How to use Evacuate in a sentence as a verb

Sentence of the word evacuate used as verb.

Ugh!! Rude awakening by a screaming fire alarm...then proceeding to evacuate 2 adults, 3 half asleep children, 2 cats and a dog out into the freezing 1 AM night!! If I get my hands on whoever pulled the fire alarm, there won't be much remaining of the pathetic individual!!

Our house smells like a campfire. The scratching sounds we've been hearing turned out to be a Laurel and Hardy pair of raccoons living in our chimney all this time. The chimney guy had me start a fire while he waited for them to evacuate and then put a rain cap on.

It's crazy there's a bomb threat next door they completely closed down the street yet they won't evacuate us

Say evacuate your sleep, it's dangerous to dream

I saw a lot of comment about Juneau earthquake. I didn't noticed though... I should keep eye one Tsunami warning. I can't evacuate till I finish painting the scenery...

Gm just caught on fire, had to evacuate.

And now, if you'll please excuse me, I have to open all the doors and windows and evacuate temporarily. My dog just farted.

Best wishes to all my friends in Tassie, stay safe, evacuate if you need to xx

The fire's passed thank christ, we had to evacuate last night because it was getting to close. My heart goes out to all those people that lost their homes..

People are being so pathetic about these fires! They took a boat down to Port Arthur and evacuated all the #!$%@&! tourists so they could catch their planes out of here! That's bullshit! What about the people who have lost everything, who have watched their whole lives burn down around them and are trapped? Or what about the heroes like my Dad who went to help with the fires and have gotten trapped? Dad didn't even come home last night and the all the ABC can do is send a boat to Dunalley so they can a do a news report, with no intention to help anyone at all. They all have no food, no clothes, no where to sleep! Well, #!$% you too.

Test running a recipe for boef bourguignon tonight. The house smells so good I might have to evacuate until it's finished. Om nom nom nom!

Happy new Year all, I am back!!! My first holiday 5 years and on the 3rd morning at 3 am we had to evacuate due to fire....luckily the whole complex was saved but it was touch and go....what an adventure!!

False alarm in our building this morning caused everyone to evacuate down eight flights of stairs before heading into the rain. Nice way to wake us up. :D

True story- I'm in the middle of taking gre fire alarm goes off. They evacuate the building. I'm on the side of clematis trying not to come unglued.

My kids have taken on a prepper mentality, except they're bug out bags have the toys they can't live without in case we have to evacuate. Lol

We had to evacuate our kitchen last night due to a gas odor. German Shepherd fart. Got the ok to go back in after a few hours.

Alarm started to ring in the hotel.. Said to evacuate the hotel! ' the situation is being investigated..?!

I feel like when you wake up in the morning, and you have a cold, the first half of your day is wasted by just trying to evacuate your face, nostrils and lungs. Ugh. So many tissues down and I'm still not cleared out enough to breathe.

Naomi was there, they had to evacuate the store.

Well again today has been a hot stinker. i hope that all my friends and family have been trying to keep cool. my thoughts are with family at watervale tonight, they are close to a fire in their area and may still have to evacuate. i hope and pray all is well and that the firemen and women can get it under control.

We're safe and sound back in Hobart. Thanks to the awesome team at Pennicott Tasman Island tours that managed to evacuate us, we've gotten back though our thoughts are with those who've lost their homes in the fires and the many still trapped.

Tents and car covered in ash from the fire's burning just north of us. Too late to evacuate now :-s We have two canoes and two life jackets and we are taking shifts staying awake tonight in order to warn people to get to the beach if it reaches our campsite. Fire is definitely scary stuff :-s

The words you don't want to hear in Tassie. It's too late to evacuate. A long fire week is ahead.

Yes to everyone that has been contacting me about the fire. Its 18km from Nelson burning outta control its burnt 1270 hectares. They have evacuate the surrounding district and shut the portland-nelson rd at winnap-nelson rd turn off. They have not as yet evacuated Nelson.

Quote Examples using Evacuate

Gas leak next door. Boiler. I wondered what the smell was. And I was going to light some incense to cover the smell. Not been told to evacuate so assume the risk of boom is low.


Only can happen to me. Waiting 20 min on line at the post office. When I get to the window they evacuate do to a fire. Guess it would be worse if I had already mailed the textbooks. Late vs burned?


Proper Noun Examples for Evacuate

Evacuate and evacuate patient. Detain if necessary. But follow protocol.

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L'armée malienne a semble -t-il perdu Douentza il y'a quelques heures et vient de perdre Konna. L'armée aurait evacué des dizaines de blessés à l'hopital de Mopti Les Islamistes disent qu'ils prendront Sevaré demain

Sale temp vivement dimanche comme sa on reste à la maison pour se reposé fatigué de sette semaine elle et trop longue.

La situation à sevaré est critique des militaires blessés on été evacué vers sevaré

Christine Bouttin: Bien sûr que les homosexuels ont le droit de se marier, à condition que ce soit avec une personne de l'autre sexe !!!!!! On ne rêve pas, on est bien au 21e siècle ! Par contre, des abrutis évacuent une vieille de 94ans aux urgences pour s'en débarrasser et des enculés amènent une gosse au commissariat , ça c'est bien !! Les voies du "saigneur" sont impénétrables !!

Simon Ferlatte.... Attache ta tuque on te colisse une volé a soir !!!! Hhahahahahaha

Acabo de ver en canal 13 la noticia de una emergencia Química en Malaquias Concha esquina Mujica...dijo el periodista : Carabineros evacuó 2 cuadras a la redonda y no es cierto !!! yo estoy a media cuadra y nisiquiera han tocado nuestra puerta.

Unidos en campaña de oración y solidaridad por Nangaritza. Dios proteja a su gente y nos libre de cualquier desastre. En tí confiamos y ponemos nuestra esperanza Señor. Amén

Suerte que no acabó en tragedia". Un helicóptero que llevaba una unidad élite de rescate evacuó a 10 personas desde el techo de un edificio rodeado de agua. "Nos sentimos en peligro", dijo uno de los evacuados, "Fue muy aterrador." También los residentes Taybeh fueron rescatados en helicóptero: "Hay mucho miedo

Anonymes : J'ai 13 ans et je veut Baiser Dois je attendre ou pas #

Evacuée suite a une fuite de gaz,rentrée depuis peu de temps et sans chauffage!!!!Vive les travaux dans ma rue!!!!!!!

Baka el Garbia: 15 personnes evacuées par hélicoptère du toit d'immeuble suite aux inondations - 11 traitées par le Maguen David Adom en Israël

Je suis encore malade maudit saufe que la j'ai la gripe -_-

Demain matin direction la musculation, on va evacuer les fêtes ! Il va en falloir des sceances pour evacuer mdr !

Oufff recommencer l'entraînement après deux semaines avec un grippe ..... c'est pas facile !!

Cool il y a le feu au 7 eme etages les pompier ont evacué l'immeuble sauf moi lol

Surprise d'avoir vu un représentant de la Cimade aujourd'hui à Nègrepelisse, alors qu'est-ce que la cimade ?

Nous sommes fiers de notre pays continuons a le faire grandir !

Jai fait le plein clope pour femme wambrechies warnethon a pied depart 14h rentree a 19h le dos eclater mais sa fait du bien marcher sa evacu les chose negative

First off, I wouldn't call them "Obama bulbs", but I have never liked these bulbs or the gov't mandate that I buy them. Now, I'm even less pleased to hear of this study linking, potentially, to melanoma!

Je suppose que tous mes Insomniak'zs dorment à cette heure là !!!! NON ????

Just went for a drive up rosegarland and watched the fire spot over and jump the river..... fingers crossed for AJ and Holly

Le pere noel arrive mais il se fait renverser par la voiture d' Alberto Del Rio qui apparament ne l'avait pas vu les medecins evacu le pere noel sur une siviaire

I knew not to come to the mall today...talking bout "Meet yo damn followers day" damn shame...Children shooting...police everywhere...Traffic is ridiculous

This is what it was like at sunset last night, at dodges ferry!

Tonight I'll be appearing in my bed, shaking with fever sweats, with the faint sound of whatever #!$%@& show my wife is forcing me to watch because I'm too weak to change the channel.

Too shaky to go to sleep - keep going to the kitchen window and looking out to see the water but still too dark out - gonna wait till day break to go lay down watching the news yet anyway - glad that our community came together so fast and glad everyone is okay - god bless you all

Back home. Safe and sound after the earthquake and tsunami warning.

Just spent a diverting 2 hours in a parking lot on high ground following a tsunami warning at midnight. Something you don't do every day in Illinois

Man now i am worried about my mother howaa to viven for driving her van for her

My son is at a mate's shack at Nubeena - we haven't had an update from him as phones are flat so I am one very anxious mother but I am sure the evacuation plan they have will keep them safe.

Our thoughts and prayers going out to all those across Tasmania that are affected by the devastating bush fires currently raging across the state. Lets hope some cooler weather comes soon to give our emergency services a chance to get on top of everything <3 Bec

It's always entertaining to observe metro bus patrons untill the the bumb sitting next to to you lierally #!$%@ him self and describes it loudly.

Good morning readers, Did you hear the thunder this morning? It's already feeling pretty warm out there! We'll have a weather update at the website within the next hour. As for the fire coverage, we have an update this morning with Tasmania Police at the link below... Stay safe everyone.

For the sake of getting a discussion going and getting an idea where people stand: Guns in schools. Who thinks teachers, principals, support staff should have them? Who thinks we should hire armed guards? Who thinks we should have neither?

Crazy inferno day. Feeling for those who who have suffered loss...animals also...

Mosquito are real biting yoo, just can't weit to go. Oshakati is full of mosquito toh!

To the person who pulled the fire alarm at black dark thirty this morning, you want to add sleepiness to my list of things to conquer today? Fine! Challenge accepted.

YAY can hear light rain falling - hopefully it's also getting to the fires across the state!

Do you think seat belts should be mandatory on school buses?

The whole media is highliting da comment by Mr. Mohan Bhagwat about Bharat and India....may be it waz not xactly da right thng 2 say..but take up da essence diss practice right..we ve a beatiful Indian culture of our own..wats da need 2 loosing ur virginity on da age of 13 is really watt we r taught....Definitely mindsett of men needs to be changd...but der are sum mannerisms and cultural ettiquetes datt shud dfinitely be follwed upp!!!

There is no stealthy way to eat a packet of crisps in a library. Impossible task!

Hope all my family, friends and everyone else down south are fine and the bush fires are controlled soon, respect to all the firefighter down there trying to control the blaze.

Everyone wants that beautiful fairy tale relationship & happy ever after ..... But no 1 wants to water their garden ..... The combined number of ppl who are single or in unhappy relationships is apparently 82%! I wonder what the real problem is!

Good bye my golden Kia <3 it was nice owning a car for a bit I guess

Its barreling down the hill toward us. Still fairly ssafe but i have the ute fscing in the escape direction with the keeys in the ignition. Anyone heard from charlie?

It's terrible .. All the fires , smoke - hope all my friends are safe ...

Evacuate definitions


excrete or discharge from the body

See also: empty void


empty completely


create a vacuum in (a bulb, flask, reaction vessel)


move out of an unsafe location into safety


move people from their homes or country