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1500 block bell on an attempted burglary that just occured at an apartment. Male tried to come in door and when confronted he ran off

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ISO: looking for a good reliable job that's actually hiring as soon as possible. I have a good clean driver's licence. Just limited on transportation but i can make it back and for to any shop or job. I just don't have transportation to travel for the company unless company vehicle's are issued. I had two companys that were willing to hire if i had my own transportation to travel but unfortunately i don't. Im in real need of a good company i can grow with and have a future with aswell. My last job i stayed with for 9 years. Unfortunately things didn't work out. The experience i have is:towing, impounds and repo, i also have electrical install for commercial and residential 1 year experience, retail sales, account management and warehouse 3 maybe 4 years experience, lawn and land scaping maybe 6 months or a little more experience, plenty of automotive experience as i did on my own time for side jobs, i just never messed with the inside of engines or transmissions. I also have about 6 or 7 years in pressure washing and automotive detailing. Had my own little business in that. So these are just some idea's of what im ready to get into and start right away. i have one felony on my background that's a little over 10 years old. I know a lot of companys won't hire felons so i know that might hurt me a little. It was for resisting arrest with violence but im not a violent person. I have no dui's no dwi's, no theft no burglary, non of them other bad crimes on my background. I will work 7 days a week if need be as long as the pay is good and im on a time sheet or clock. I do plan on going back to school for hvac certifications or electrical as soon as im back on my feet again and things work out good between me and my next employer. Im a very hard working individual who has bills and my own place to take care of so please im not looking for something that's part time or seasonal if need be ill still do it. Im looking for an equal opportunity employer that treats his employees the same as he or she would like to be treated. My last job of 9 years did me wrong and when it came to the holidays he would let me go knowing i had a family and home to take care of but then would ask me to come back after the year started over again. So i don't need any of that. I prefer something that's not seasonal but i do understand jobs do slow down due to our economy. So it would be greatly appreciated for any tips on who is actually hiring and would like a great worker under their company that would like to see me go places as i would like to keep them going strong because that's what i strive for aswell. Thank you all ahead of time and god bless. This post will be cross posted with other sites. Hope this is ok with all administrations. Thanks again ahead of time.


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Interpol Burglary, so wish its a Snowden sequel. The SA dirty laundry needs to be aired; we need the truth.

Burglary at Cresslawn primary school kempton park in the early hours of this morning. They used a grinder to open the security door and safe and the stole lots of things

30/7 Burglary at Cresslawn primary school kempton park in the early hours of this morning. They used a grinder to open the security door and safe and the stole lots of things

So computers got stolen at the Interpol offices in PTA last night #Burglary, 😂😂😂 funny considering 😂😂😂😂

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Wow! This idiot hasn't stayed out of the news since he was acquitted last year!! Shame on the judicial system

Job seekers could be forced to turn to crime, expert warns #LNPfail #auspol #welfare

Stories like this is what makes me want to leave the country I so love. How do we protect our kids against this. What life do they have if we have to lock them up in our houses to make sure they stay alive!!!!!! Makes me mad that a few people out there who should be hanged rule our lives.

These are prime examples to the filth we are allowing to enter into our country and worse is aletting them near our kids. I say "#!$% them all off"

South Africa needs a bomb, big enough to erase all the bad element out of our society...

Let them try and work their way into my neighborhood !!! Trust me it won't be a pretty exit... LOL

Tf , really some candy ?? #gotstodobetter 👎 lost cool points .

I love my 2nd amendment. We should always defend the right to bear arms.

Enough said !!! A big shout out to all the staff from Forest Lake thanks for having us at your school !!

Burglary definitions


entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property