How to use Cunt in a sentence as a noun

Use #!$% jn a sentence.

Got my bottle ov red wine an a knife ready like to see you try it again tonight when am in coz am that stressed I could kill some #!$% !

Cutforbieber? wtf is this kid doing to the world...#!$%.

I swear the very next woman that feels free enough to call me a "prick" I am going to politely ask her if it's aright to call her a "#!$%" .

Thanks to the person who rang fire brigade bcause ov fire alarm went ov four engines turned up looked a right #!$% as I burnt my toast

So looks like the ballon,dor was fixed for that argy #!$% to win again .,there's only one ronaldo.

That I am boss .. get tae #!$% Crohn's I'm gonna best the #!$% out of ya this year bring it on u #!$% !!

Dont inbox me sayin im #!$%...your words dont hurt me at all....tell your girlie have a problem with me and my fake photos step up and face me......cant face me i cant help you.... Msfruitsalad

Argh the anger haha andy anderson whats going on i just want to kick someone in the #!$% haha

I'm good #!$% looks like fun over there.

#!$% in spoons of woodies if your not a #!$% come for a pint

It's always nice to be back home where there's plenty of love and warmth. "I think everyone's a #!$%," says my father while we watch TV...

Love thy thieving neighbour sayeth the lord, who was a bit of a #!$% himself what with the old testament genocide and that.

"I don't know, man... It's kinda like the pot calling the kettle a #!$%" #regardingmyfeudingneighbor

Just danderd past some oul steaming #!$% passed out on the whitewell road. Go hard or go home

Nuffin ever good in my life is there always some #!$% hu wants to #!$% me over

My boss is coming to my grandad's funeral tomorrow. He said, after his three previous funerals he wants to see the #!$% go in the ground this time.

#!$% in ya mouf! get used to it #!$%!

Peppa pig is leading me astray, I feel Like becoming a reyt #!$%.

My mission to break up the #!$% and cheater is almost successful and the first i love yous should be special and romantic not after a #!$%@&! confession!!!!! if only you handled that better, we would not be how we are #!$%@&!!!! its all on you!!!

The best line in any literature, film, tv series "there's no cure for being a #!$%!"

Just had a vindaloo with narga in int ant ruby nicks some rice off it but it had a little curry on it and before i could say no no no she had rammed it in her mouth and all i got was daddy daddy it burns arrrr need a drink lmao bless got her some milk that sorted it but she as learned a lesson she said not to take food off daddys plate while eating a curry lol her face wen it burned pmsl i #!$% stop laffing at her hahaha am i bad ? lol

Moral of mice of men, Lennie is a stupid #!$% who's massive and likes to rape girls who are soft but he thinks he's being nice, and George is a goon who thinks he's well mint and good looking, and looks after Lennie and claims be his best mate but caps a bullet into the back of head and kills him why tell him a story he loved the dick

Soooo looking forward to micky flanagan next friday with Jamie Coates !!! bit of casual cunting jay LOL

Some bloke down the street upset my son, saying we were a bunch of cowards,so I stomped over to his, banged on the door and shouted, "#!$%@&! #!$%@&!! Answer the door you #!$%!" The door opened, and a 7ft tall man built like a wrestler said, "Yes?" "Sorry" I whimpered, "Could you please donate to the Help Tourette's foundation...''....

You no who u are... Slut whore worthless parent!!! Leave me alone!!! I'm not married to u #!$%!! Yes I said it, ur a #!$%

#!$% life? Nah #!$% the #!$% that made you feel like that... karma is gonna #!$% you up son.

Your a ruthless little #!$% Liam I'll give you that, but I've got no time for grasses....feed em to the pigs Errol.

-isnt going to post anymore because #!$%@. ;-; ~mew

Seriously, human beings are the most insensitive #!$%@ when they want to be. worst day ever.

Ha ha you might aswell call me a horrible #!$% now cause thats new me i be nice if your nice to me were kl your not and yu tell me #!$% and go back onit then i aint got time for #!$% this!!!!!

Wat a bellend!!! clock on my phone is fuked so when my alarm went of for work i got up thinking it half 5 in mornin gettin dressed sat there thinkin eh tht sleep dint seem very long so i go downstairs n realise it half 12 at night still then i #!$% get back to sleep feel shattered n got another 12 hour to do tomoz lifes a #!$%@ sumtimes

What's with the weird gay with the handlebar moustache on Hollyoaks? I don't watch the #!$%, it just came on after Simpsons. I've never seen a real gay with that facial hair. He looks a #!$%.

Birthday celebrations 2nyt for sum comp sci #!$%

I always fault you were the last person to be a #!$%, guess I was wrong!

Mackems are saying Alfred N'Diaye would have cheik tiote all over , shut the #!$% up stupid #!$% ya's have not even seen him play yet SMB

Well well #!$%@&! well wot a day it is today once cud kill sum #!$% so do 1 the lot ov u dings

Jenno you #!$%@& buety u done it 4 nil get home u irish #!$% pmsl

Sometimes I wish I had tourettes, I could then tell people there a fecking #!$% without worrying about the consequences! HA!

Haven't been on here in that long that you lot have probably forgotten me haha. I'm the one you can point your fingers at and say "that's the bad guy". The #!$%.

#!$%@&! lying police #!$%! I've probably met one who I would trust to be honest and tell the truth. The other 100 I've met are #!$%@&! lying wankers. I hope they drive off and crash into a brick wall at a ton. Then die slowly in pain from blood loss.

Anycunt oan this ps3 online add king-scud pmsl al ge sum #!$% a gem a sumfin

Is this what you really wanna do , your a #!$%@& self centred immature #!$% , you're forgetting who I am , if you wanna #!$% with me .... I will , #!$% with you 10X harder!!!!!

Cnt believe sum1 jst bcast saying 'we're can u get a 2 piece onesie frm' haha the brain dead #!$% !!!

But cheek butt cheek butt hole dick mouth #!$% suck #!$%@&!$%@%@ #!$% twat vagina ass hole weiner #!$%

Slit my eye brow now I look a right #!$%. Got caught in the moment and thought I was back in 2003

Taylor swift has quality voice #!$% adele the fat #!$% !!!!

Do you ever get one of those days where the only words that can describe yer mood are....#!$% kickin'????

My boss is coming to my grandad's funeral tomorrow. He said, after his three previous funerals he wants to see the #!$% go in the ground this time.

I wish i so it comein it #!$% av hurt this much,i hate luv.

Sick of the pish twisted face bastards #!$% off u #!$% worry about ur own life stay out of mine

Cell is being a little emotional #!$%. I don't know if I'm ok with this. -tarkus

Mk each day #!$% nvr lt any1 tl u dat u wont mk it only wer u 4rm ii dtmin wer u a gin its in ur hnds

#!$% dickheads on xbox are gone het #!$%@&! hit picking my soster u #!$% Thomas #!$%@&! Mcarthy Your are a #!$% u #!$%@&! dickhead

Ba and lampard benched ........this bullfighting #!$% is off his heed oan the bubbles.....

Love wen u find out uv been the topic of convo... If uv nowt better to do with ya time then talk abwt me..but at least say it to me face... 2 faced arse licking #!$%!!

If u cudnt resist him den why #!$% u tel us 2 tel 2 tel him 2 resist u?

Ok so i left work at 5 queued to get off the estate for 50 mins then got cut up by a #!$% in a jag oh Yes u know my name!!! Got home to find a Bill for $200 might as well just Drink myself to death right now !!!!

I shouldn't laugh but lmfao lol haha sitting watching the undateables and guy on it with torrets going on a date and it gets worse when he nervous #!$% #!$% off #!$%

I will kick every girl in the #!$% if I see one more wearing a snap back!!....

Oh sorry, because i dont listen to music of your kind, i need to go die.. not being funny but everybodys different so dont see what your big problem is, grow the #!$% up! #!$%.

So walking over to Claire's 2day, going past a wee guy he turns to me n says, 'Here, you look like Charlie Mulgrew.' The cheeky wee #!$%, I'm 10 times the player he is lol.

You a #!$% i dont want to talk to you ever #!$%@&! again aaaaarrrrrrggggghhh xxx

Nyt friend um tird nd I #!$% cuk koja borotho bo bo droo ka black tea nna um tird

Ma cuzin nathan....sound wee #!$%....if u dont like um gtf !!!!!

Been posted this. Even though its very anti-City thought I'd share it with you coz it is pretty funny and proves Utd fans are sad bitter #!$%@!

Only just watched that 15stone babies what was on the other day, oh my #!$%@&! god they are proper weirdos and the ginger American fella is defo a paedophile the dirty #!$%!

Good luck matt jordan whom ever or brears you fukes just destroyed an intire hard drive of art work as well as files nott your to fuke off hope you relize police #!$% save your azzes ok !! make notte of of that too ok you just destroyed your babys gandbabay cause when i catch who did this via pigg what your heads splatter

Take advice from someone who has to act like a trashy #!$% to get attention? lol thanks but NO thanks.

Bout to loose my job because of this rat #!$%@&! #!$%. Damn right I'm going to tell You to go #!$% yourself. Your lucky because rats and snitches deserve worse. #!$% ass #!$% can get a ass whoopin like the man she so bad wishes to be.

What the #!$% #!$% .... I'm glad u had a great birthday but how dare u post that #!$% #!$% u. I #!$%@&! hate u .

Come on jenno 2 nil get rid of the irish #!$%

That digger talk pure shite man #!$% should be shot in the loaf #!$%@& dirty rat bag #!$%@&!

I'll never understand people who think "#!$%" is the most offensive word in the English language. Out of all the slurs that come to mind, if your idea of the worst word ever is a crass term for ladyparts, you need to get your priorities straight.

Well troops I gee in na #!$% whants ta play send on the wkd turtle rip geo mc rip

Me pals only broke down on the m62 on his motorbike the poor #!$% but billy and messer to the rescue were heading down to get him back safe

Sat tryin to chill at home listening to atrocious so called music from my neighbour......does no #!$% have any respect these days?? Keep it up cupcake my foot will soon be makin friends with ur stereo mark my words!!!!!

The next #!$% I´m not friends with that likes my status or ppl didding me who isnt ven my mate im gonna #!$% up, i declined your friend request for a reason u little freak, rewind back 26 years to nursery and i´ll do u again u little #!$%@& "stormtroooper mug", if youre a storm trooper Im elliot #!$%@& ness u mug, watch ur back #!$%

I will never understand why my friend likes the guy she does. He's a proper #!$%, especially to her and he calls her names, and not in a playful "I like you" way, more in a "I'm a spiteful arsehole and will say anything to hurt you and get my 'friends' to laugh at you" way. Even she has no idea why she likes him, she just does.

I'm deleting that one cheeky #!$% saying I'm older than u ha ha ha xx

Dennis wise looks like what would be the outcome if Ant shagged Dec.....orrible #!$%

I think my husband trying to be funny he got out tuna and salad cream wanting it for tea and then he knows i cant eat salad cream while being pregnant funny #!$% lol xxx

If I luv someone let them go , I'd they come back no #!$% wanted them ! Lol

Some #!$% has #!$% an I no it's a curry munching c....t lol

Want to #!$% the #!$% in the #!$%!!!

Think we are all in agreement folks, the newco bawbags ain't going anywhere ! Fact, no #!$% wants them! Bottom division next season again.

Id #!$%@& lick dodgers #!$% out of hollyoaks n let him do wot ever he wants 2 b #!$%@& beautiful horny sexy #!$% he is lol marry me dodger marry me il have ur kids n was ur crusty boxers lol just sayin x

Look love stop looking over here. You're too fake for me to converse with. Add one dirty look and she looks at the floor. I'm such a #!$%!

Emm wonder who in gonna #!$% off and call a #!$% tonight got my eyes on a few people

Lmao id call you a #!$%, but you lack warmth & depth!

I just want to thank my Excel spreadsheet for #!$%@&! up and wasting the last hours work. thank you, no really thank you....You #!$%@&! #!$%.

Just bought a foot long, 3 cookies and 2 donuts im such a fat #!$%

Bang your head on a brick wall till blood comes out your ears ok tah #!$% x

And less than two weeks into the year and i slip, fall down the stairs and hit my left side of my ass on the stairs. #!$% that hurt and now its bruised. Cheers to being a #!$%@&! klutzy #!$%!

Im such a posin #!$% btw.. Minute i get a drink im camera happy.!! Seriously needin eh gee it a break so i do pmsl.!!

Moanin ova a crack in a cup wtf... If u dote shut up il crack you! Dote kno how me an my man can sit ea so calm wit this annoyin #!$%!!

There r some proper low life people in hereford, whoever stole my boyfriends bike from outside centre 18 then u r a low life piece of scum, ur nothing but a thiefing #!$%!! If I find out who it is then I am going to go mad!!!

Dad arguing with some Dutch lad on cod, dad goes 'bet you your names van something, probably van soft #!$%' he is hilarious

I would love to know who the tax man was! I would most defiantly rip his head off and #!$% down his throat! Aaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhh #!$%

Just got a ticket for being on a red route which I wasn't even in jobs worth #!$%!

Ana it's only a soap but brendan out ov Hollyoakes is a rite #!$%!!!!

#!$%@&! #!$% #!$% PTI's in 4 & 6bn gym, just keep the gym keys in ya pocket dick heads instead of putting them back in the guard room, useless wankers !

I can't stand when someone tells me "you should never hate someone". well i #!$%@&! hate you, #!$%.

I don't give a #!$% how much of a #!$% my best mate can be to anyone! I think its funny and I love him for it! Hahahahaha

The Bodyguard was amazing! Definitely one of best musicals I've seen! Apart from the loud fat smelly guy wearing a kippa- class A #!$%! Haha.

What that money you piss tacking #!$% ..

Watchin the news james arthur is a fully fledged #!$%@& arrogant boring ugly useless #!$%@& bell sniffing cockfaced #!$% aahhhhhh a feel better now !!

Charles green has threatened to pull rangers out of the scottish league boo fukn hoo,theve tried this umpteen times and nae #!$% wants them so #!$ off and gie us awe peece [rant temporarily over].

Haha, you've gotta be the most boring boy in Chingford, dozy #!$%

Give Steven Geraghty a key and the thick #!$% still can't undo a lock! Degenerate

What's all this #!$% about Justin Bieber n weed , find a cliff n jump of the #!$% , ya fukin weirdos , js

Quote Examples using Cunt

I want to die but #!$% find reason to die......... I want to love but already loss and damage lots for that.......... I want to be loved but fear about its cost............... I realise I born to something else that I do, but #!$% find that else........... All the above are my problems......... But I am happy as I am.............


I constantly go out of my way to make good efforts with you and you claim that I do nothing. I am happy most of the time, but you leech it away the first chance you can. You say awful, hateful, mean hearted things to me because you aren't happy that the world doesn't revolve around you. You call me things like #!$%@, whore, idiot, stupid, fat, ugly, & #!$%. I gave you everything that I had the power to give and then some. And now I'm the fool, posting about some of the things you do every day because if you think it's inappropriate for me to talk about it publicly then Maybe you shouldn't do them. And these are the everyday things. The personal insults that you lay on me all day everyday need to stop. I'm not perfect but at least I'm trying to grow and become someone as opposed to drinking my days away. I can really understand stress, but I can't allow you to channel yours into me anymore.


I once saw one of my best mates in a car accident. Someone swerved into him and knocked him off the road and as much as I wanted to chase after that #!$% and tear them open, I knew I should make sure my mate was OK. Thankfully he was. He got a bit cut up but he was fine. I still think about it though and wonder how that twat feels knowing what a total dick he was. Probably not.


My ego wants to let those that have seen previous posts typed by myself referring to the so called crude and distasteful typings that include content that includes the female sex in my postings. Why do I type such meaningless #!$%. To shock. Sure. To offend. Love it. The main reason is to make fun of those who misinterpret my typings as being hatred towards the opposite sex. Face it. You lack the depth to see what I see so I can constantly deviate however I choose. The best place to hide is always out in the open. Are my intentions negative or positive? They are both but have long term purposes which are all positive. Why did I type this. I felt like it. Also I mentioned that in the very first sentence. Have you ever walked by a farm and smelled apple cider vinegar first then followed by the manure of cows plus you have the taste in your mouth and stomach from possible freezer burned Fuji apples? I obviously have. No reference to #!$% anywhere. Key word "anywhere".


Girls that smoke are sexier than most. The ones who arn't afraid od a midnight toke, the ones who will hit the bong, and rap with you to your favorite song. The chick you hang with on a sunny day, and just share that dank ass J. Not the stuck up #!$% who talks #!$% in class, the one that rolls blunts, and knows hot to puff and pass. So this poem to the girls that like that sticky weed, because they are the best woman indeed.


So much hate for Torres .. I know Ba is wonderful and all but Torres is the starter here .. hes ahead of Ba for now .. And if he scores everyone is happy and getting on board with him .. Its not like he hasnt been scoring this season , 14 goals! what more do you want? This team is always built around everyone at the club so the goals are divided among striker .. attackers .. midfielders and even defenders and to be leading with 14 goals is great for Torres .. Im not dissapointed hes starting tonight .. Frankly I want to see how he responds to Ba's 2 goals -G


Man.. President Obama...and anybody that supports him.. is a humongous #!$%@& #!$%. We're still at war.. Guantanamo is still up and running, and hardly anyone there even has any evidence against them. The constitution doesn't even really apply any more. The guy is a liar and a failure to the people. Why support injustice?


Slm Ik ben al heel lang hopeloos verliefd op een meisje, woullah 1 van de prachtigste meisjes van antwerpen. Ze is knap, kleed zich deftig altijd bedekt is heel lief en vriendelijk. Nog 1 van de deftigste meisjes die we hier hebben in Antwerpen. ik weet niet of ze van Borgerhout is maar ik spot haar hier heel vaak. Ik wil haar aanspreken maar durf niet heb te veel respect voor haar woullah dit meen ik ze is gewoonweg prachtig en je kunt zo zien dat het geen goedkope type is. wat moet ik doen ze is allesbehalve een bekend meisje, toch gewoon naar haar toe stappen of? Weet iemand over wie ik het heb?


Steve #!$% off . . . its been months get a life u even got a new girlfriend . . .low #!$%


Proper Noun Examples for Cunt

Went 2 get my teeth whited and the #!$% wana pull a few teeth out and fill some aswell. #!$%@ cost ya a fortune

I have recently got right into Horoscopes it has explained a lot.. I have now realized why it never worked with my Ex.. I'm a Leo and she is a #!$%.

I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony shaking a carpet. I shouted up to him, "What's up Abdul, won't it #!$%@&! start?" ~#!$%.

Related Sentences for Cunt

Audrey Porkington is an annoying fat posh whore with a double chin!

Next person that calls me a useless dad or a bad dad is gonna get a slap i dont give a #!$% who does it

Just watched that programme on Magaluf, well wanna go back. Shame I'm 27 and prob a bit past it. #!$%@&! good memories

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing I would use my last breath to tell you I love you <3 <3 <3 xxxxxx

Wow my work goes from one extreme to another sat getting abused by black bob ha, calling me a ginner Its red divi a fink he should get a wesh n look at his grey birds nest before picking points at me LOL !!!

Well that's me fresh as a daisy now chilled in bed watching the soaps x

Morrissey's Quote about the Beckhams "they should be taken to the edge of the village and flogged" Class

Everyone msg the old goat billy an tell him ctl c to copy on ur laptop n ctl p to paste things he told old to use technology

Lloyds tsb are comical trying to charge me £10 cause I never put money into my savings account one week in December then try to charge me £46 for going over my overdraft lol dream on

Name just one player you think will score for Arsenal, against Manchester City ? -Mo

Does anyone have any housewives remedies I can try to get rid of this pressure feeling in my head due to a cold.

Always lower your expactations,that's how u gon' be HappY.

2more sleeps and ma lill sis will b 22 aw poor thing will b getting her bus pass soon lmao

So I managed to run out of fuel pulling into the petrol station , was so planned :/

The league cup for proper fans no prawn sandwhich brigade still a big cup in my eyes#old skool..................

14hrs ave been working the day but am still working the now #!$%@&! wanks man!

Love u so much lauren dawson xx ur my world bring on the rest of our lifes together woooooop woooop hehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

"The Mist", a fabby little B-movie with some lovely humanist messages thrown in.

Ahahahahahahaha, put on one of the wains bigger nappies nd shat maself to see what it used to feel like !!

Buffon, Pizcsek and Thiago Silva confirm that they didn't vote for Messi but the paper showed that they voted for him I told you Blatter is a dick -AH

Just wondering if its considered animal abuse when you sing "hitler he only had one ball .......................... After your dog got the snip today??????

Ryt everyone who kens me how wld u describe me ? Make it nice haha xx

This town seems to know more about my life than i do lol.. well u just keep gossiping about me if it keeps u all amused nowt better to do in ur own we sad life's .. sad sad people out there lyk..

Any body know were mally hawker lives,, we got some unfinnished buisines to sort out,,??????

Why if your 20 odd year old would you sit in a car park chucking onions at people?! Get a #!$%@&! life ya freak!!

You have been banned from this server following reason: you killed the whole team in less than 3 minutes impossible hacks. in my defense there was only 8 of you.........................................................

I've just seen the picture of Justin Bieber apparently smoking a joint and my first thought was, that's a #!$ Smoking a joint

I think you can bet that our January signings will be Theo & Diaby, haha!

No more chanting 'daddy boy' to Lee Camp when we play Forest. He has been told that he's free to leave this month on a free.

What if oxygen was poisonous but took on average 70-80 years to kill us, mind #!$%

God if u really cares bout ur daughter u would speak nt ignore me constantly n nt b more interestef in chatting to ur new partnee/cousin =sick

Liverpool confirm they will appeal the red card they are going to get against Manchester United - Kev

Off to the pub for a non-alcoholic drink.... But gay isn't it really

Will some #!$%@& talk to me ,,, been chatting to Steve Steen all night , #!$% he does me ead in

Put a nappy on yea chin graham cos yea chattin #!$% hahaha

Surprisingly, another season in Division 1 gone on Ultimate team and this time I stayed up! -Ali

Celtic fans, do you hate Craig Beattie for his celebration in the Scottish cup final when hearts WON 2-1? Curious ????

Is it just me that hate people that call them self 'casual'? I can't #!$%@&! stand them. They're just basically chavs that dress nice. Well, the one's round Stoke are like that anyway. -Kurt

So many wanna be' rappers in one room. Lawl.

It appears Snooks been on BBC2, that channel was never clean in the first place :P

Beans cheese and jacket spud. omnom! bit full nar though. best crack on with my work *sigh*

Had to visit my new GP this morning, "how's the eczema" he said before I had even sat down, "not great doc but I'm not here about that" I replied. "Whoa, your poor eye", "I know doc but I'm not here about that either". It seems that I'm clearly a physical wreck, he even asked me if I was homeless. Nevermind eh!

Livapul r so gd swarez wil b beta dan messi 1 day I swer he wil I swer on mi mumz lyf. -Ali

Need stop getting into girls me!! Always get the using, cheating bone heads haha... Well when the milk turns out to be sour then I'm not the pussy to go and drink it, no what I'm saying!!

As if I have the girl on Facebook that was video'ing the kitten being thrown around

Being a heroin addict I've been through a lot since my nan died. The drawers, the loft, the walls, the daft cow left no money anywhere.

If you got some sort of problem why I post my dietary pics of what I eat! Don't #!$%@& look simples!! Or even better just delete me then you won't have to see it at all then will ya! Js....

Cathlin hepworth durrant got fingered on a bus

Omg !! I'm mortified bobby has just said to his auntie Katie Ashcroft "#!$% off #!$%@" :O !!

Omg just seen that video and I serously feel sick

Thanks two uncle Lenny, dropn me.. fina ur dog u dnt like me could of said, u two Lisa, u bad dogs

Might go slit my wrists at the thought of my wank not lasting as long as it should

Those gid mates !!! all nice to ur #!$%@&! face !!! but slag u to #!$% as soon as they r away from u !!! done with your bullshit !!! u wont answer my #!$%@&! calls or reply to emails but ur quick enuff to talk about me to ur twat of a #!$%@&! boyfriend !!!!

We booking holiday or what? And were? And anyone else who went last year who's interested

Wauw zommige mensen gaan gwn negeer sessie zeten terwijl je met ze in gesprek bent tazzz

Recovering but im never ever gonna be taken for a #!$%@&! mug again and its time for this old boy to come out my shell and b the hard #!$%@&!$%@%@ i once was welcome bk the biffda75man

Good ol Jassy. You a weak ass #!$%@. Lettin niggas run trains on you. Heard you fcked all ya bby daddys friends.

Is gona be a fat #!$%@&! and eat a whole tub of ben & jerrys ice cream

Hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahhahahaa eryn prudhoe put a condom over 2 fingers and stuck it up my good friend kyle wilsons arse... That's when you know its love<3

I've been doing a thing called working today.. What's this cat stuff about? Explain...

Getting home and having Bowie blasting is a nice surprise

And ive written a best seller and I can't even spell I'm semi bloody aliteratt and I'm writing another and I can't evem spell!

City had to return 912 tickets because they couldn't sell them lol. Why doesn't #!$%@&! turban head buy them for you? Lol. Small club. -JH

Constructive day today, Got a new job and signed up to start college next week....

God damn some parts of Schism are easy but some bits a dodgy as #!$% lol \m/

Any off my oil rig friends or relatives any tips on getting off shore either oil rigs or supply boats ?????

Christopher Lee actually has the best voice ever. He is also the most amazing man ever.

Ronaldo and falcao in two packs on ultimate team ooooh mmmyyy liifffeee

When did "bubbly" become an attribute? Why is it positive? It makes me think of Aeros and fatty boom booms.

What the holy #!$% is a hipster??? Is it a new variation of the old school categories of charver, trendy or goth?!

Old Charles at Sevco never fails to amuse u, his statements are honestly just as ridiculous as the bold Romanov! What a guy eh!

Urgggggh pink bike users really #!$% me off!

Thinkin of goin to get a cadburys creme egg to the chippy to be battered

Well making tea for Tina tonight what's got into me haha! Looks good lets see what it tastes like!

2am and I' chilling in a hammock at my hotel in Cambodia drinking vodka with a English lad and two Naples life is good

The human brain will learn any word it hears 160 times in 14 minutes. WTF Facts

8 hours of ink booked for april!! Finally!!!

Cut my self shaving do I out a plaster on ma chin haha

Just heard back from my friend who was on Holy Ship and we should have pictures of a ton of artists with DCC shirts quite soon. We're a bit sad that one of the artists actually flat out turned down the free shirt though, this is the third time one of our friends has tried to get a shirt to this artist with no luck. Don't worry Skrillex, we'll keep supporting your music anyway.

First gym class done in 3 months ...... Absolutely killer loved it tho xxxxx

Daayyuumm girl are you a smoke alarm? Because you're really loud and annoying! ~Aidan

Look here female u may know ur neighbors but u dont knoe me u use your "BF" and u dont even consider him that most the time so b4 u try to disrespect my 2nd family get a job and suprt ur family ur damn self

Can't handle slaggy girls who crave attention of boys on what ever it costs friendships respect probly even aids at this point!

It took 2013 years for the world to reach 7 billion people.. in the next twenty years that will nearly double.

I ant even gona tag Jamie smith, ant worth the shoutout :L but i know he messages 14 girls, cuz iw as next to him when does, goes on cam tot hem at night and watched them finger, soo :L why he exsposing me and not himself.. ?

New admin here how is everyone hope use are having a amazing night and stay safe and remember ulster wants our flag back!!!!!! - Karen x

Mom I can't call cuz it's #!$%@&! busy all the time #!$% sakes .......

Sometimes I want to get all the forever alone people and invite them to a cave and either blow the entrance up..or force them into a giant orgy for my own twisted entertainment.

Just been looking back at the comments on Bob Branleys page. If it wisny for me and Elliot the wld be no club guys. Is flub some deluded guy believing that big el does a lot for the juniors but flubs just a gloryfied perv wi a Tranent scarf on. #!$%@& doughnut of a guy

I've got some new stuff coming so . Iam getting rid of my jbl x4 of and my wharfedale speakers and my denon amp and CD player in mint nick very good sound system offers

Did you have the chance to tell your soul mate how much you love him/her? Go ahead & do. Never waste a day without telling & proving it as well. Alena Storova <3

Bollockz rangers r defo fckd noo bastards gutted so am r

Does anybody no why i cant find the supercross on motors tv? dont come back to me and tell me they dont have the rights to it this year or you will ruin my year and i will be forced to un friend you!!!

Not really one for soppy statuses but im the proudest man in the world !! Finally got me lad home jus hope he behaves !! X

Broke my #!$%@& screen today and my messages and calls ain't working #!$%@&! good one in so good with iPhones

Weirdos texting me on facebook lads there a load creeps on dis

Time to sort my life out no gambling no wasting money and get nice girlfriend and a dog Haha

Self harming isn't a fashion you attention seeking whore

Cunt definitions


obscene terms for female genitals

See also: puss pussy slit snatch twat


a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked

See also: bitch