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So you telling me that red moon is like a batman signal for Jesus, ,,,,,,,,,,,, you mf is stupid, ,, it says a thief in the night, ,,;; what cat burglary you know send a signal before they come? ? Yall worried about the wrong things ,,, looking up when you need to watch your next step ,, live right you won't have to worry about it when its time Use your head ,,,,keep a pure soul "Walk right"

Why did he have to kill the man over a burglary ,dame these niggas are just dumb .

Well that's #!$%@&! awesome get arrested and charged for burglary of your own work place then placed in custody for 4 days in waikeria prison when u were at home in bed with a witness what a #!$%@&! joke man it's nice to be free but now have no job and no house thanks nzpd for ur great work catching innocent people and throwing them in jail now stuck on a curfew for next 3 months :/ FTP!!!!

If you press charges on someone, there not just going to jail, aggravated burglary an 3 assault charges is on the record forever, she's not going to get anymore nice jobs you have a f1 an assault charges that could early turn into felonies as well, I'M doing whats best for me an my daughter an me retaliating ain't gone do Nothing but make things worst my choice, an I know my temper I could have fought her but for what so I can sit in jail why my daughter have no where to go so I can mess up my adult record no I took the better way out my daughter good, an imara get what she deserves.!!!

Was faced with the same "burglary" situation as Oscar just now. But I'm cool.

We had a burglary at our home recently and I am reminded of the following quote, I pray the thief might find this out 1st Hand! God will have the finial judgement, but Rosevelt had it right. "No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor" - Theodore Roosevelt

I have just received information that there was a burglary at Ndima-ini secondary school where ten computers were stolen last night, Iam yet to confirm with the chairman about the incident and what has been done so far. I will keep you posted on developments.

Points for effort, though, because inventing a nearby burglary in the hope that the cops chasing you get called to that instead is quick thinking. Just not very smart.

Be on the lookout for this truck. Seen parked and in neighborhood with 2 occupants possible burglary suspects. A police report has been made.

A burglary occurred at Colonia of Bailgate Jewellers over the weekend. Do you have any info that can help? Please call 101

Locks and deadbolts are of course intended to prevent burglary, however businesses can reduce risk to crime in many other ways too. Be sure that your establishment’s parking lots and storefronts are well lit at night, and establish staff policies requiring at least two people to open or close your business.

Yesterday officers arrested a male for a recent burglary at a commercial premises in Garforth. The male was charged with the offence and will be appearing in court in due course

Just to let everyone know that got one of the car thieves the one named Preston 6 counts of auto burglary

Brownwood man, 41, receives 44-year prison sentence for burglary, sexual assault

Alot of house burglary theses days . Stealing peoples property sad twats. Hope u get caught and someone takes it into there on hands.

Going to prison for burglary I am, Broke into a score last week...😂😂😂

We need your help! This morning there was a burglary in the area of Ackerman and David where the suspect kicked the front door. There have been similar burglaries in the area over the past few weeks. If you live in the area or saw anything suspicious please contact Det. Meno at 296-3370.

One of the Eldora training school escapees has been involved in a chase and possible burglary of guns in Muscatine.

I got pulled over by the Clackamas Sheriff's Dept. late last night while riding my bike home....seems I resembled a burglary suspect they were looking for. Once I made it clear that I knew my rights and verified I was simply riding home from work the tension disappeared and we talked shop for a few minutes about dealing with various Milwaukie junkies and scumbags. I hate hearing about unarmed people getting beaten and shot all the time, so if folks on both sides...coppers and citizens would both stop and think for a second, maybe treat each other with a minimal amount of respect, then maybe we'd all be better off.

A Mercedes-Benz and gold jewellery were taken during a burglary in a Lincoln village last week:

We're investigating a burglary at a home in St Catherines Way, Portchester overnight between Monday, March 31 and Tuesday, April 1. The front door was forced open. Please call us on 101 if you noticed any suspicious activity.

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This is the guy that has been offering my camera for sale shortly after it being stolen so I am presuming he stole it. His name is Chris Gosling, he is a member of this group, he is known to the police and has a history of burglary and theft. I kept his name off here in the hope that he would come clean, this did not happen. The guy has spent his life ruining other peoples lives. If anyone has any info I would be very happy to hear it - my work tools have been stolen and I cannot make a living anymore. Please share to get this guy off the streets.


It has been a bummer of a day. It's always the next day when you are most sore, right? But it's going to be okay. Thank you to all who have reached out and given condolences for the unfortunate and extremely inconvenient burglary that occurred here on Sunday night / Monday morning. Your support does mean a ton to us. As discussed with Vandaveer last night, we are surrounded by community and people who love and support us. Our lives will be more difficult for awhile while we regain traction after losing a large sum of money, but we aren't thieves. We don't have to live with the act of theft, only the recovery. We don't have to live with the idea that 23 people's livelihoods are affected by a thoughtless and selfish act. I'll take that. I'm choosing not to be angry. I feel sorry for the people who have to resort to stealing, but I won't let them make me angry. I hope that this event does not discourage you from joining us at The Green Frog. We are still positive around here. It's more fun when you are around!


Recently there was an attempted burglary at my house on Abbey Place. Intruders accessed my roof and removed the hatch. Luckily the second panel which offers direct access to the second floor bathroom was secure. Neighbors, be vigilant when you see something odd like someone walking on the roof, knocking on doors or peeking through windows. Summer is coming.


Seen a story on these this morning. It was about a young man, who had committed the serious crime of burglary and assault thirteen years ago. The court system if Missouri had convicted him and sentenced him to thirteen years but never incarcerated him. Now thirteen years later his release has come up and upon trying to real ease him they discovered that they never actually sent him to prison. Now they want him to do his thirteen years. This man has since , started a successful small buisness, coached grade school football and been active in the school board and community activities, married raised 2 boys to the age of 9 and also positively effecting the other children in the community. Although the person he robbed and assaulted has since forgiven him and feels he has paid his dues with his actions the state prosecuter still seeks to lock the guy up , take him away from his wife and kids not to mention the rest of society when we need all the good we need all the good role models we can get.. That's just wrong!!! Just my opinion.


You see I'm at your crib, it ain't a burglary homie. They fittin' have me stuck in purgatory. I'm down to the stickin' when it comes to the orgy. Conventional methods of sex, totally bore me. I'm getting side tracked, back to the story. These #!$% sucking #!$%@&!$%@%@& got it in for me.


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Burglary of habitation it's not a fun thing.. People- you gotta work for what you want instead of stealing if from someone else... Fk

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I got stopped for speeding today. After I got the ticket, I told the officer that I was sure he could see how preposterous it was that home burglaries were going unsolved, but the department could spare an officer to monitor a road with minimal traffic and no pedestrians, in order to stop people going reasonable speeds that were no threat to anyone. He told me he was doing his job. "Maybe you shouldn't," I said.

It takes a cold hearted person to go into someone's home and do this after someone helps people the way that my daddy did... Your friends aren't always you friends my daddy payed lot for those guns glad that they were recovered

Always lunatics out there everywhere. Please keep locked and loaded...doors locked...guns loaded!!!

Dang another two year is harsh!... Hold on... Isn't he serving a life sentence!!

A 36-year-old man has been charged following the assault and robbery of a man in Maroochydore.

Please help This was my grandparents home and they were home! Thank God they are ok!!

Bring some more government housing to our neighborhood... How's that working for us??? Not so well! Grrrrrrrr

Seriously. Is he in pain and the prison is not treating his pain? That is a whole different issue than smuggling recreational drugs. Not that what he did was right but if they are not treating his medical needs, something needs to be done to address the problem.

To be honest, what did we expect? If you're not screening who you let in, you end up with all the scum! Anyone thinking I'm racist.... Feel free to remove yourself from my friends list! Speaking the truth isn't racist.... And now I suppose us taxpayers will be funding nice cells and three meals every day? #ourcountryisntourownanymore

We’re asking residents in the wider Thornbury area to think about the security of their homes following several burglaries in recent weeks. The burglaries have taken place in Thornbury, Alveston and Frampton Cottrell and have taken place between 7pm and 10pm as it gets dark.

A shortage in Moorhead Police staffing became painfully obvious for one woman when her storage unit was burglarized. Now, she wants people in her community to step up and keep an eye out for one another.

Police say the owner was in a back room when Robert Trevino broke in with a hammer and tried to break a jewelry case. That's when the owner confronted him with a .12-gauge shotgun.

Hey I finally made the news. Well, one of my stolen guns did! I miss my poor baby

It wasn't the first time they store had been burglarized. But police say -- this time the owner was ready.

Do you make sure you vehicle is locked when its parked in front of your home?

Jewelry store owner not charged after pulling the trigger on would-be burglars, killing one.

Burglary definitions


entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property