo k m amor n viene t voy a extrañar

Allez pendant que je vous tiens une petite question encore. Que pensez-vous des albums pour pages 30x30 ? J'hésite à faire un classeur pour ce format mais on arrive à un album qui fait 37x32cm je trouve ça super imposant pas vous ?

An alle weinprediger....bitte sauft doch den vielen wein den ihr predigt, bevor ihr den tieren das wasser wegsauft. ich wünsche dann viel spaß bei täglicher alkoholvergiftung. 2013 - das jahr in dem noch mehr masken fallen...mal schaun was übrig bleibt...

Just bought and Expedit 8 cube for $30. . Love and swear by Craigslist !!!

Lekker dan kast bij ikea gekocht maar begrijp er geen bal van hoe ik dat ding in elkaar moet zetten ook niet met handleiding, ben ook echt a-technisch pfffff frustrerend zeg.

I've reorganised/reduced my drawers so now I don't have room for my slings in them! Inspire me, how do you store yours?

Thorat sergari went bättre än expedit. Regards, sjuksjöterska

What is your go-to solution for record storage?

Anyone have any good toy storage solutions that you would recommend? Looking to reclaim some space and make my house look less like a toy store!!

With Cameron Morley and the kids, buying items with names we can't pronounce and may not need!

Qualcuno deve già andare all'ikea nei prossimi giorni?

Tra etica, morale e politica.... Leggo " i doveri dell'uomo" e cerco di trarne ispirazione per la prossima consultazione elettorale ; Nebbia totale!

Hier j'ai mis 2h a monter une table de nuit, j'ai péter le fond lol mais je suis quand même fière de moi parce que j'ai réussi toute seule !

"Our immediate path to freedom is in finding a method of aligning our personal desires with the larger needs of society."

Did tech work all day at the office today - and got nothing of my broker work done. Tomorrow will be a tad busy if I'm going to pull it all together! Nonetheless, I got the "new" to us Expedit up in the basement! Rob's going to spend the next few days filling it with books, and the "entertainment/computer/"family" room" will be done until the landlord delivers paint.

Iemand tips ,willen kast in bijkeuken waar je kratjes speelgoed in kan zetten??

Jamen då kan jag lägga till "hälsporre" i journalen....

Girano voci di alleanze "strane": spero di no, altrimenti dovrò sperare in un "No expedit"

Träffade på en supertrevlig expedit på Åhléns City; skulle lämna tillbaka tjusig men tyvärr "stickig" morgonrock som äkta mannen fått i julklapp. "Ser att du fått 20% på den här så då får du behålla procenten på pyamasen" som jag köpte istället. Goodwill.

Non-playroom owning moms: Got any good, attractive, inexpensive toy storage ideas for family room?

Dopo le ultime affermazioni di Berlusconi su diritti a coppie di fatto e omosessuali spero che la coalizione PDL-Lega prenda meno del 10%

Calling all Expedit lovers, im looking at purchasing my first 4x4 expedit and was wondering how easy they are to put together? Can you fit the boxes in a sedan? Thanks xx

Did my smallest Expedit and one side of my wall shelves and I'm already at 140. I didn't even count the cookbooks. I have so many books.

Bonjour je donne mon petit chat qui veu...

Spent the last few hours putting together an Expedit shelf and starting to reorganize my scraproom. What a huge job! Thank you, Michael Chalcraft, for helping me!

Tips på var jag kan hitta grå spetsband? Helst en affär i Stockholm så jag kan åka dit, klämma, känna och titta på bandet.

Just taken mum into town and taking her and her two £5 ikea expedit shelve units home the scenic route home xxx

That idea of storing your stuffed toys in a beanbag has got me thinking - how are your stuffed toys stored?? I have just had a clearout but still need a good storage solutiion, so far the beanbag seems like the winner

"Expedit libros de salute animarum. 'Zelus tuus extendit dilectionem ut diligat in te omnes Ecclesiae universalis".

Got a good start on the basement today. Re-arranged and purged a bit. Tomorrow, I'll put together the new-to-us 5X5 Expedit for book storage, go through my craft and sewing things that are still down here and finish it up. It's like a brand new room now!

Super, da waren wir gerade bei Ikea und Expedit ist ausverkauft. Zuhause im Internet nachschaut - laut Internet immer noch in Mengen vorhanden! Schönen Dank dafür - kommt zufällig jemand nächste Woche zu Ikea und kann uns so ein Regal mitbringen?

Emily S. asks, "Can't seem to find the right storage solutions for storing yarn. Any fiber addicts want to share your solutions?" What's the best way YOU manage your stash?

Just discovered my lady can not write 'D's and they look like 'A's, special class booked and jam jar glasses have been ordered!!! lol xx

E o vento me chama... e mesmo descalço me aproximo de suas mãos e me atiro a seus braços e me faço mas leve... sou o eu... o mesmo eu do eu, de anos atras!!! "Omnia fui, nihil expedit!"

Construction begins on the expedit ikea shelving unit Clifford bought me for the dollhouse. Ikea stuff is easy, right?

We are Expedit bookcase addicts here at our house! Look at this set-up here! Perfect even for small spaces and provides oodles of storage for all those toys, books, etc.!

Churchill :"La politique est plus dangereuse que la guerre. A la guerre, vous ne pouvez être tué qu'une fois. En politique, plusieurs fois."

Does anyone need furniture?? A whole apartment full that is no longer needed. I'll post photos in a bit : 1 x taupe microsuede chaise lounge 3 x brown Billy bookshelves 1 x brown Lack entertainment unit 1 x brown Expedit shelf 2 x brown leather rockers 1 x brown timber dinner table and 4 taupe microsuede dining chairs Assorted lamps

Has anyone Liverpool based got any large shelving units they're getting rid of/don't want any more?? LP sized shelves are what I'm after to rehome our vinyl from it's sad wobbly shelves..or a mix of a pretty big corner to fill with shelves anyway so if anyone has any please let me know! x Could swap or have to give away a set of bedside cabinets and *large* glass topped dining table with aluminium frame..very modern..

Ég ætla smíða hillur fyrir vínyl plöturnar...any pointers ?

Varför fick jag visa leg på systemet igen???jag tycker själv inte att jag står i kategorin 20-25 år...Just idag känner jag mig som 70-90 år.

Expedite definitions


process fast and efficiently


speed up the progress of; facilitate

See also: hasten