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Sentence for driftwood.

Here's a selection of our latest driftwood clocks....

Woah, 70-80,000 dollar driftwood! Would be good for just about everything..

First attempt to mount an orchid to driftwood Any help with making it attach to the wood quickly would be appreciated

Reclaimed driftwood and 100 year old picket fence shelving stand..36" tall x 17" deep and 38" wide..$45 obo

Such a lucky lady bug! I rode off with my treasure and big haul of driftwood for the jewelry holders I'm making for my Etsy store and I left my bike gloves on the seawall. I got home unloaded my bounty jumped in the car and went back and they were right where I left them !!!

What a beautiful day for a walk on the beach, with my two girls. My sand bucket is full of shells, seaglass and favorite treasures!

Looking for wooden oars/paddles and driftwood. Anyone have any you aren't using or know where I can get some?

Question. If I picked up some driftwood from the beach, cleaned it and let it dry, then could I use it for staging or would I have to do something else to it? I want it to be natural.

Is it legal to build a fire on the beach down on the gulf? Not a huge bonfire just a small fire with driftwood to sit around at night.

Whoa I'm used of driftwood washing up on the beach back home, but this would have seriously been super fun to play on, in and with lol.... You know you grew up by the ocean when u share and post about driftwood lol #home #Tuktoyaktuk #ArcticOcean

And, I'm out of driftwood gray stain again. Off to the paint store for more.

"I'm telling you, there's a market for dildos made out of driftwood!"

Two driftwood trees ready to sell....either with or without Easter decorations. They measure approx 60cm tall. With decorations they are £15, without £12. First come first served!!

Playing with my camera, this is a piece of driftwood I managed to get back to my car two years ago. The coiled spring like thing I bought at the old Whitley shops. It used to stand straight until I put it in the pot in the garden. I rather like its new weathered look

Three shots of our shadehouse off the verandah today after a good thinning out of plants and another of my mounts on a piece of driftwood. Not much of a mount but I wanted to keep a lot of the drifwood showing.

Btw, i need some tips on getting some driftwood in my tank. Wanna do my own.

Decided to make something of this driftwood wreath - now it's an outdoor clock

Spring clean up 2014. Pier support, cobblestone entrance border, driftwood removal, floating work platform repair, 20 yards of topsoil spread along with 20 yards of item 4, and shoreline restoration. Thanks to all of the volunteers for providing the community with safe and enjoyable access to the Hudson River!

This morning I gave myself the option of either reading my Bible in a driftwood fort on the beach or taking a shower before work. It was an easy decision for me.

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So I sit here on the block of driftwood under clear April skies as the sound of the train horn from a mile out blares. A segue from my dismay of being 3 weeks behind on some planning which must come to fruition. Families are out next to me...people walking dogs. Stoner kids cracking jokes and I look toward my left in a near dreamlike state...resting my jawline against my arm... I slowly put down my I-pad. That train should be reach Edmonds in about 5 minutes. The flock of children running to the bridge are out in the distance. I then focus back on the warmth beating back against my right shoulder. I put away my phone as I write this and pick back the iPad to continue my literary diversion...


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Driftwood beach was nice And some pics of pier area....

Driftwood bred mare. No papers not broke. She would be a great barrel prospect. $400

The ride to Driftwood is being canceled due to weather. We will reschedule this ride if possible for May. Thank you, Patty & Ken.

Come sing, drink n hang with the cool kids.. Driftwood now!

Opening day at Driftwood , my happy place !! Lol .. Arrive here to find our water line cut .. Lovely .. All done cleaning for today .. Now for some food and then I'm having a drink !! On a brighter note they fixed water line quick ..

Busy day at Driftwood Cafe. Just now get to step aside and take a deep breath. Happy for the new customers. Tired and have to get ready for karaoke setting up and go for another 11 hours. Send me another burst of energy friends.

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I`ve seen it many times before, it is so amazing

In honor of the year of the wooden horse, the ocean and found objects. xox

Driftwood definitions


wood that is floating or that has been washed ashore