How to use Burglary in a sentence as a noun

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John Thompson, 19, pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary from a home break-in last year. A co-defendant is accused of raping the elderly woman during the break-in.

Though It pained Me to do so I got the police involved with the burglary situation.

Am I the only person who becomes paranoid of a house fire, burglary, aliens abducting you; when you sleep naked?

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Just got woken up by Live Oak's Finest. Evidently, there have been a slew of vehicle burglaries and they just responded to someone peeking in a window. The shattered state of my car after a day at the springs made them think I had been a victim. Doors open, windows down, etc. After convincing my dog Izzie that she did not want to eat the nice police man, I confessed to the crime of spending the day at the river and having my car be flooded out from the rain. :P


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Poor kid..I can only imagine how frightened this kid was..this is my fear for my SD who gets left alone to house sit because apparently the material #!$% is more valuable.

Amazing....I didn't believe it at first....burglaries on the rise in strange for the armpit of California...

Ruben Esquibel, whe didn't fix these door,the yr

So thats what my issue is. lol! Yeah, I blame it on that.

Burglary definitions


entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property