How to use Burglary in a sentence as a noun

Sentence using the word burglary.

A good friend recently lost everything to a burglary! Please consider donating a couple bucks to help her out!!!

7500 block Elm Av...possibly a attempted burglary. ..caller heard noise screen was off or open. . She left house scared...and called police.

Three men have been arrested in connection to a weekend burglary in Calloway County.

Property recovered in construction site burglary in #Clarksville thanks to tip

How can it be proven that a man faked his own burglary? Are there rules of evidence?

Police have arrested 3 people in connection with a door-kick burglary in southwest Bakersfield. During the search for suspects, Ronald Reagan Elementary was placed on lockdown for 23 minutes Tuesday afternoon. The lockdown has since been lifted.

Two local men suspected of being part of a burglary ring that executed nighttime break-ins of homes in Bangor, Veazie and Orrington earlier this month made their first appearances before a judge Tuesday at the Penobscot Judicial Center.

Just got a text from some cheeky bugger on a foreign number saying they've bought my ipad which was stolen in the burglary last Xmas, and can't get onto it because it is locked. They've asked if I would be so kind to unlock it?!

Apparently I'm a human interest and "local musician gets burglarized" is a hot topic because I was interviewed by 2 OKC news stations today about my burglary so tune into channel 9 and 4 and take a look today friends! I'm hoping I look sweet and not too chubby. Haha.

Does anyone know if criminal damage burglary an theft by taking any of these a felony

The guys that mudered my cousin went to court yesterday and they are being charged with 1st degree murder arison burglary and many more charges.

I'm taking things as they come. Actually before they come. That's how burglary works.

Four teens who were caught stealing condoms, lottery tickets and candy from a Bayonne store have been charged with burglary and theft, police said.

Appeal for information following a burglary in Binbrook

That moment when you get a call to respond to a burglary alarm at an abandoned assisted living center that is one of your mandatories. I was expecting the walls to start bleeding and every noise sounded like it was behind me.

Second suspect is apprehended after being a fugitive for almost 3 months after AT&T commercial burglary and fleeing incident that occurred January 29

Morning guys I had a burglary last night and some low life stole a superb very rare Daystate Hunstman mk2 with the two Allen bolts that hold the stock on missing. So if you here of one being sold give me a shout please.

Coming up on the news at five… Local law enforcement is looking for information about a burglary suspect. We’ll have the details. Plus… Vice President Biden is in Ukraine with the hope of rescuing last week’s deal to calm tensions in the area. We’ll have the latest.

Two arrested for aggravated burglary, robbery; one faces multiple drug charges

A 35-year-old Waikoloa man is facing attempted murder and burglary charges in connection with a Thursday evening stabbing in Waikoloa. The 20-year-old male victim remains hospitalized

A 35-year-old Waikoloa man is facing attempted murder and burglary charges in connection with a Thursday evening stabbing in Waikoloa.

Remember the video we showed you of a creepy burglar peering over a child's crib during a home burglary in Texas? Authorities have charged a man in the case after he was arrested on warrant for separate charges.

Police have charged a 35-year-old Waikoloa man with attempted murder and burglary in connection with a Thursday night incident in Waikoloa.

4900 N Smith, officers en route to a reported garage burglary in progress. Caller says she can see and hear someone inside her garage. Garage is detached, and faces the alley. -A

Quote Examples using Burglary

Wow, just got told my sons schools was on lock down for over 2--hours this morning. Ugh.... Every parents nightmare. All is good and the lock down was lifted. BPD was in pursuit of burglary suspects in the school vicinity. 😳


We have had a recent burglary on West E Avenue. If anyone has seen or heard anything about the burglary please contact the Cache Police Department. Just a reminder to please keep all your doors and windows locked. If you have an alarm system please use it, even if you are just running to the store. Be aware of who is in your neighborhood and report anything that appears suspicious. Help us keep the citizens of Cache safe. Please make sure if you have any guns in you home that you write down your serial numbers and keep them in a safe place


"Hello, police? Yes, I'd like to report a burglary. It appears someone stole both of my testicles. No, the penis has been left the thief at least. Please send out an officer to my house so that he can investigate the scene. Also, if it would be a female, I would appreciate it much more. Thank you. ~omegas joke of the day 😘


Did you know... A lawyer defending a man accused of burglary tried this creative defense: "My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few trifling articles. His arm is not himself, and I fail to see how you can punish the whole individual for an offense committed by his limb." "Well put," the judge replied. "Using your logic, I sentence the defendant's arm to one year's imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses." The defendant smiled. With his lawyer's assistance he detached his artificial limb, laid it on the bench, and walked out.


Proper Noun Examples for Burglary

Burglary, destruction of property and a fight between kids spills over to one of the parents

Burglary suspect dies of asphyxiation in kitchen vent

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Amazing how they will let people who really don't have very good sense carry a pistol and a badge. God help you if you were to shoot one their K9s however… even if you were innocent of anything else except being in fear of the dog.

I would literally kill that cop if he shot my dog!! Straight Up!

If you are scared of a 40 pound dog, then you aren't brave enough for police work.

Always call the non emergency police number even ic you are a little this lady..awesome ness

WTF? Why are people letting cops do this #!$%?

So glad this piece of #!$% is out of our lives what a freaky tweaker. Nasty. Him and his lady friend lmaooo !!!

According to a Kingsport Police Department incident report, multiple witnesses said Bernard L. Johnson, 26, had threatened to kill a female neighbor while on a back deck of the complex.

Don't steal. Especially don't steal from people I know and care about.

#!$%@&! cop.....I would love nothing more than to kill him with my own bare hands....worthless #!$%@&!$%@%@&!!!

Only in Talladega do you report your marijuana stolen. I wonder if he tried to file a pot claim on his home owners insurance. Pot valued in excess of $100 must be listed as scheduled personal property.

Oh shoot. Jessica Dupree do you remember my neighbor when o lived in Athens that I got the pit puppy from? This is their store.

Another white van siting near a playground in Wilton. Stay vigilant, folks. This is terrifying.

Cops under Obama and his minions now consider us the enemy...they are here to repress not protect.... Arm yourself against the enemy cops as a last resort..nothing will happen to this piece of sh*t because the other cops will encircle and protect him and then whine about how they get no respect. You want the firemen.

Can't believe that's the same Jessie what the hell happen

I would have killed a cop with my bare hands....

Another pet gunned down in it's owner's yard.

Corie you remember the kid on the right from our store??

Another chickenshit cop shooting a dog that's doing its job. He could have just stayed in the car until someone came to collect the dog....but nooo.....#!$%@&! #!$%@&!.

The face of responsibility. Shows up, screws up, drives away.

Please people spread the word! This is a horrific situation and these guys need to be punished. This family needs justice to be served!!!

That's when you dig your fingers down into the cops eye sockets and start pulling brain out!

Please feel free to attend our professional script read of 'Norman'

After being linked to four burglaries in Amarillo on April 19, Lugo has been booked into Potter County. APD officers are still looking for the juvenile that was with him...

Time for election and what do ya know?! Drug busts!

Four men have been arrested after a spate of burglaries in the south of Lincoln, which also prompted a police warning:

I personally love stories like this!! I can't get enough of people getting what they deserve!

Remember to take crime prevention steps to beat the burglar!

Burglars have set on fire a car they stole from a house in Lincoln on Easter Sunday:

This is really sad. It makes you think twice about calling your local law enforcement. Cops with attitudes and big heads are becoming the norm.

Does he look familiar? Police want to hear from you.

Police have released images of two men they wish to speak with following a series of commercial burglaries in the Boroondara area.

Burglary definitions


entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property