How to use Dissident in a sentence as a noun

Dissident sentence.

Read the latest Rebel editorial on how America and the Zionists are using the dissident media to get away with even the most hideous crimes.

How to use Dissident in a sentence as a adjective

Originally the Tor Project was designed to help sustain dissident activity in countries where the Internet is censored, such as China. However, criminals appreciate the anonymity as well, and the network is regularly used to trade child pornography and other illegal content.

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Dans un souci d'apaisement, Jean-François Copé est d'accord pour organiser une nouvelle élection en septembre 2013. C'est une date à mi-chemin entre mars 2013, comme le voulait initialement François Fillon, et mars 2014, comme l'avait proposé M. Copé", a indiqué ce proche de M. Copé. L'accord global auquel est prêt le président proclamé mais contesté de l'UMP, a-t-il souligné, doit aussi inclure l'abandon du "référendum" des parlementaires, programmé mardi, et la dissolution du groupe dissident R-UMP. JM


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I mean, if you guys like crazy hardcore fast screamin and #!$% check out one of my new songs that I did with Dissident Revolution Collective -H

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Remembering last year when our son was living in the street and the county kept telling me there was nothing they could do because he was not violent yet. It was raining so much that week...he got sick and had to go to the ER...bug bites and upper respiratory was cold...but nothing compared to the drop in temperature tonight. There were so many folks out there on the steps of the civic center....they are still there...and tonight it is near freezing. I pray that every poor soul caught out there tonight find warm shelter and medical care of they are ill.

Police are currently dealing with an incident in the Bangor West area. As a result traffic will be disrupted in the area. At this stage we can't comment any further, and would ask that there are no posts speculating. As soon as further information is available we will update.

¿cuál es su cancion favorita de slayer, que no sea raining blood ni angel of death? . comenta

Quelques explications sur cet épisode de l'histoire, utilisé par l'extrême droite pour justifier l'islamophobie en France.

What if religious people could be arrested for spreading mass hysteria about the end of the world? It turns out that in China they can. I think this is really funny. -AW

Je suis l'invité du journal de 20H sur France 2

Dissident definitions


a person who dissents from some established policy

See also: contestant dissenter objector protester


disagreeing, especially with a majority

See also: dissentient dissenting


characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards

See also: heretical heterodox