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The scootering crew is almost back and plus the new kids I'm loving this!!!

Imma die foe y muthafuckaing nd best believe Imma die wit my hand in da trigger nd wen u fuvk wit one fuvking wit da crew best believe we out ta get yhu!!!

It was so fun to have the family grow tonight! Half-marathoners welcome to the crew and we look forward to many more runs/walks together. See you Saturday!

British Airways is equipping its 3,600 pilots with iPads to further improve customer service and operational efficiency levels. The move, which follows the airline’s rollout of iPads across its cabin crew and ground operations teams, is part of the company’s £5 billion investment in new products and technology to provide the best possible flying experience for BA’s customers

Treino de senguda a domingo no colegio dom bosco do leste salesianos crew

I got so many beaver dams on the creek I wish I could do like the duck dynasty crew and just blowem up

Hey raperos de my crew esa rima es barata las mías son verdaderas yo e visto ala de el en 4 patas eii y no recudo alas mentiras ya quiten a este payaso que esta echó pinche jiras

#!$% thiz fake nt ma typ o crew

We are also looking for people willing to try and learn or work in the industry as directors, and crew. If you are willing to see what it takes let us know.

Just rolled bouta get Blowed wit the crew

My awesome crew at Code Venice and me bowling for prizes.

So you say it's not okay to be gay Well, I think you're just evil You're just some racist who can't tie my laces Your point of view is medieval #!$% you, #!$% you very, very much 'Cause we hate what you do And we hate your whole crew So please don't stay in touch .......... *---------*

On the way home had a great holiday . Ready to face 2013 ! Thanks to all the Pambula crew for another holiday filled with lots of fun times .

CW neighbours plz check for spice crew requests tyvm

Real Men wear beards.... Like it or not.... ask the duck dynasty crew, they know whats up

Discussed is the crew that is on a back half of a 48 and very tired and there is a crowd of people upstairs making all kinds of noise at 818pm and its not even work related. Urgh......... thought this was our home away from home. Last time I checked at this time of night my house is normally pretty quiet.

Good time at crabbe with Charlie Keetch and the crew ! We set our personal best for the horn !

With the crew me neil michael mike nige shane all goin down all om sayin lol

Not a fan of tonight's crew. They are NOT interested in my input.

Im tired of #!$%@ takeing #!$% like danny and crew

Great time on set today with very talented actors and crew members...and Larry the Cable Guy.

"A crew that breaks together stays together. "Bboy NLyst...oh wait that's me..

Everybody go like my dance crew ima add more ppl who wanna be in it if u go to my school

Who's excited to see the original mind pulp crew do a 4 song guest appearance jan 19th ? can u name the songs?

Pf crew q sera mejor dejar la fiesta empaz y y 0 amor y 100 skateee

I promise me and Hannah are gonna go to West Virginia and we gonna go Muddin' and hang with the Buckwild crew lol ARE u in???

Denny Kim and his very talented crew do freakishly amazing/realistic work. Take a look at his page ... Besides, who doesn't like old Charlie?

So now we may lay rest this glorious debate. The crew of this simulation really did their homework, and though I am dissapointed of the result, I cannot reject the facts; it would be a great dishonor to one of my favorite characters to do so. Please watch, and see once and for all who is the better man.

Ready for some Softball this year.. Got new crew members on my team.. Ready to start this year off good..Vatos locos Softball ...

For those of you who know my family... If I were to hire a film crew to follow us about for a week or so in order to put together a reality tv pilot episode called, "Living Svigos"... Would you watch it?

PSA: For those of us that are fortunate to have that lifelong crew of friends, watch Impractical Jokers. I so want to do this

There's no loyalty in the crew so who's there to trust

Well on way too work... Working with the troc crew tonight.. I work with a great bunch of people!!!!

Doing some major muck out in Belle Harbor today. A small but very dedicated crew handled it with ease. If all works out, we'll be back there tomorrow to finish the work order.

How to use Crew in a sentence as a verb

They say I'd never make it, never make it? My rhyme scheme is a crime scene, dog I yellow tape it For lyrical murder, I'm on the verge of my next merger Had to crawl before I walk so after I ex Gerber I took it a step further I took over the web servers I took over the west word to these fresh words And rode the wave of web surfers A circus- that's what this industry makes me think about Cause selling out's a shortcut integrity's the scenic route But you have never seen a crew or better team While you forever sleep we're doing everything you #!$%@&! dream about Sucker Paper Route is what they scream and shout

I'm willing to hire someone to follow Matthew Plympton and I around for life. You will be our film crew. You will have some good laughs I can guarantee. :D

In every dance crew there's always that one dancer that stands out above the rest

Cast crew and production team B&B movie night was fabulous, I don't think I laughed so hard in months!! Feels good bravo to Shirley and her team, her dream had come true, lovely to finally have the chance to see it from the audience!!! I miss you all!!!! Xxoo

I say s/o to da suu crew but i been 4season wit da blue crew

I feel loney now. No one to hang out with and nothing to do since I get off at 4 and I'm not working night crew with my friends at Chickfila. I guess I'll work out all the time or figure out a hobby.

Headed to the abortion mill tomorrow morning with half our crew. The other half will stay home with the sickie...poor baby!

Genteeeeeeeeeee... vamos vaaaaaaaamos..!! a poyar a la gente del crew.... somo la gente ke demuestra el talento..!! este 19 estamos en plaza de la lunaaaa...!!!!

Uy domo rsk crew parece q afuera de tu casa escribieron algo sobre tu carnal marco

The pit crew behind bill walton is embarrassing

Any BPM crew here looking for a change of scenery, get yourselves down to Tulum tomorrow night... Super cool beach venue, great vibes, get involved!

Well 5 helicopters tomo to try and crew change everyone. Let's see how this is going to work.

Bobbyflava je suis moi meme la matiere de mon imagination je suis si tendre et doux,je suis l'un des rappeurs au sein de xtension crew ,je prefere le micro,sans dire que je suis beau,mais c'est pas ca qui compte c'est la pensee et la vie,Bobby once again i say bless up guys

Finalizing cast and crew right now. We are almost there just have a few more roles to fill. On the way.....

Back home n oh so tired!!!!! But I love my munchkins.... gonna have a girls movie night w my Sarah tomorrow ... n the crew lol

Yes no crazy family hg crew and 46k crew forever

It was such a beautiful day to be riding horses. The weather was great this afternoon/evening! Very happy with how the crew worked tonight. Ready for the weekend

Made a mix for Seoul's favorite techno crew Less n Less, starts off deep and migrates into techno territory. Enjoy!

Facebook .. you know everything .. tell me if I should go to Buenos Aires by myself or just stick with the Snuffies crew and holiday in Chile .. I only have a few days ..

I want a red Ford prob V-6 5 speed. go to newburgh with a crew and when we leave have the crew leave 10 mins ahead of me and i still beat them to middletown before them. Who remembers this

The crew dont wanna sleep thats why we are the illest covo

Ive been on the grind switching up my lines, Got money on my mind so i gotta keep tryin, Baby boy crying baby mamma always lieing #!$% this stress got me feeling like dying, if only i had a doller for every time i spoke my mind i be sitting on top smoking on purp with my whole crew beside me in case pussy's wanna get murked !

We are looking for a new pizza chef with wood fired experience, to start asap. come join the crazy crew and work on the beach.

U just a #!$%@ cuh ! #!$% you & yo crew haaa

Please pray for the crew of the Meade Co EMS crew that was involved in the wreck tonight and their families, also for the family of the driver of the other vehicle. We in EMS are a close knit family.....if one of us is hurting we all are.

Holy #!$%! I got stuck on our condo roadway! The road crew shovelled our driveways earlier today and left 18" piles of snow in front of everyone's driveway and I don't think they did the roadways at all. I did manage to get going and parked in the Visitors area but someone driving a small car is going to be out of luck. Anybody want to put "I Hate Winter" to music for me?

Well my sisters crew coming 2 hang out .Bug them little buggers i guess

Escutano cone crew e muto massa vei *;*

Boom finally finally new gloves on the way for next week show for Infected Mushroom and my crew CustomNightGlow and these wont brake soooo im melting facessssssss alllllllll fckkkkkkingggggg nighttttt

Dood van een schaduw / Mort d'une ombre / Death of a shadow nominated for best live action short! A great day for the film and we've gained some fans in the process, thank you everyone! Big thanks to the cast & crew and all our fans and well wishers!!

Wuiii se akava d armar una kolabo kn el bazeliito la rola se yamara otro kinse mas aver km nos sale pa la crew

If yuh don't like it I hope yuh got ya crew witt chaa

Great day Dunners!! So if you're unlucky enough to be back at work this week - at least its Friday! Come on in and let the crew help you unwind after that first week back at work. We have Mr DJ Dal Boy on the decks from 10pm and after an awesome set last Saturday, Swarren is back on the decks tomorrow night. Yay!

I may have to work long hours but having such an awesome crew makes it very easy I love and appreciate each and every one of you!!!...#lovemyjob#restaurateurontheway

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Heading into the gym this afternoon I met an acquaintance of mine, Mike, who was leaving. I have worked a couple of jobs with Mike and have crossed paths with him at innumerable auditions. We're around the same age. Only difference was was that Mike was on a stretcher. Not sure what he had done or the cause, suspected heart attack I think. I stopped by the gurney and chatted with him, mainly about his gear. He also rides a bicycle and uses it to go to and fro for his regular work. It's a good bike and he carries a lot of gear in his panniers. I was offering to come back and fetch it and take it back to my apartment building. Anyway, one of the EMT guys turns around and announces to the second crew "Hey, this is the guy that chased the car last night". I felt like a hero! Sure enough, of the two squads at the gym, one of them handled the hit and run last night. The guy recognised me. I tell people, Hollywood is a small place. Now I'm off to the gym to collect his bicycle. Hope he's OK.


Heading into the gym this afternoon I met an acquaintance of mine, Mike, who was leaving. I have worked a couple of jobs with Mike and have crossed paths with him at innumerable auditions. We're around the same age. Only difference was was that Mike was on a stretcher. Not sure what he had done or the cause, suspected heart attack I think. I stopped by the gurney and chatted with him, mainly about his gear. He also rides a bicycle and uses it to go to and fro for his regular work. It's a good bike and he carries a lot of gear in his panniers. I was offering to come back and fetch it and take it back to my apartment building. Anyway, one of the EMT guys turns around and announces to the second crew "Hey, this is the guy that chased the car last night". I felt like a hero! Sure enough, of the two squads at the gym, one of them handled the hit and run last night. The guy recognised me. I tell people, Hollywood is a small place.


The SS Titty hawk crew here with an update....Just got the Kickstarter account verified and layed out. It is still inactive and on hold but we are planning the launch for Feb 1. It will run for 40 day with a goal of 35,000. This is the least we could do this project for due to materials, DOT inspections, transportation to and from play and several unavoidable expenses. The bus HAS to be in good and safe working order. it has to be street legal and has to be transported from Texas to Reno. All unavoidable at this time. Again, if we can get a bus donated it could cut 10 to 12 grand off this kickstarter campaign. So spread the word about the bus. Even if we just agree on a good price, I can then reduce the kickstarter amount before it launches.


Sailing master's entry into the captain's log: wallet was lost for 15 minutes. Based on history we figured it was somewhere in the room. It was. I am no longer in charge of my stuff or allowed to wear anything with pockets. The crew now in desperate need of drinks!


I still got to wonder for the 2013 is there anyone out there that can fight with the hands anymore. Apparently not... If you got a problem with someone fight with the fist of glory. Everyone is scared of an ass whooping these days. Dont go and get a gun and shot someone you couldnt beat. You got your ass whooped so what. At least you live to see another day. You shot someone dead. Not only has his or hers life and the family loses but at the same time you will lose your freedom or all the things you love in life. You will only be a memory on the streets for ppl to remember you by. Man up... You lose some and you win some. If you a real man, thug, gangsta, OG, blood, crip, latin king/queen. Any type crew, cliq or anything. Anybody can pick up a gun and shot but it takes a real man or woman to fight with the hands. Its 2013. Life doesnt end at 21 or below. Life ends when you accomplish everything you wanted and your loved one at your bedside.


Tomorrow is moving day...finally. Well, sorta moving day. We have a crew ready and we are going to empty the storage units. It will be like Christmas opening the bins and boxes...haven't seen the stuff since May of 2012. Hope the weather holds out and everything goes smoothly. I made a big pot of soup and tomorrow am I make donuts...that should satisfy them.


#Como se nota que crecimos... Antes a esta hora estaríamos tomando algo frío con los pibes... Y ahora tienen todos sus obligaciones y de más. Más allá de todo los quiero putos. Aguanté la punki crew.


Next I’ll name the colors of the other long-sleeve tops in the garment bag. For the 3 button-up-the-front blouses with collars: purple, green, and teal - all bright, solid colors. The crew-neck tops are nice - one is in black, and one is in white. And the turtlenecks can be worn alone or under one of the blouses. I have one in teal and one in purple. Everything is brand new I might add. Never been worn.


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Só de lembrar que ficarei 2 semanas sem ouvir Funk e Cone Crew.. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

Hi Crew,watz new,.. other than bad stuff, me,.. I am lookin for the good oil.. a smile,..a kind word ..laughter happiness,.. joy,. lots of it around this place atm but we always welcome more of it..aye tiz a good life under the Son.

Site officiel de notre Crew les amis !!!! faites tourné sa !!! 219 jaimes déja ! merci a tous

Aprendi a llorar riendo fingiendo que no te has ido pensare que no y has partido mi alma en dos so mi amor el corazon que llora aflora sentimiento expresa soledad trizteza y mucho lamento tengo esta vitacora cargada de sufrimientos dices que te recuerdo mantenme vivo en ese pensamiento tu dices que me amas dices que me extrañas KoBe D RAza Crew...... Wo IE Gan®iyu

Penseii bem mas agora vouu começa a curtir "Cone" "Crew" "Diretoria"

Hey guys don't forget if you are interested in joining our brand new ZDA Hip Hop Crew for 2013 flick me an email and i will forward all the information to you on our upcoming audition!

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Deixe nos comentarios o seu macro favorito. Eu começu: "Seu choro faz minha fama" #iPsKlxMaaTeusCB

Thank you Lord for sparing my husbands life yesterday while he was at work!!! #sograteful

Praying for those involved in the wreck and families! Completely heartbreaking that I grew up with the family of the life that was lost! She was a beautiful person!

Last week of produce at Costco hopefully forever... no more rotten food, endless boxes, Indian people biting apples then putting them back, my boss scheduling me by myself on holidays, etc..... it was a fun year

Buckwild is by far the dumbest show on tv, really? I mean come on, We live in West Virginia. We see things like that everyday.. It's actually a pretty boring show, honestly.

With all this cold/rainy weather.. I know nuff a wunna ain't bathe tonight. Hahahaha

I want to thank everyone for all the prayers ,blessings, emails and phone calls concerning the passing of my husband i love you all!!!

Waiting for graduation cake orders. High school or college. Order away.

Watching some classic hockey until I get to see the real thing in a few days lol. I'm even actiing surprised when someone scores or if there is a big hit. That's one way to pass time in camp. How was your day every1?

Star trek fans Scimitar vs the last voyager what is the better ship

Ah alah jebule q lali ora nganggo sempak

Birthday party planning in January blows. Any fun winter birthday ideas for a turning-5-year-old-dude that are easy to pull off? It's next Saturday!

Alo? É do consultório do doutor Osvaldéngay? Eu tenho uma duvida...

Mf kill me frunting!!! It be funny to me cause i kno errthing i say mean it 100%..and if you cant deal w/it kick rocks w/no socks!! My im to old for dis play school #!$%..ladies plz pick a side an stay on it cse tbh i dnt want no confused ass bit*h frfr!! Being gay aint something you put on an take off wen you get tired of wearing it..ole confused ass hoe* no time for niggas stop crying ova des girls den try to play in the streets like you dnt love her ols pussy whooped ass...get cha life!!!! Cse i gots mine...middle finger up!!!!

Someone come pick me up and come to moana ??

I will never go outta my way for anybody ever again I will never help somebody ever again except for family they are the only ones that matter in this life I hope u are happy with your self wat gos around comes around

Finally got this flight booked to Vegas! so ready

I don't know if any of you have heard but the NRA's meeting with Biden and his committee on guns didn't go well as far as the NRA was concerned. They said they will now go to Congress and try to talk biparisanly to them. Biden said he will release his report to barry on Tuesday. We'll see what shakes out.

Who's all goin to muddygras end of month at gator

Crew definitions


an organized group of workmen

See also: gang


the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)


the team of men manning a racing shell


an informal body of friends

See also: bunch crowd gang


serve as a crew member on